Bible (Tyndale)/Exodus

Chapter 1Edit

1 These are the names of the children of Israel, which came to Egipte with Iacob euery man with his housholde:

2 Rube, Simeon, Leui, Iuda,

3 Isachar, Zabulon, Beniamin,

4 Dan, Neptali, Gad ad Aser.

5 All the soules that came out of the loynes of Iacob, were .LXX. and Ioseph was in Egipte all redie.

6 when Ioseph was dead and all his brethern and all that generation:

7 the children of Israel grewe, encreased, multiplied and waxed enceadinge myghtie: so that the londe was full of them.

8 Then there rose vp a new kynge in Egipte which knewe not Ioseph.

9 And he sayde vnto his folke: beholde the people of the childre of Israel are moo ad mightier than we.

10 Come on, let vs playe wisely with them: lest they multiplie, and then (yf there chaunce any warre) they ioyne them selues vnto oure enimies and fyghte ageynst vs, and so gete them out of the lande.

11 And he sette taskemasters ouer them, to kepe them vnder with burthens. And they byl vnto Pharao treasurecities: Phiton and Raamses.

12 But the more they vexed the, the moare they multiplied and grewe: so that they abhorred the childre of Israel.

13 And the Egiptias helde the childern of Israel in bondage without mercie,

14 and made their lyues bitter vnto them with cruell laboure in claye and bricke, and all maner worke in the feldes, and in all maner of service, which they caused the to worke cruelly

15 And the kynge of Egipte sayde vnto the mydwiues of the Ebrueswomen, of which the ones name was Ziphra ad the other Pua:

16 whe ye mydwiue the women of the Ebrues and se in the byrth tyme that it is a boye, kyll it. But yf it be a mayde, let it lyue.

17 Notwithstonding the mydwiues feared God, and dyd not as the kinge of Egipte commauded them: but saued the menchildern.

18 The the kinge of Egipte called for the midwiues ad sayde vnto the: why haue ye delt on this maner and haue saued the menchildern?

19 And the mydwiues answered Pharao, that the Ebrues wemen were not as the wemen of Egipte: but were sturdie women, and were delyuered yer the midwyues came at them.

20 And God therfore delt well with the midwyues. And the people multiplied and waxed very mightie.

21 And because the mydwiues feared God, he made them houses.

22 Than Pharao charged all his pepple sayng All the menchildern that are borne, cast in to the ryuer and save the maydchildern a lyue.

Chapter 2Edit

1 And there wet a ma of the house of Leui ad toke a doughter of Leui.

2 And the wife coceaued ad bare a sonne. And whe she sawe that it was a propre childe, she hyd him thre monethes longe.

3 And whe she coude no longer hyde him, she toke a basket of bulrusshes ad dawbed it with slyme ad pytche, ad layde the childe therin, ad put it in the flagges by the riuers brynke.

4 And his sister stode a ferre of, to wete what wold come of it.

5 And the doughter of Pharao came doune to the riuer to washe her selfe, and hir maydens walked a longe by the riuers syde. And when she sawe the basket amoge the flagges, she sent one of hir maydes and caused it to be fet.

6 And whe she had opened it she sawe the childe. and behold, the babe wepte. And she had copassio on it ad sayde: it is one of the Ebrues childern

7 Then sayde his sister vnto Pharaos doughter: shall I goo and call vnto the a nurse of the Ebrues wemen, to nurse the the childe?

8 And the mayde ranne and called the childes mother.

9 The Pharaos doughter saide vnto her Take this childe awaye ad nurse it for me, ad I will rewarde the for thi laboure. And the woman toke the childe and nursed it vp.

10 And whe the childe was growne, she brought it vnto Pharaos doughter, and it was made hir sonne, and she called it Moses, because (sayde she) I toke him out of the water.

11 And it happened in these dayes when Moses was waxte great, that he went out vnto his brethern ad loked on their burthens, and spied an Egiptian smytynge one of his brethern an Ebrue.

12 And he loked round aboute: and when he sawe that there was no man by, he slewe the Egiptian and hyd hi in the sonde.

13 And he went out a nother daye: and beholde, two Ebrues stroue to gether. And he sayde vnto him that dyd the wronge: wherfore smytest thou thine neyghboure?

14 And he answered: who hath made the a ruelar or a iudge ouer vs? intendest thou to kill me, as thou killedst the Egiptian? Then Moses feared and sayde: of a suertie the thinge is knowne.

15 And Pharao herde of it and went aboute to slee Moses: but he fled from Pharao ad dwelt in the lade of Madian, and he satt doune by a welles syde.

16 The preast of Madian had. vij. doughters which came ad drew water and fylled the troughes, for to water their fathers shepe.

17 And the shepardes came and drove them awaye: But Moses stode vp and helped them and waterd their shepe.

18 And when they came to Raguel their father, he sayde: how happeneth it that ye are come so soone to daye?

19 And they answerede there was an Egiptia that delyuered vs fro the shepardes, and also drewe vs water and waterd the shepe.

