Bible (Tyndale)/2 Corinthians

Chapter 1Edit

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the will of God and brother Timotheus. Vnto the congregacion of God which is at Corinthu with all the saynctes which are in all Achaia.

2 Grace be with you and peace from God oure father and from the Lorde Iesus Christ.

3 Blessed be God ye father of oure Lorde Iesus Christ the father of mercy and the God of all comforte

4 which comforteth vs in all oure tribulacio in so moche yt we are able to coforte them which are troubled in whatsoever tribulacion it be with the same comforte wher with we oure selves are coforted of God.

5 For as ye affliccios of Christ are pleteous in vs eve so is oure consolacio plenteous by Christ.

6 Whether we be troubled for youre consolacion and salvacio which salvacion sheweth her power in yt ye soffre ye same affliccios which we also suffre: or whether we be coforted for youre consolacion and salvacion:

7 yet oure hope is stedfast for you in as moch as we know how that as ye have youre parte in affliccios so shall ye be parttakers of consolacion.

8 Brethren I wolde not have you ignoraut of oure trouble which happened vnto vs in Asia. For we were greved out of measure passynge strength so greatly that we despeared even of lyfe.

9 Also we receaved an answer of deeth in oure selves and that because we shuld not put oure trust in oure selves: but in God which rayseth the deed to lyfe agayne

10 and which delivered vs from so gret a deeth and doth delivre. On whom we trust yt yet hereafter he will deliver

11 by the helpe of youre prayer for vs: that by the meanes of many occasions thankes maye be geven of many on oure behalfe for the grace geven vnto vs.

12 Oure reioysynge is this the testimony of oure coscience yt in synglenes and godly purenes and not in flesshly wysdome but by the grace of God we have had oure conuersacion in the worlde and most of all to you wardes.

13 We write no nother thinges vnto you then that ye reade and also knowe. Yee and I trust ye shall fynde vs vnto the ende even as ye have founde vs partly:

14 for we are youre reioysynge even as ye are oures in the daye of the Lorde Iesus.

15 And in this confidence was I mynded the other tyme to have come vnto you that ye myght have had yet one pleasure moare:

16 and to have passed by you into Macedonia and to have come agayne out of Macedonia vnto you and to have bene ledde forth to Iewrye warde of you.

17 When I thus wyse was mynded: dyd I vse lightnes? Or thinke I carnally those thinges which I thinke? that with me shuld be ye ye and naye naye.

18 God is faythfull: For oure preachynge vnto you was not ye and naye.

19 For Goddis sonne Iesus Christ which was preached amonge you by vs (that is to saye by me and Silvanus and Timotheus) was not ye and naye: but in him it was ye.

20 For all the promyses of God in him are ye: and are in him Amen vnto the lawde of God thorow vs.

21 For it is God which stablissheth vs and you in Christ and hath annoynted vs

22 which hath also sealed vs and hath geven the ernest of the sprete into oure hertes.

23 I call God for a recorde vnto my soule that forto faver you with all I came not enymoare vnto Corinthum.

24 Not that we be lordes over youre fayth: but helpers of youre ioye. For by fayth ye stode.

Chapter 2Edit

1 But I determened this in my silfe yt I wolde not come agayne to you in hevines.

2 For yf I make you sorye who is it that shuld make me glad but the same which is made sory by me?

3 And I wrote this same pistle vnto you lest yf I came I shuld take hevynes of them of whom I ought to reioyce. Certaynly this confidence have I in you all that my ioye is the ioye of you all.

4 For in great affliccion and anguysshe of hert I wrote vnto you with many teares: not to make you sory but that ye myght perceave the love which I have most specially vnto you.

5 If eny man hath caused sorow the same hath not made me sory but partely: lest I shuld greve you all.

6 It is sufficient vnto the same man that he was rebuked of many.

7 So that now contrary wyse ye ought to forgeve him and comforte him: lest that same persone shuld be swalowed vp with over moche hevines.

