Bible (Tyndale)/2 Timothy

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Chapter 1Edit

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the will of God to preache the promes of lyfe which lyfe is in Christ Iesu.

2 To Timothe his beloved sonne.Grace mercy and peace from God the father and from Christ Iesu oure Lorde.

3 I thanke god whom I serve from myne elders with pure consciece that with out ceasynge I make mencion of the in my prayres nyght and daye

4 desyrynge to se the myndfull of thy teares: so that I am filled with ioye

5 whe I call to remembraunce the vnfayned fayth that is in the which dwelt fyrst in thy graumoder Lois and in thy mother Eunica: and am assured that it dwelleth in the also.

6 Wherfore I warne the that thou stere vp the gyfte of god which is in the by the puttynge on of my hondes.

7 For god hath not geven to vs the sprete of feare: but of power and of love and of sobrenes of mynde.

8 Be not a shamed to testyfye oure lorde nether be a shamed of me which am bounde for his sake: but suffre adversite with ye gospell also thorow ye power of god

9 which saved vs and called vs wt an holy callinge not acordinge to oure dedes but accordynge to his awne purpose and grace which grace was geve vs thorowe Christ Iesu before the worlde was

10 but is nowe declared openly by ye appearynge of oure savioure Iesu Christ which hath put away derth and hath brought lyfe and immortalite vnto light thorow the gospell

11 whervnto I am apoynted a preacher and an Apostle and a teacher of the gentyls:

12 for the which cause I also suffre these thinges. Neverthelesse I am not a shamed For I knowe who I have beleved and am sure that he is able to kepe that which I have comitted to his kepynge agaynst that daye.

13 Se thou have the ensample of the holsome wordes which thou heardest of me in fayth and love which is in Iesu Christ.

14 That good thinge whiche was committed to thy kepynge kepe in ye holy goost which dwelleth in vs.

15 This thou knowest how that all they which are in Asia be turned from me. Of which sorte are Phigelos and hermogenes.

16 The lorde geve mercie vnto the housse of Onesiphoros for he ofte refresshed me and was not a shamed of my chayne:

17 but when he was at Rome he sought me out very diligently and founde me.

18 The lorde graunt vnto him that he maye fynde mercie with the lorde at that daye. And in how many thynges he ministred vnto me at Ephesus thou knowest very wel.

Chapter 2Edit

1 Thou therfore my sonne be stronge in the grace that is in Christ Iesu.

2 And what thynges thou hast hearde of me many bearynge witnes the same diliver to faythfull men which are apte to teache other

3 Thou therfore suffre affliccion as a good soudier of Iesu Christ.

4 No man that warreth entanglith him silfe with worldely busynes and that be cause he wolde please him that hath chosen him to be a soudier.

5 And though a man strive for a mastery yet ys he not crouned except he strive laufully.

6 The husbandma that laboreth must fyrst receave of the frutes.

7 Consyder what I saye. The lorde geve the vnderstondynge in all thynges.

8 Remember that Iesus Christ beynge of he sede of David rose agayne fro deth accordynge to my gospell

9 wherin I suffre trouble as an evyll doar even vnto bondes. But the worde of god was not bounde.

10 Herefore I suffre all thinges for ye electes sakes that they myght also obtayne that saluacion which is in Christ Iesu with eternall glory.

11 It is a true sayinge if we be deed wt him we also shall live with him.

12 Yf we be pacient we shall also raigne wt him. If we denye him he also shall denye vs.

13 Yf we beleve not yet abideth he faithfull. He cannot denye him silfe.

14 Of these thynges put them in remembraunce and testifie before the lorde that they stryve not about wordes which is to no proffet but to pervert the hearers.

15 Study to shewe thy silfe laudable vnto god a workman yt nedeth not to be a shamed dividynge the worde of trueth iustly

16. Vngostly and vayne voyces passe over. For they shall encreace vnto greater vngodlynes17 and their wordes shall fret even as doeth a cancre: of whose nombre ys Hymeneos and Philetos

18 which as concernynge the trueth have erred sayinge that the resurreccion is past all redy and do destroye the fayth of divers persones.

19 But the sure grounde of god remayneth and hath this seale: the lorde knoweth them that are his and let every man that calleth on the name of Christ departe from iniquite.

20 Not withstondinge in a greate housse are not only vesselles of golde and of silver: but also of wood and of erthe some for honoure and some vnto dishonoure.

21 But Yf a man purdge him silfe from suche felowes he shalbe a vessell sanctified vnto honoure mete for the lorde and prepared vnto all good workes.