20 And he sayde vnto his doughters: where is he? why haue ye lefte the man? Goo call him that he maye eate bread.

21 And Moses was content to dwell with the man. And he gaue Moses Zipora his doughter

22 which bare a sonne, ad he called him Gerson: for he sayde. I haue bene a straunger in a straunge lande.

23 And she bare yet another sonne, whom he called Elieser sayng: the God of my father is myne helper, and hath rid me out of the handes of Pharao.And it chaunced in processe of tyme, that the kinge of Egipte dyed, and the childern of Israel syghed by the reason of laboure and cryed.

24 And their complaynt came vp vnto God from the laboure. And God remembred his promise with Abraham, Isaac ad Iacob.

25 And God loked apon the children of Israel and knewe them.

Chapter 3Edit

1 Moses kepte the shepe of Iethro his father in law preast of Madian, and he droue the flocke to the backesyde of the deserte, ad came to the moutayne of God, Horeb.

2 And the angell of the Lorde apeared vnto hi in a flame of fyre out of a bush. And he perceaued that the bush burned with fyre and consumed not.

3 Than Moses sayde: I will goo hece and see this grete syghte, howe it cometh that the bushe burneth not.

4 And whe the Lorde sawe that he came for to see, he called vnto him out of the bush and sayde: Moses Moses And he answered: here am I.

5 And he sayde: come not hither, but put thy shooes off thi fete: for the place whereon thou stondest is holy grounde.

6 And he sayde: I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Iacob And Moses hyd his face, for he was afrayde to loke vpon God.

7 Than the Lorde sayde: I haue surely sene the trouble of my people which are in Egipte and haue herde their crye which they haue of their taskemasters. For I knowe theire sorowe

8 and am come downe to delyuer them out of the handes of the Egiptians, and to brynge the out of that londe vnto a good londe and a large, and vnto a londe that floweth with mylke and hony: euen vnto the place of the Canaanites, Hethites, Amorites, Pherezites, Heuites, and of the Iebusites.

9 Now therfore beholde, the complaynt of the children of Israel is come vnto me and I haue also sene the oppression, wherwith the Egiptians oppresse them.

10 But come, I will sende the vnto Pharao, that thou mayst brynge my people the childern of Israel out of Egipte.

11 And Moses sayde vnto God: what am I to goo to Pharao and to brynge the children of Israell out of Egipte?

12 And he sayde: I wilbe with the. And this shalbe a token vnto the that I haue sent the: after that thou hast broughte the people out of Egipte, ye shall serue God vppon this mountayne.

13 Than sayde Moses vnto God: when I come vnto the childern of Israell and saye vnto them, the God of youre fathers hath sent me vnto you, ad they saye vnto me, what ys his name, what answere shall I geuethem?

14 Then sayde God vnto Moses: I wilbe what I wilbe: ad he sayde, this shalt thou saye vnto the children of Israel: I wilbe dyd send me to you.

15 And God spake further vnto Moses: thus shalt thou saye vnto the children of Israell: the Lorde God of youre fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Iacob hath sent me vnto you: this is my name for euer, and this is my memoriall thorow out all generacyons.

16 Goo therfore and gather the elders of Israel to gether and saye vnto them: the Lorde God of youre fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Iacob, appeared vnto me and sayde: I haue bene and sene both you and that whiche is done to you in Egipte.

17 And I haue sayde it, that I will bringe you out of the tribulacio of Egipte vnto the londe of the Canaanites, Hethites Amorites, Pherezites, Heuites and Iebusites: euen a londe that floweth wyth mylke ad hony

18 Yf it come to passe that they heare thy voyce, then goo, both thou ad the elders of Israel vnto the kinge of Egipte and saye vnto him: The Lord God of the Ebrues hath mett with vs: Let vs goo therfore .iij. dayes iourney in to the wildernesse, that we maye sacrifice vnto the Lorde oure God.

19 Notwithstondinge I am sure that the kinge of Egipte will not lett you goo, excepte it be with a mightie hande:

20 ye ad I will therfore stretche out myne honde, and smyte Egipte with all my woders which I wil do therin. And after that he will let you goo.

21 And I will gett this people fauoure in the syghte of the Egiptians: so that when ye goo, ye shall not goo emptie:

22 but euery wife shall borow of hir neyghbouresse and of her that sogeorneth in hir house, iewels of syluer ad of gold and rayment. And ye shall put them on youre sonnes and doughters, and shall robbe the Egiptians.

Chapter 4Edit

1 Moses answered and sayde: Se, they wil not beleue me nor herke vnto my voyce: but wil saye, the Lorde hath not apeared vnto the.

2 Then the Lorde saide vnto him: what is that in thine hande? and he sayde, a rodd.

3 And he sayde, cast it on the grounde, and it turned vnto a serpent. And Moses ra awaye from it.

4 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: put forth thine hande ad take it by the tayle. And he put forth his hande and caught it, and it became a rodd agayne in his hand,

5 that they may beleue that the Lorde God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac ad the God of Iacob hath appeared vnto the.

6 And the Lorde sayde forther more vnto him: thrust thine hande in to thy bosome. And he thrust his hande in to his bosome and toke it out. And beholde, his hand was leporous euen as snowe.