8 Wherfore I exhorte you that love maye have stregth over him.

9 For this cause verely dyd I write that I myght knowe the profe of you whether ye shuld be obediet in all thinges.

10 To whom ye forgeve enythinge I forgeve also. And verely if I forgeve enythinge to whom I forgave it for youre sakes forgave I it in the roume of Christ

11 lest Satan shuld prevet vs. For his thoughtes are not vnknowen vnto vs.

12 When I was come to Troada for Christes gospels sake (and a great dore was openned vnto me of the Lorde)

13 I had no rest in my sprete because I founde not Titus my brother: but toke my leave of them and went awaye into Macedonia.

14 Thankes be vnto God which alwayes geveth vs the victorie in Christ and openeth the saver of his knowledge by vs in every place.

15 For we are vnto God the swete savoure of Christ both amoge them that are saved and also amoge them which perisshe.

16 To the one parte are we ye savoure of deeth vnto deeth. And vnto the other parte are we the savoure of lyfe vnto lyfe. And who is mete vnto these thinges?

17 For we are not as many are which choppe and chaunge with the worde of God: but even oute of purenes and by the power of God and in the sight of God so speake we in Christ.

Chapter 3Edit

1 We begyn to prayse oure selves agayne. Nede we as some other of pistles of recommendacion vnto you? or letters of recomendacion from you?

2 Ye are oure pistle written in oure hertes which is vnderstonde and reed of all men

3 in that ye are knowen how that ye are the pistle of Christ ministred by vs and written not with ynke: but with the sprete of the livynge God not in tables of stone but in flesshly tables of ye herte.

4 Suche trust have we thorow Christ to god ward

5 not that we are sufficient of oure selves to thinke enythinge as it were of oure selves: but oure ablenes cometh of God

6 which hath made vs able to minister the newe testamet not of the letter but of the sprete. For the letter kylleth but the sprete geveth lyfe.

7 Yf the ministracion of deeth thorow the letters figured in stones was glorious so yt the chyldren of Israel coulde not beholde the face of Moses for the glory of his countenauce (which glory neverthelesse is done awaye)

8 why shall not the ministracion of the sprete be moche more glorious?

9 For if ye ministringe of condempnacio beglorious: moche more do the the ministracion of rightewesnes excede in glory.

10 For no dout that which was there glorified is not once glorified in respecte of this excedynge glory.

11 Then if that which is destroyed was glorious moche more shall that which remayneth be glorious.

12 Seynge then that we have soche trust we vse gret boldnes

13 and do not as Moses which put a vayle over his face that the children of Israel shuld not se for what purpose that served which is put awaye.

14 But their myndes were blinded. For untill this daye remayneth the same coveringe vntake awaye in the olde testamet when they reade it which in Christ is put awaye.

15 But even vnto this daye when Moses is redde ye vayle hangeth before their hertes.

16 Neverthelesse when they tourne to ye Lorde the vayle shalbe taken awaye.

17 The Lorde no dout is a sprete. And where the sprete of the Lorde is there is libertie.

18 But we all beholde the glorye of the Lorde with his face open and are chaunged vnto the same similitude from glory to glory even of the sprite of the Lorde.

Chapter 4Edit

1 Therfore seinge that we have soche an office eve as mercy is come on vs we faynte not:

2 but have cast from vs the clokes of vnhonestie and walke not in craftines nether corrupte we the worde of God: but walke in open trueth and reporte oure selves to every mannes conscience in the sight of God.

3 Yf oure Gospell be yet hyd it is hid amoge them that are lost

4 in whom ye god of this worlde hath blynded the myndes of them which beleve not lest the light of ye glorious gospell of Christ which is the ymage of god shuld shyne vnto them.

5 For we preache not oure selves but Christ Iesus to be the Lorde and oure selves youre servautes for Iesus sake.

6 For it is God that commauded the light to shyne out of darcknes which hath shyned in oure hertes for to geve the light of the knowledge of the glorie of God in the face of Iesus Christ.