22 Lustes of youth avoyde and folowe rightwesnes fayth love and peace with them that call on the lorde with pure herte.

23 Folisshe and vnlearned questions put from the remebrynge that they do but gendre stryfe.

24 But the servaunt of the lorde must not stryve: but must be peasable vnto all men and apte to teache and one that can suffre:

25 the evyll in meknes and can informe them that resist yf that god at eny tyme will geve them repentauce for to knowe the trueth:

26 that they maye come to the selves agayne out of the snare of the devyll which are now taken of him at his will.

Chapter 3Edit

1 This understonde that in the last dayes shall come parelous tymes.

2 For the me shalbe lovers of their awne selves coveteous bosters proude cursed speakers disobediet to father and mother vnthakfull vnholy

3 vnkinde trucebreakers stubborn falce accusars ryatours fearce despisers of the which are good

4 traytours heddy hye mynded gredy apon volupteousnes more then the lovers of god

5 havynge a similitude of godly lyvynge but have denyed the power ther of and soche abhorre.

6 Of this sorte are they which entre in to houses and brynge into bondage wymmen laden with synne which wemen are ledde of divers lustes

7 ever learnynge and never able to come vnto the knowledge of the trueth.

8 As Iannes and Iambres withstode Moses even so do these resist the trueth men they are of corrupt myndes and leawde as concernynge the fayth:

9 but they shall prevayle no leger. For their madnes shalbe vttered vnto all men as theirs was.

10 But thou hast sene ye experience of my doctrine fassion of lyuynge purpose fayth longe sufferynge love pacience

11 persecucions and affliccions which happened vnto me at Antioche at Iconium and at lystra: which persecucions I suffered paciently. And from them all the lorde delivered me.

12 Ye and all that will live godly in Christ Iesu must suffre persecucions.

13 But the evyll men and disceavers shall wexe worsse and worsse whill they deceave and are deceaved them selves.

14 But continue thou in the thynges which thou hast learned which also were committed vnto the seynge thou knowest of whom thou hast learned them

15 and for as moche also as thou hast knowe holy scripture of a chylde which is able to make the wyse vnto saluacion thorowe the fayth which ys in Christ Iesu.

16 For all scripture geve by inspiracion of god is proffitable to teache to improve to amende and to instruct in rightewesnes

17 yt ye man of god maye be perfect and prepared vnto all good workes.

Chapter 4Edit

1 I testifie therfore before god and before the lorde Iesu Christ which shall iudge quicke and deed at his aperynge in his kyngdom

2 preache the worde be fervent be it in season or out of season. Improve rebuke exhorte with all longe sufferinge and doctryne.

3 For the tyme will come when they wyll not suffer wholsome doctryne: but after their awne lustes shall they (whose eares ytche) gett the an heepe of teachers

4 and shall turne their eares from ye trueth and shalbe geven vnto fables.

5 But watch thou in all thynges and suffre adversitie and do the worke of an evangelist fulfill thyne office vnto the vtmost.

6 For I am now redy to be offered and the tyme of my departynge is at honde.

7 I have fought a good fight and have fulfilled my course and have kept the fayth.

8 From hence forth is layde vp for me a croune of rightewesnes which the lorde that is a righteous iudge shall geve me at that daye: not to me only but vnto all them that love his commynge.

9 Make spede to come vnto me at once.

10 For Demas hath left me and hath loved this present worlde and is departed into Tessalonica. Crescens is gone to Galacia and Titus vnto Dalmacea.

11 Only Lucas is with me. Take Marke and bringe him with the for he is necessary vnto me forto minister.

12 And Tichicus have I sent to Ephesus.

13 The cloke that I lefte at Troada with Carpus whe thou commest brynge with the and the bokes but specially the partchemet.

14 Alexander the coppersmyth did me moche evyll the lorde rewarde him accordynge to his dedes

15 of whom be thou ware also. For he withstode oure preachynge sore.

16 At my fyrst answerynge no man assissted me but all forsoke me. I praye God that it maye not be layde to their charges:

17 notwithstondinge the Lorde assisted me and stregthed me that by me the preachinge shuld be fulfilled to the vtmost and that all the gentyls shuld heare. And I was delivered out of the mouth of the lyon.

18 And the Lorde shall delivre me from all evyll doynge and shall kepe me vnto his hevenly kyngdome. To who be prayse for ever and ever. Amen.

19 Salute Prisca and Aquila and the housholde of Onesiphorus.

20 Erastus abode at Corinthu. Trophimos I lefte at Miletum sicke.

21 Make spede to come before winter. Eubolus gretith the and Pudes and Linus and Claudia and all the brethren.

22 The Lorde Iesus Christ be with thy sprete. Grace be with you. Amen.