7 And he saide: put thine hande in to thy bosome agayne. And he put his hande in to his bosome agayne, and plucked it out of his bosome, and beholde, it was turned agayn as his other flesh.

8 Yf they will not beleue the nether heare the voyce of the first token: yet will they beleue the voyce of the seconde toke

9 But and yf they will not beleue the two signes nether herken vnto thy voyce, then take of the water of the riuer and poure it vpon the drye lond. And the water which thou takest out of the riuer shall turne to bloude vpon the drie londe.

10 And Moses sayde vnto the Lorde: oh my Lorde. I am not eloquet, no not in tymes past and namely sence thou hast spoken vnto thy seruaunte: but I am slowe mouthed and slowe tongued.

11 And the Lorde sayde vnto hi: who hath made mas mouth, or who hath made the domme or the deaff, the seynge or the blynde? haue not I the Lorde?

12 Go therfore and I wilbe with thy mouth and teach the what thou shalt saye.

13 And he sayde: oh my Lorde, send I pray the whome thou wilt.

14 And the Lorde was angrie with Moses and sayde: I knowe Aaro thy brother the leuite that he can speake. And morouer behold, he cometh out agaynst the, ad whe he seyth the, he wilbe glad i his hert.

15 And thou shalt speake vnto hi and put the wordes in his mouth, ad I wilbe with thy mouth ad with his mouth, ad will teach you what ye shal do.

16 And he shalbe thy spokesma vnto the people: he shall be thy mouth ad thou shalt be his God.

17 and take this rodd in thy hade, wherwith thou shalt do myracles.

18 And Moses went ad returned to Iethro his father in lawe agayne ad seyde vnto hi: let me goo (I praye the) ad turne agayne vnto my brethern which are in Egipte, that I may se whether they be yet alyue. And Iethro sayde to Moses: goo in peace.

19 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses in Madia: returne agayne in to Egipte for they are dead which wet aboute to kyll the

20 And Moses toke his wife and his sonnes and put them on an asse, and went agayne to Egipte, and toke the rodd of God in his hande.

21 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: when thou art come in to Egipte agayne, se that thou doo all the wondres before Pharao which I haue put in thy hande: but I will harden his herte, so that he shall not let the people goo.

22 And tell Pharao, thus sayth the Lorde: Israel is mine eldest sonne,

23 and therfore sayth vnto the: let my sonne goo, that he may serue me. Yf thou wilt not let hi goo: beholde, I will slee thine eldest sonne.

24 And it chaunced by the waye in the ynne, that the Lorde mett him and wolde haue kylled him.

25 Than Zepora toke a stone ad circumcised hyr sonne and fell at hys fette, and sayde: a bloudy husband art thou vnto me.

26 And he lett him goo. She sayde a bloudy husbonde, because of the circumcision.

27 Than sayde the Lorde vnto Aaron: go mete Moses in the wildernesse. And he went and mett him in the mounte of God and kissed hi

28 And Moses told Aaron all the wordes of the Lorde which he had sent by him, ad all the tokens which he had charged him with all.

29 So went Moses and Aaron and gatherd all the elders of the childern of Israel.

30 And Aaro told all the wordes which the Lorde had spoke vnto Moses, and dyd the myracles in the syght of the people,

31 and the people beleued. And whe they herde that the Lord had visited the children of Israel and had loked vpon their tribulacion, they bowed them selues and worshipped

Chapter 5Edit

1 Then Moses ad Aaro wet and told Pharao, thus sayth the Lorde God of Israel. Let my people goo, that they may kepe holye daye vnto me in the wildernesse.

2 And Pharao answered: what felowe is the Lord, that I shulde heare his voyce for to let Israel goo?

3 I knowe not the Lorde, nether will let Israel goo.And they sayde: the God of the Ebrues hath mett with vs: let vs goo (we praye the) iij. dayes iourney in to the deserte, that we maye sacrifice vnto the Lorde oure God: lest he smyte vs ether with pestilence or with swerde.

4 Then sayde the kinge of Egipte vnto them: wherfore do ye, Moses and Aaron, let the people fro their worke, gett you vnto youre laboure.

5 And Pharao sayde further more: beholde, there is moch people in the londe, and ye make them playe and let their worke stonde.

6 And Pharao commaunded the same daye vnto the taskemasters ouer the people and vnto the officers saynge:

7 se that ye geue the people no moare strawe to make brycke with all as ye dyd in tyme passed: let them goo and gather them strawe them selues,

8 and the nombre of bricke which they were wont to make in tyme passed, laye vnto their charges also, and minysh nothinge therof. For they be ydill ad therfore crye saynge: let vs goo and do sacrifice vnto oure God.

9 They must haue more worke layed vpon them, that they maye laboure theryn, and than will they not turne them selues to false wordes.

10 Than went the taskemasters of the people and the officers out and tolde the people saynge: thus sayeth Pharao: I will geue you no moare strawe,

11 but goo youre selues ad gather you strawe where ye can fynde it, yet shall none of youre laboure be minyshed.