7 But we have this treasure in erthe vessels that ye excellent power of it myght appere to be of God and not of vs.

8 We are troubled on every side yet are we not with out shyft. We are in povertie: but not vtterly without somwhat.

9 We are persecuted: but are not forsake. We are cast doune: neverthelesse we perisshe not.

10 And we all wayes beare in oure bodyes the dyinge of the Lorde Iesus that the lyfe of Iesu myght appere in oure bodyes.

11 For we which live are alwayes delyvered vnto deeth for Iesus sake yt the lyfe also of Iesu myght appere in oure mortall flesshe.

12 So then deeth worketh in vs and lyfe in you.

13 Seynge then yt we have ye same sprete of fayth accordinge as it is writte: I beleved and therfore have I spoken. We also beleve and therfore speake.

14 For we knowe that he which raysed vp the Lorde Iesus shall rayse vp vs also by the meanes of Iesus and shall seet vs with you.

15 For all thinges do I for youre sakes that the plenteous grace by thankes geve of many maye redounde to the prayse of god.

16 Wherfore we are not weried but though oure vttward man perisshe yet the inwarde man is renewed daye by daye.

17 For oure excedinge tribulacion which is momentany and light prepareth an excedinge and an eternall wayght of glorye

18 vnto vs whill we loke not on the thynges which are sene but on ye thynges which are not sene. For thinges which are sene are temporall: but thynges which are not sene are eternall

Chapter 5Edit

1 We knowe suerly yf oure erthy mancion wherin we now dwell were destroyed that we have a bildinge ordeyned of god an habitacion not made with hondes but eternall in heve.

2 And herefore sigh we desyringe to be clothed wt oure mansion which is from heven:

3 so yet if that we be founde clothed and not naked.

4 For as longe as we are in this tabernacle we sigh and are greved for we wold not be vnclothed but wolde be clothed apon that mortalite myght be swalowed vp of lyfe.

5 He that hath ordeyned vs for this thynge ys god which very same hath geven vnto vs the ernest of the sprete.

6 Therfore we are alwaye of good chere and knowe well that as longe as we are at home in the body we are absent from God.

7 For we walke in fayth and se not.

8 Neverthelesse we are of good comforte and had lever to be absent from the body and to be present with the lorde.

9 Wherfore whether we be at home or from home we endeuoure oure selves to please him.

10 For we must all appere before the iudgement seate of Christ that every man maye receave the workes of his body accordynge to that he hath done whether it be good or bad?

11 Seynge then that we knowe how the lorde is to be feared we fare fayre with men. For we are knowen wel ynough vnto God. I trust also that we are knowen in youre consciences.

12 We prayse not oure selves agayne vnto you but geve you an occasion to reioyce of vs that ye maye have some what agaynst the whych reioyce in the face and not in the hert.

13 For yf we be to fervent to God are we to fervent. Yf we kepe measure for youre cause kepe we measure.

14 For the love of Christ costrayneth vs be cause we thus iudge yf one be deed for all yt then are all deed

15 and that he dyed for all that they which live shuld not hence forth live vnto them selves but vnto hym whith died for them and rose agayne.

16 Wherfore henceforth knowe we no man after the flesshe. In somoche though we have knowe Christ after the flesshe now hence forthe knowe we hym so no more.

17 Therfore yf eny man be in Christ he is a newe creature. Olde thynges are passed awaye beholde all thinges are be come newe.

18 Neverthelesse all thinges are of god which hath reconciled vs vnto him sylfe by Iesus Christ and hath geven vnto vs the office to preach the atonement.

19 For god was in Christ and made agrement bitwene the worlde and hym sylfe and imputed not their synnes vnto them: and hath comitted to vs the preachynge of ye atonmet.

20 Now then are we messengers in the roume of Christ: even as though God did beseche you thorow vs: So praye we you in Christes stede that ye be atone with God:

21 for he hath made him to be synne for vs which knewe no synne that we by his meanes shuld be that rightewesnes which before God is aloved.