12 Than the people scatered abrode thorowe out all the lande of Egipte for to gather them stubyll to be in stead of strawe.

13 And the taskemasters hastied the forward sayng: fulfill youre werke daye by daye, eue as when strawe was geuen you.

14 And the officers of the childern of Israel which Pharaos taskmasters had sett ouer them, were beaten. And it was sayde vnto them: wherfore haue ye not fulfilled youre taske in makinge brycke, both yesterdaye and to daye, as well as in tymes past.

15 Than went the officers of the childern of Israel ad complayned vnto Pharao saynge: wherfore dealest thou thus with thy servauntes?

16 there is no strawe geuen vnto thy servauntes, and yet they saye vnto vs: make brycke. And loo, thy servauntes ar beaten, and thy people is foule intreated.

17 And he answered: ydill are ye ydill and therfore ye saye: let vs goo ad do sacrifice vnto the Lorde.

18 Goo therfore and worke, for there shall no strawe be geuen you, and yet see that ye delyuer the hole tale of brycke.

19 when the officers of the childern of Israel sawe them silfe in shrode case (in that he sayde ye shall minysh nothinge of youre dalye makige of brycke)

20 than they mett Moses and Aaro stondinge in there waye as they came out fro Pharao,

21 and sayde vnto them: The Lorde loke vnto you and iudge, for ye haue made the sauoure of vs stincke in the sighte of Pharao and of his servauntes, and haue put a swerde in to their handes to slee vs.

22 Moses returned vnto the Lorde and sayde: Lorde wherfore dealest thou cruelly with this people: and wherfore hast thou sent me?

23 For sence I came to Pharao to speke in thy name, he hath fared foull with this folke, ad yet thou hast not delyuered thy people at all.

Chapter 6Edit

1 Then the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Now shalt thou see what I will doo vnto Pharao, for with a myghtie hande shall he let them goo, and with a mightye hande shall he dryue them out of hys lande.

2 And God spake vnto Moses sayng vnto him: I am the Lorde,

3 and I appeared vnto Abraham, Isaac and Iacob an allmightie God: but in my name Iehouah was I not knowne vnto them.

4 Moreouer I made an appoyntment with them to geue them the londe of Canaa: the londe of their pilgremage wherin they were straungers.

5 And I haue also herde the gronyng of the childern of Israel, because the Egiptians kepe them in bondage, ad haue remembred my promysse

6 wherfore saye vnto the childern of Israel: I am the Lorde, and will brynge you out from vnder the burdens of the Egiptians, and wyll rydd you out of their bondage, and wyll delyuer you wyth a stretched out arme and wythe great iudgementes.

7 And I wil take you for my people and wilbe to you a God. And ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde youre God which bringe you out from vnder the burthens of the Egiptians.

8 And I wyll brynge you vnto the londe ouer the which I dyd lyfte vpp my hande to geue it vnto Abraham, Isaac and Iacob, and will geue it vnto you for a possessyon: eue I the Lorde,

9 And Moses tolde the children of Israel euen so: But they harkened not vnto Moses for anguyshe of sprete and for cruell bondage.

10 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge

11 Goo and bydd Pharao kynge of Egipte, that he let the childern of Israel goo out of his londe.

12 And Moses spake before the Lorde saynge: beholde, the childern of Israell herken not vnto me, how than shall Pharao heare me: seynge that I haue vncircumcised lippes.

13 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron and gaue them a charge vnto the childern of Israel ad vnto Pharao kyng of Egipte: to brynge the childern of Israel out of the londe of Egipte.

14 These be the heedes of their fathers housses. The children of Ruben the eldest sonne of Israel are these: Hanoh, Pallu, Hezron, Charmi, these be the housholders of Ruben.

15 The childern of Symeon ar these: Gemuel, Iamin, Ohad, Iachin. Zohar, and Saul the sonne of a Cananytesh wife: these are the kynreddes of Symeon

16 These are the names of the childern of Leui in their generations: Gerson, Kahath and Merari. And Leui lyued an hundred and. xxxvij. yere.

17 The sonnes of Gerson: Libni ad Semei in their kinreddes.

18 The childern of Kahath: Amram, Iesear, Hebron and Vsiel. And Kahath lyued an hundred and .xxxiij. yere.

19 The children of Merari are these: Mahely and Musi: these are the kynreddes of Leui in their generations.

20 And Amram toke Iochebed his nece to wyfe which bare him Aaron and Moses. And Amram lyued an hundred and .xxxvij. yere.

21 The childern of Iezear: Korah, Nepheg and Sichri.

22 The childern of Vsiel: Misael, Elzaphan and Sithri.

23 And Aaron toke Elizaba doughter of Aminadab ad sister of Nahason, to wife: which bare him Nadab, Abehu, Eleazar and Ithamar.

24 The childern of Korah: Assir, Elkana ad Abiassaph: these are the kynreddes of the Korahites.

25 And Eleazar Aarons sonne toke him one of the doughters of Putuel to wife: which bare him Pinehas: these be the principall fathers of the Leuites in their kynreddes.

26 These are that Aaron and Moses to whom the Lord sayde: carie the childern of Israel out of the lond of Egipte, with their armyes.

27 These are that Moses and Aaron whiche spake to Pharao kynge of Egipte, that they myghte brige the childern of Israel out of Egipte.

28 And in the daye whe the Lorde spake vnto Moses in the londe of Egipte,

29 he spake vnto him saynge, I am the Lorde, se that thou speake vnto Pharao the kinge of Egipte all that I saye vnto the.

30 And Moses answered before the Lorde: I am of vncircumcised lippes, howe shall Pharao than geue me audience?

Chapter 7Edit

1 And the Lorde saide vnto Moses: beholde, I haue made the Pharaos God, and Aaron thy brother shal be thy prophete.

2 Thou shalt speake all that I commaunde the and Aaron thy brother shall speake vnto Pharao: that he sende the childern of Israel out of his londe.

3 But I will harden Pharaos hert, that I may multiplie my myracles and my wondres in the land of Egipte.

4 And yet Pharao shall not herken vnto you, that I maye sett myne honde vpon Egipte and brynge out myne armyes, eue my people the childern of Israel out of the lade of Egipte, with great iudgementes.

5 And the Egiptians shall knowe that I am the Lorde when I haue stretched forth my hande vpo Egipte, and haue brought out the childern of Israel from amonge the.

6 Moses and Aaron dyd as the Lorde commaunded them.

7 And Moses was .lxxx. yere olde and Aaron .lxxxiij. when they spake vnto Pharao.

8 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron saynge:

9 when Pharao speaketh vnto you and sayth: shewe a wondre, than shalt thou saye vnto Aaron, take the rodd and cast it before Pharao, and it shall turne to a serpent

10 Than went Moses and Aaro in vnto Pharao, and dyd euen as the Lorde had commaunded. And Aaron cast forth his rodd before Pharao and before his servauntes, and it turned to a serpente.

11 Than Pharao called for the wyse men and enchaunters of Egipte dyd yn lyke maner with there sorcery.

12 And they cast doune euery ma his rodd, ad they turned to serpetes: but Aarons rodd ate vp their roddes:

13 ad yet for all that Pharaos herte was hardened, so that he herkened not vnto the, euen as the Lorde had sayde.

14 Than sayde the Lorde vnto Moses. Pharaos herte is hardened, and he refuseth to let the people goo.

15 Get the vnto Pharao in the mornynge, for he will come vnto the water, and stode thou apon the ryuers brynke agenst he come, and the rodd whiche turned to a serpente take in thine hande.

16 And saye vnto him: the Lorde God of the Hebrues hath sente me vnto the saynge: let my people goo, that they maye serue me in the wildernes: but hither to thou woldest not heare.

17 wherfore thus sayth the Lorde: hereby thou shalt knowe that I am the Lord. Behold, I will smyte with the staffe that is in myne hand apon the waters that are in the ryuer, and they shall turne to bloude.

18 And the fishe that is in the riuer shall dye, and the riuer shall stinke: so that it shall greue the Egiptias to drinke of the water of the ryuer.

19 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saye vnto Aaron: take thy staffe and stretch out thyne hande ouer the waters of Egipte, ouer their streames, ryuers, pondes and all pooles off water, that they maye be bloude, and that there may be bloude in all the lande of Egipte: both in vessells of wodd and also of stone.

20 And Moses and Aaron dyd euen as the Lorde commaunded. And he lifte vp the staffe and smote the waters that were in the riuer, in the syghte of Pharao and in the syghte of his servauntes, and all the water that was in the ryuer, turned in to bloude.

21 And the fish that was in the riuer dyed, and the ryuer stanke: so that the Egiptians coude not drinke of the water of the ryuer. And there was bloude thorowe out all the lande of Egipte.

22 And the Enchaunters of Egipte dyd lyke wyse with their enchauntmentes, so that Pharaos herte was hardened and dyd not regarde them as the Lorde had sayde.

23 And Pharao turned him selfe and went in to his housse, and set not his herte there vnto.

24 And the Egiptians dygged round aboute the ryuer for water to drynke, for they coude not drynke of the water of the ryuer.

25 And it contynued a weke after that the Lorde had smote the ryuer.

Chapter 8Edit

1 The Lorde spake vnto Moses: Goo vnto Pharao and tell him, thus sayeth the Lorde: let my people goo, that they maye serue me.

2 Yf thou wilt not let them goo: beholde I will smyte all thy londe with frogges.

3 And the ryuer shall scrale with frogges, ad they shall come vp and goo in to thine housse and in to thy chaumbre where thou slepest ad vppo thy bedd, and in to the housses of thy servauntes, and vppon thy people, and in to thyne ovens, and vppon thy vitels which thou hast in store

4 And the frogges shall come vpon the and on thy people and apon all thy servauntes.

5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saye vnto Aaron: stretche forth thine hande with thy rodd ouer the stremes, riuers, ad pondes. And bringe vp frogges apon the londe of Egipte

6 And Aaron stretched his hande ouer the water of Egipte, and the frogges came vp ad couered the londe of Egipte.

7 And the sorcerers dyd likewise with theire sorcery, and the frogges came vp apon the lande of Egipte.

8 Then Pharao called for Moses and Aaro and sayde, praye ye vnto the Lorde that he may take awaye the frogges from me and from my people, and I will let the people goo, that they maye sacrifice vnto the Lorde.