Chapter 6Edit

1 We as helpers therfore exhorte you yt ye receave not the grace of god in (vayne)

2 For he saith: I have hearde the in a tyme accepted: and in ye daye of saluacion have I suckered the. Beholde now is that well accepted tyme: beholde now is yt daye of saluacion.

3 Let vs geve no man occasion of evyll that in oure office be founde no faute:

4 but in all thynges let vs behave oure selves as the ministers of God. In moche pacience in afflicios in necessite in anguysshe

5 in strypes in presonmet in stryfe in laboure in watchinge in fastyng

6 in purenes in knowledge in longe sufferynge in kyndnes in the holy goost in love vnfayned

7 in ye wordes of trueth in the power of God by ye armoure of rightewesnes on ye right honde and on the lyfte

8 in honoure and dishonoure in evyll reporte and good reporte as desceauers and yet true

9 as unknowen and yet knowen: as dyinge and beholde we yet live: as chastened and not killed:

10 as sorowynge and yet alwaye mery: as poore and yet make many ryche: as havynge nothynge and yet possessynge all thynges.

11 O ye Corinthyans oure mouth is open vnto you. Oure herte is made large:

12 ye are in no strayte in vs but are in a strayte in youre awne bowelles:

13 I promyse you lyke rewarde with me as to my childre.

14 Set youreselues therfore at large and beare not a straugers yoke wyth the vnbelevers. For what fellishippe hath rightewesnes with vnrightewesnes? What company hath light wt darcknes?

15 What cocorde hath Christ with beliall? Ether what parte hath he yt beleveth with an infidele?

16 how agreeth the temple of god wt ymages? And ye are the temple of yt lyuynge god as sayde god. I will dwell amonge the and walke amoge the and wilbe their god: and they shalbe my people.

17 Wherfore come out from amoge the and separate youreselues (sayth the lorde) and touche none vncleane thynge: so wyll I receave you

18 and wilbe a father vnto you and ye shalbe vnto me sonnes and doughters sayth the lorde almyghty.

Chapter 7Edit

1 Seynge that we have soche promeses derely beloved let vs clense oure selves from all fylthynes of the flesshe and sprete and growe vp to full holynes in ye feare of God.

2 Vnderstonde vs. we have hurte no man: we have corrupte no man: we have defrauded no man.

3 I speake not this to condempne you: for I have shewed you before yt ye are in oure hertes to dye and live with you.

4 I am very bolde over you and reioyce greatly in you. I am filled with comforte and am excadinge ioyouse in all oure tribulacions.

5 For when we were come into Macedonia oure flesshe had no rest but we were troubled on every syde. Outwarde was fightynge inwarde was feare.

6 Neverthelesse God that comfortith the abiecte comforted vs at the commynge of Titus.

7 And not with his commynge only: but also with the consolacion wherwith he was comforted of you. For he tolde vs youre desyre youre mornynge youre fervent mynde to me warde: so that I now reioyce the more.

8 Wherfore though I made you sory with a letter I repent not: though I did repent. For I perceave that ye same pistle made you sory though it were but for a ceason.

9 But I now reioyce not that ye were sory but that ye so sorowed that ye repented. For ye sorowed godly: so yt in nothynge ye were hurte by vs.

10 For godly sorowe causeth repentaunce vnto salvacion not to be repented of: when worldly sorow causeth deeth.

11 Beholde what diligence this godly sorowe that ye toke hath wrought in you: yee it caused you to cleare youre selves. It caused indignacion it caused feare yt caused desyre it caused a fervent mynde it caused punysshment. For in all thynges ye have shewed youreselues that ye were cleare in that matter.

12 Wherfore though I wrote vnto you I did it not for his cause that did hurte nether for his cause that was hurte: but that oure good mynde whych we have towarde you in the sight of god myght appere vnto you.

13 Therfore we are comforted because ye are comforted: yee and excedyngly the moare ioyed we for the ioye that Titus had: because his sprete was refresshed of you all.

14 I a therfor not now ashamed though I bosted my sylfe to hym of you. For as all thynges which I preached vnto you are true even so is oure bostynge that I bosted my silfe to Titus wt all founde true.