9 And Moses sayde vnto Pharao: Appoynte thou the tyme vnto me, when I shall praye for the and thy servauntes ad thy people, to dryue awaye the frogges from the and thy housse, so that they shall remayne but in in the riuer only.

10 And he sayde tomorow. And he sayde: euen as thou hast sayde, that thou mayst knowe that there is none like vnto the Lorde oure God.

11 And the frogges shall departe from the ad from thyne houses and from thy servauntes and from thy people, and shall remayne in the riuer only.

12 And Moses and Aaron went out fro Pharao, and Moses cryed vnto the Lorde apo the apoyntment of frogges which he had made vnto Pharao.

13 And the Lorde dyd accordinge to the saynge of Moses. And the frogges dyed out of the housses, courtes and feldes.

14 And they gathred them to gether vppon heppes: so that the lande stanke of them.

15 But when Pharao sawe that he had rest geuen him, he hardened his herte and herkened not vnto them, as the Lorde had sayde.

16 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Saye vnto Aaro stretch out thy rodd and smyte the dust of the lande that it maye turne to lyse in all the londe of Egipte.

17 And they dyd so. And Aaron stretched out his hande with his rodd and smote the dust of the erth. ad it turned to lyse both in man and beest, so that all the dust of the lande turned to lyse, thorowe out all the lande of Egipte.

18 And the enchaunters assayde lykewyse with their enchauntmentes to brynge forth lyse, but they coude not. And the lyse were both apon man and beest.

19 Then sayde the enchaunters vnto Pharao: it is the fingre of God. Neuerthelater Pharaos herte was hardened and he regarded them not, as the Lorde had sayde.

20 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: ryse vp early in the mornynge and stonde before Pharao, for he will come vnto the water: and saye vnto him, thus sayth the Lorde: let my people goo, that they maye serue me.

21 Yf thou wilt not let my people goo: beholde, I will sende all maner flies both apon the and thy servauntes ad thy people and into thy housses. And the housses of the Egiptians shalbe full of flies, and the grounde where on they are.

22 But I will separate the same daye the londe of Gosan where my people are, so that there shall no flyes be there: that thou mayst knowe that I am the Lorde vppon the erth.

23 And I will put a deuision betwene my people and thine. And euen tomorow shall this myracle be done.

24 And the Lorde dyd euen so: and there came noysom flyes in to the housse of Pharao, and in to his servauntes housses and in to all the lode of Egipte: so that the londe was marred with flyes.

25 Then Pharao sent for Moses and Aaron and sayde: Goo and do sacrifice vnto youre God in the land.

26 And Moses answered: it is not mete so to do, for we must offer vnto the Lorde oure God, that whiche is an abhominatyon vnto the Egiptians: beholde, shall we sacrifice that which is an abhominacion vnto the Egiptians before their eyes, and shall they not stone vs?

27 we will therfore goo. iij. dayes yournay in to the deserte and sacrifice vnto the Lord oure God as he hath comaunded vs.

28 And Pharao sayde: I will late you goo, that ye maye sacrifice vnto the Lorde youre God in the wildernes: only goo not ferrre awaye, ad se that ye praye for me.

29 And Moses sayde: beholde, I will goo out from the and praye vnto the Lorde, and the flyes shall departe fro Pharao and from his servauntes and from his people tomorow. But let Pharao from hece forth desceaue no moare, that he wolde not lett the people goo to sacrifice vnto the Lorde.

30 And Moses went out from Pharao and prayed vnto the Lorde.

31 And the Lorde dyd as Moses had saide: ad toke awaye the flies fro Pharao and from his servauntes ad from hys people, so that there remayned not one.

32 But for all that, Pharao hardened his herte euen then also and wolde not let the people goo,

Chapter 9Edit

1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses, goo vnto Pharao and tell him, thus sayeth the Lorde God of the Ebrues: sende out my people that they maye serue me.

2 Yf thou wilt not let them goo but wilt holde them styll:

3 beholde, the hande of the Lorde shalbe apo thy catell which thou hast in the feld apon horses asses, camels, oxen, and shepe, with a mightye great morrayne.

4 But the Lorde shall make a deuysion betwene the beestes of the Israhelites, ad the beestes of the Egiptias: so that there shal nothing dye of all that perteyneth to the children of Israel.

5 And the Lorde appoynted a tyme saynge: tomorow the Lorde shall do this thinge in the londe.

6 And the Lorde dyd the thinge on the morow, and all the catell of Egipte dyed: but of the catell of the childern of Israel dyed not one.

7 And Pharao sent to wete: but ther was not one of the catell of the Israhelites dead. Notwithstondinge the hert of Pharao hardened, and he wolde not let the people goo.