15 And now is his inwarde affection more aboundant towarde you when he remembreth the obedience of every one of you: how with feare and trymblynge ye receaved hym.

16 I reioyce that I maye be bolde over you in all thynges.

Chapter 8Edit

1 I do you to wit brethren of the grace of god which is geven in the congregacions of Macedonia

2 how that the aboundaunce of their reioysing is that they are tried wt moche tribulacio. And therto though they were excedinge poore yet haue they geue excedinge richly and that in singlenesse.

3 For to their powers (I beare recorde) yee and beyonde their power they were willynge of their owne accorde

4 and prayed vs with great instaunce that we wolde receave their benefite and suffre them to be parttakers with other in ministrynge to the saynctes.

5 And this they did not as we loked for: but gave their awne selves fyrst to the lorde and after vnto vs by the will of God:

6 so that we coulde not but desyre Titus to acomplysshe the same benivolence amonge you also even as he had begonne.

7 Now therfore as ye are ryche in all parties in fayth in worde in knowledge in all fervetnes and in love which ye have to vs: even so se that ye be plenteons in this benivolence.

8 Thys saye I not as commaundynge: but be cause other are so fervent therfore prove I youre love whether it be perfait or no.

9 Ye knowe the liberalitie of oure lorde Iesus Christ which though he were riche yet for youre sakes be came poore: that ye thorow his povertie myght be made ryche.

10 And I geve counsell hereto. For this is expedient for you which beganne not to do only: but also to will a yeare a goo.

11 Now therfore performe the dede: that as ther was in you a redines to will even so ye maye performe the dede of that which ye have.

12 For if ther be fyrst a willynge mynde it is accepted accordynge to that a man hath and not accordinge to that he hath not.

13 It is not my mynde that other be set at ease and ye brought into combraunce:

14 but that ther be egalnes now at this tyme that youre aboundaunce sucker their lacke: that their aboundaunce maye supplie youre lacke:

15 that ther maye be equalite agreynge to that which is written. He that gaddered moche had never the more aboundaunce and he yt gaddered lytell had never the lesse.

16 Thankes be vnto god which put in ye hert of Titus the same good mynde toward you.

17 For he accepted ye request yee rather he was so well willynge that of his awne accorde came vnto you.

18 We haue sent with him that brother whose laude is in the gospell thorow out all the congregacions:

19 and not so only but is also chosen of the congregacions to be a felowe with vs in oure iorney concerninge this benivolence that is ministred by vs vnto the prayse of ye lorde and to stere vp youre prompt mynde.

20 For thys we eschue that eny man shuld rebuke vs in this plenteous distribucion that is ministred by vs

21 and therfore make provision for honest thynges not in the sight of god only but also in the sight of men.

22 We have sent with them a brother of oures whom we have ofte tymes proved diliget in many thynges but now moche more diligent. The great confidence which I have in you.

23 hath caused me this to do: partly for Titus sake which is my felowe and helper as cocernynge you partly because of other which are oure brethren and the messengers of the congregacios and ye glory of Christ.

24 Wherfore shewe vnto them the proffe of youre love and of the reioysynge that we have of you that ye congregacions maye se it.

Chapter 9Edit

1 Of the ministrynge to ye saynctes it is but superfluous for me to write vnto you:

2 for I knowe youre redynes of mide wherof I bost my silfe vnto them of Macedonia and saye that Achaia was prepared a yeare a goo and youre ferventnes hath provoked many.

3 Never thelesse yet have I sent these brethren lest oure reioysynge over you shuld be in vayne in this behalfe and that ye (as I have sayd) preparare youre selues

4 lest paraveture yf they of Macedonia come with me and fynde you vnprepared the boost that I made in this matter shuld be a shame to vs: I saye not vnto you.

5 Wherfore I thought it necessary to exhorte the brethren to come before hode vnto you forto prepare youre good blessynge promysed afore that it myght be redy: so yt it be a blessynge and not a defraudynge.

6 This yet remember howe that he which soweth lytell shall reepe lytell: and he yt soweth plenteously shall reepe plenteously.

7 And let every man do accordynge as he hath purposed in his herte not groudgyngly or of necessite. For god loveth a chearfull gever.

8 God is able to make you ryche in all grace that ye in all thynges havynge sufficiet vnto the vttmoste maye be ryche vnto all manner good workes

9 as it is written: He yt sparsed abroade and hath geven to the povre his rightewesnes remayneth for ever.

10 He yt fyndeth the sower seed shall minister breed for fode and shall multiplie youre seed and increace the frutes of youre rightewesnes

11 that on all parties ye maye be made ryche in all synglenes which causeth thorowe vs thankes gevynge vnto god.

12 For the office of this ministracion not only supplieth the nede of the sayntes: but also is aboundaunt herein that for this laudable ministrynge thankes myght be geven to god

13 of many whiche prayse god for the obedience of youre professynge ye gospell of Christ and for youre synglenes in distributynge to them and to all me:

14 and in their prayers to God for you longe after you for the aboundauut grace of God geven vnto you.

15 Thankes be vnto God for his vn speakeable gyft.

Chapter 10Edit

1 I Paule my silfe beseche you by the mekenes and softnes of Christ which when I am present amoge you am of no reputacio but am bolde towarde you beinge absent.

2 I besech you that I nede not to be bolde when I am present (with that same confidece wher with I am supposed to be bolde) agaynst some which repute vs as though we walked carnally.

3 Neverthelesse though we walke compased with ye fleshe yet we warre not flesshlye

4 For the weapes of oure warre are not carnall thinges but thynges myghty in god to cast doune stronge holdes

5 wherwith we overthrowe ymaginacyons and every hye thynge that exalteh it silfe agaynst the knowledge of god and brynge into captivite all vnderstondynge to the obedience of Christ

6 and are redy to take vengeaunce on all disobedience when youre obedience is fulfilled.

7 Loke ye on thynges after ye vtter apparence? Yf eny man trust in him silfe yt he is Christis let the same also considre of him silfe yt as he is Christis even so are we Christes.

8 And though I shuld bost my silfe somewhat moare of oure auctorite which the lorde hath geven vs to edifie and not to destroye you it shulde not be to my shame.

9 This saye I lest I shuld seme as though I went about to make you a frayde with letters.

10 For ye pistles (sayth he) are sore and stronge: but his bodyly presence is weake and his speache rude.

11 Let him yt is soche thynke on this wyse that as we are in wordes by letters when we are absent soche are we in dedes when we are present.

12 For we cannot fynde in oure hertes to make oure selves of ye nombre of them or to compare oure selves to them which laude the selves neuerthelesse whill they measure the selves wt them selves and copare the selves wt the selves they vnderstode nought.

13 But we wyll not reioyce above measure: but accordynge to the quantitie of ye measure which god hath distributed vnto vs a measure that reacheth even vnto you.

14 For we stretche uot out oure selves beyode measure as though we had not reached vnto you. For even vnto you have we come with the gospell of Christ

15 and we bost not oure selves out of measure in other mens labours. Ye and we hope when youre fayth is increased amoge you to be magnified acordynge to oure measure more largely

16 and to preache ye gospell in those regions which are beyode you: and not to reioyce of that which is by another mans measure prepared all redy.

17 Let him yt reioyseth reioyce in the lorde.

18 For he that prayseth him silfe is not alowed: but he whom the lorde prayseth.

Chapter 11Edit

1 Wolde to god ye coulde suffre me a lytell in my folysshnes: yee and I praye you forbeare me.

2 For I am gelous over you with godly gelousy. For I coupled you to one man to make you a chaste virgen to Christ.

3 But I feare lest as the serpent begyled Eve thorow his sutteltie even so youre wittes shuld be corrupte from the singlenes that is in Christ.

4 For if he that commeth preache another Iesus then hym whom we preached: or if ye receave another sprete then that which ye have receaved: other another gospell then that ye have receaved ye myght right wel have bene content.