8 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses and Aaron: take youre handes full of asshes out of the fornace, and let Moses sprynkel it vp in to the ayre in the syghte of Pharao,

9 and it shall turne to dust in all the londe of Egipte, and shal make swellynge soores with blaynes both on ma and beest in all the londe of Egipte.

10 And they toke asshes out of the fornace, and stode before Pharao, ad Moses sprynkeld it vp in to the ayre: And there brake out soores with blaynes both in ma and beest:

11 so that the sorcerers coude not stonde before Moses, by the reason of botches on the enchaunters and apon all the Egiptians,

12 But the Lorde hardened the herte of Pharao, that he herkened not vnto them, as the Lorde had sayde vnto Moses.

13 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: ryse vp early in the mornynge and stonde before Pharao and tell him, thus sayth the Lorde God of the Ebrues: Let my people goo, that they may serue me,

14 or els I will at this tyme sende all my plages apon thine herte and apon thy servauntes and on thy people, that thou mayst knowe that there is none lyke me in all the erth.

15 For now I will stretch out my hande and will smyte the and thy people with pestilence: so that thou shalt perisshe from the erth.

16 Yet in very dede for this cause haue I sterred the vpp, for to shewe my power in the, and to declare my name thorow out all the worlde.

17 Yf it be so that thou stoppest my people, that thou wilt not let them goo:

18 beholde, tomorow this tyme I will send doune a mightie great hayle: eue soch one as was not in Egipte sence it was grounded vnto this tyme.

19 Sende therfore and fet home thy beestes and al that thou hast in the felde, For apon all the men and beestes which are founde in the felde ad not broughte home, shall the hayle fall, ad they shall dye

20 And as many as feared the worde of the Lorde among the servauntes of Pharao made their servauntes ad their beestes flee to house:

21 and they that regarded not the worde of the Lorde, left their servauntes and their beestes in the felde.

22 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: stretche forth thine hande vnto heauen, that there may be hayle in all the lande of Egipte: apo ma ad beest, ad apo all the herbes of the felde in the feld of Egipte.

23 And Moses stretched out his rodd vnto heauen, and the Lorde thondered and hayled so that the fyre ran a longe vppon the grounde. And the Lorde so hayled in the lode of Egipte,

24 that there was hayle ad fyre megled with the hayle, so greuous, that there was none soch in all the londe of Egipte, sence people inhabited it.

25 And the hayle smote in the londe of Egipte all that was in the felde: both man and beest And the hayle smote all the herbes of the feld and broke all the trees of the felde:

26 only in the lande of Gosan where the childern of Israell were, was there no hayle.

27 And Pharao sent ad called for Moses and Aaron, and sayde vnto the: I haue now synned, the Lorde is rightwes and I and my people are weked.

28 Praye ye vnto the Lorde, that the thonder of God and hayle maye cease, and I will let you goo, and ye shall tarie no longer.

29 And Moses sayde vnto him: assoone as I am out of the citie, I will sprede abrode my handes vnto the Lorde, and the thunder shall ceasse, nether shall there be any moare hayle: that thou mayst knowe, howe that the erth ys the Lordes,

30 But I knowe that thou and thy servauntes yet feare not the Lord God.

31 The flaxe ad the barly were smytte, for the barly was shott vp ad the flaxe was boulled:

32 but the whete and the rye were not smeten, for they were late sowne.

33 And Moses went out of the citie fro Pharao ad sprede abrode his handes vnto the Lorde, and the thunder and hayle ceased, nether rayned it any moare vppon the erth.

34 whe Pharao sawe that the rayne and the hayle and thunder were ceased, he synned agayn ad hardened his herte: both he and his servauntes.

35 So was the herte of Pharao hardened, that he wolde not let the childern of Israel goo, as the Lord had sayde by Moses.

Chapter 10Edit

1 The Lorde sayde vnto Moses: goo vnto Pharao, neuerthelesse I haue hardened his harte and the hertes of his servauntes, that I mighte shewe these my sygnes amongest the

2 and that thou tell in the audience of thy sonne and of thy sonnes sonne, the pagiantes which I haue played in Egipte ad the miracles which I haue done amonge them: that ye may knowe how that I am the Lorde.

3 Than Moses ad Aaron went in vnto Pharao and sayde vnto him: thus sayth the Lorde God of the Hebrues: how longe shall it be, or thou wilt submyt thy selfe vnto me? Let my people goo that they maye serue me.

4 Yf thou wilt not let my people goo: beholde, tomorow will I brynge greshoppers in to thy lande,

5 and they shall couer the face of the erth that it can not be sene, ad they shall eate the residue which remayneth vnto you and escaped the hayle and they shall eate all youre grene trees vpon the felde,

6 and they shall fill thy housses and all thy servauntes housses, and the housses of all the Egiptias after soch a maner: as nether thy fathers nor thy fathers fathers haue sene, sence the tyme they were apon the erthe vnto thys daye. And he turned him silfe aboute, ad went out from Pharao.

7 And Pharaos servauntes sayde vnto hym: Howe longe shall this felowe thus plage vs? Let the men goo that they maye serue the Lorde their God, or els wilt thou see Egipte first destroyed?