5 I suppose that I was not behynde ye chefe apostles.

6 Though I be rude in speakynge yet I am not so in knowledge. How be it amonge you we are knowen to the vtmost what we are in all thynges.

7 Did I therin synne be cause I submitted my silfe that ye myght be exalted and because I preached to you the gospell of God fre?

8 I robbed other congregacions and toke wages of the to do you service with all.

9 And when I was present with yov and had nede I was greuous to no man for that which was lackynge vnto me the brethren which came from Macedonia supplied: and in all thynges I kept my silfe that I shuld not be greveous to you: and so will I kepe my silfe.

10 Yf the trueth of Christ be in me this ieioysynge shall not be taken from me in the regions of Achaia.

11 Wherfore? Be cause I love you not? God knoweth.

12 Neverthe lesse what I doo that will I do to cut awaye occasion from them which desyre occasion that they myght be founde lyke vnto vs in that wherin they reioyce.

13 For these falce apostles are disceatefull workers and fassion them selves lyke vnto ye apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvayle for satan him silfe is chaunged into the fassion of an angell of light.

15 Therfore it is no great thynge though his ministers fassion them selves as though they were the ministers of rightewesnes: whose ende shalbe acordynge to their dedes.

16 I saye agayne lest eny man thynke yt I am folishe: or els eve now take me as a fole that I maye bost my silfe a lytell.

17 That I speake I speake it not after the wayes of the lorde: but as it were folysshly whill we are now come to bostynge.

18 Seynge that many reioyce after ye flesshe I will reioyce also.

19 For ye suffre foles gladly be cause that ye youre selves are wyse.

20 For ye suffre even if a man brynge you into bondage: yf a ma devoure: yf a man take: yf a man exalt hym silfe: yf a man smyte you on the face.

21 I speake as concernynge rebuke as though we had bene weake. How be it wherin soever eny man dare be bolde (I speake folisshly) I dare be bolde also

22 They are Ebrues so am I: They are Israelites eve so am I. They are ye seede of Abraha even so am I.

23 They are ye ministers of Christ (I speake as a fole) I am moare: In labours moare aboundat: In strypes above measure: In preson more plenteously: In deeth ofte.

24 Of the Iewes five tymes receaved I every tyme .xl. strypes saue one.

25 Thryse was I beten with roddes. I was once stoned. I suffered thryse shipwracke. Nyght and daye have I bene in the depe of the see.

26 In iorneyinge often: In parels of waters: In parels of robbers: In ieoperdies of myne awne nacion: In ieoperdies amoge the hethen. I have bene in parels in cities in parels in wildernes in parels in the see in parels amonge falce brethren

27 in laboure and travayle in watchynge often in honger in thirst in fastynges often in colde and in nakednes.

28 And besyde the thynges which outwardly happe vnto me I am cobred dayly and do care for all congregacions.

29 Who is sicke and I am not sicke? Who is hurte in the fayth and my hert burneth not?

30 Yf I must nedes reioyce I will reioyce of myne infirmities.

31 The God and father of oure lorde Iesus Christ which is blessed for evermore knoweth that I lye not

32 In ye citie of Damascon the governer of ye people vnder kynge Aretas layde watche in ye citie of the Damasces and wolde have caught me

33 and at a wyndowe was I let doune in a basket thorowe the wall and so scaped his hondes.

Chapter 12Edit

1 It is not expediet for me (no dout to reioyce. Neverthelesse I will come to visions and revelacios of ye lorde.

2 I knowe a ma in Christ above .xiiij. yeares agone (whether he weare in ye body I cannot tell or whether he were oute of ye body I canot tell god knoweth) which was take vp into the thyrd heven.

3 And I knowe the same man (whether in the body or out of the body I canot tell god knoweth)

4 howe yt he was take vp into paradise and hearde wordes not to be spoke which no man can vtter.

5 Of this man will I reioyce of my silfe will I not reioyce except it be of myne infirmities.

6 And yet though I wolde reioyce I shuld not be a fole: for I wolde saye the trouthe. Neverthe lesse I spare lest eny man shuld thynke of me above that he seith me to be or heareth of me.

7 And lest I shuld be exalted out of measure thorow the aboundance of revelacions ther was geven vnto me vnquyetnes of the flesshe the messenger of Satan to buffet me: be cause I shuld not be exalted out of measure

8 For this thynge besought I the lorde thryse that it myght departe from me.

9 And he sayde vnto me: my grace is sufficient for the. For my stregth is made perfact thorow weaknes. Very gladly therfore will I reioyce of my weaknes that the strength of Christ maye dwell in me

10 Therfore have I delectacion in infirmities in rebukes in nede in persecucions in anguyshe for Christis sake. For when I am weake then am I stronge.

11 I am made a fole in bostynge my silfe. Ye have copelled me: I ought to have bene comeded of you. For in nothinge was I inferior vnto ye chefe apostels Though I be nothynge

12 yet ye tokes of an apostle were wrought amoge you with all pacience: with signes and wonders and myghty dedes.

13 For what is it wherin ye were inferiors vnto other cogregacions except it be therin that I was not greveous vnto you. Forgeve me this wronge done vnto you.

14 Beholde now ye thyrde tyme I am redy to come vnto you: and yet will I not be grevous vnto you. For I seke not youres but you. Also the children ought not to laye vp for the fathers and mothers: but the fathers and mothers for the children.

15 I will very gladly bestowe and wilbe bestowed for youre soules: though the moare I love you ye lesse I am loved agayne.

16 But be it yt I greved you not: never the lesse I was crafty and toke you with gile.

17 Did I pill you by eny of the which I sent vnto you?

18 I desyred Titus and wt him I sent a brother. Did Titus defraude you of eny thynge? walked we not in one sprete? walked we not in lyke steppes?

19 Agayne thynke ye yt we excuse oure selves? We speake in Christ in the sight of God. But we do all thynges dearly beloved for youre edifyinge.

20 For I feare lest it come to passe that when I come I shall not fynde you soche as I wolde: and I shalbe foude vnto you soche as ye wolde not: I feare lest ther be founde amoge you debate envyinge wrath stryfe backbytynges whisperynges swellynges and discorde.

21 I feare lest when I come agayne God brynge me lowe amoge you and I be constrayned to bewayle many of the which have synned all redy and have not repented of the vnclennes fornicacion and wantanes which they haue committed.

Chapter 13Edit

1 Now come I the thyrd tyme vnto you In the mouth of two or thre witnesses shall every thinge stonde.

2 I tolde you before and tell you before: and as I sayde whe I was present with you the seconde tyme so wryte I now beynge absent to them which in tyme past have synned and to all other: yt if I come agayne I will not spare

3 seynge yt ye seke experience of Christ which speaketh in me which amoge you is not weake but is myghty in you.

4 And verely though it came of weaknes that he was crucified yet liveth he thorow the power of God. And we no dout are weake in him: but we shall live with him by the myght of God amonge you.

5 Prove youre selves whether ye are in the fayth or not. Examen youre owne selves: knowe ye not youre awne selves how that Iesus Christ is in you excepte ye be castawayes?

6 I trust that ye shall knowe yt we are not castawayes.

7 I desyre before God that ye do none evyll not that we shuld seme comendable: but that ye shuld do that which is honest: and let vs be counted as leawde persones.

8 We can do no thinge agaynst the trueth but for the trueth.

9 We are glad when we are weake and ye stronge. This also we wisshe for even that ye were perfect.

10 Therfore write I these thinges beynge absent lest when I am present I shuld vse sharpenes accordinge to the power which the Lorde hath geven me to edifie and not to destroye.

11 Finallye brethren fare ye well be perfect be of good comforte be of one mynde lyve in peace and the God of love and peace shalbe with you.

12 Grete one another in an holy kysse.

13 All ye saynctes salute you.

14 The grace of oure Lorde Iesus Christ and the love of God and the fellishippe of the holy goost be with you all. Ame