8 And than Moses and Aaron were broughte agayn vnto Pharao, and he sayde vnto them: Goo and serue the Lorde youre God but who are they that shall goo?

9 And Moses answered: we must goo with yonge and olde: ye and with oure sonnes and with oure doughters, ad with oure shepe and oxe must we goo For we must holde a feast vnto the Lorde.

10 And he sayde vnto them: shall it be soo? The Lorde be with you, shulde I lett you goo, and youre childern also? Take heede, for ye haue some myschefe in honde.

11 Nay not so: but goo ye that are men and serue the Lorde, for that was youre desyre. And they thrust the out of Pharaos presence.

12 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Stretch out thine hande ouer the lande of Egipte for greshoppers, that they come apon the lande of Egipte and eate all the herbes of the londe, ad all that the hayle left vntouched.

13 And Moses stretched forth his rodd ouer the londe off Egipte, ad the Lorde brought an east wynde vppo the lande, all that daye and all nyghte. And in the mornynge the east wynde broughte the greshoppers,

14 ad the greshoppers wet vp ouer all the lande of Egipte and lighted in all quarters off Egipte verye greuously: so that before them were there no soch greshoppers, nether after them shal be.

15 And they couered all the face of the erth, so that the londe was darke therwith. And they ate all the herbes of the lande and all the frutes of the trees which the hayle had lefte: so that there was no grene thinge lefte in the trees and herbes of the felde thorow all the lande of Egipte.

16 Then Pharao called for Moses and Aaro in haste and sayde: I haue synned agaynst the Lorde youre God and agaynst you.

17 Forgeue me yet my synne only this once, and pray vnto the Lorde youre God that he maye take away fro me this deth only.

18 And he wet out fro Pharao ad prayd vnto the Lorde,

19 ad the Lord turned the wynde in to a myghtie stronge west wynde, and it toke awaye the greshoppers and cast the in to the reed see: so that there was not one greshopper left in all the costes of Egipte

20 But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wold not let the childern off Israel goo

21 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Stretch out thy hond vnto heaue ad let there be darcknesse vppon the londe of Egipte: eue that thei maye feale the darcknesse.

22 And Moses stretched forth his hande vnto heaue, ad there was a darke myst vppo all the lande off Egipte. iij dayes longe

23 so that no ma sawe another nether rose vp fro the place where he was by the space of .iij. dayes, but all the childre of Israel had lighte where they dwelled.

24 Then Pharao called for Moses and sayde: goo and serue the Lorde, only let youre shepe. and youre oxen abyde, but let youre childern go with you.

25 And Moses answered: thou must geue vs also offringes and burntoffringes for to sacrifice vnto the Lord oure God,

26 Oure catell therfore shall goo with vs, and there shall not one hooffe be left behinde, for therof must we take to serue the Lorde oure God. Moreouer we ca not knowe wherwith we shall serue the Lorde, vntyll we come thither.

27 But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wold not let the goo.

28 And Pharao sayde vnto him: get the fro me ad take heade to thy selfe that thou see my face no moare, For whesoeuer thou comest in my syghte, thou shalt dye.

29 And Moses saide: let it be as thou hast sayde: I will see thy face no moare.

Chapter 11Edit

1 And the Lord sayde vnto Moses: yet wil I brynge one plage moare vppon Pharao and vppon Egipte, and after that he wyll lett you goo hence. And when he letteth you goo, he shall vtterly dryue you hence.

2 But byd the people that euery man borowe of his neghbour and euery woman of hir neghbouresse: iewels off syluer and iewels of golde.

3 And the Lorde gatt the people fauoure in the syghte of the Egiptians. Moreouer Moses was very great in the lande of Egipte: both in the syghte of Pharao, and also in the syghte of the people.

4 And Moses sayde: thus sayth the Lorde. Aboute mydnyghte will I goo out amonge the Egiptians,

5 and all the firstborne in the land of Egipte shall dye: euen from the firstborne off Pharao that sitteth on his seate, vnto the firstborne of the maydeservaunte that is in the mylle, and all the firstborne of the catell.

6 And there shall be a great crye thorow out all the lande off Egipte: so that there was neuer none lyke nor shall be.

7 And among all the childern of Israel shall not a dogg move his tongue, nor yet man or beest: that ye may knowe, how the Lorde putteth a difference betwene the Egiptias and Israel.

8 And all these thy servauntes shal come downe vnto me, and fall before me ad saye get the out and all the people that are vnder the, and than will I departe. And he went out from Pharao in a great anger.

9 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Pharao shall not regarde you, that many wondres may be wrought in the lande of Egipte,

10 And Moses ad Aaro dyd all these wondres before Pharao. But the Lorde hardened Pharaos herte, so that he wolde not let the childern of Israel goo out of his londe.

Chapter 12Edit

1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses and Aaron in the londe of Egipte saynge:

2 This moneth shall be youre chefe moneth: eue the first moneth of the yere shal it be vnto you

3 Speake ye unto all the felowshipe of Israel saynge: that they take the .x. daye of this moneth to euery housholde, a shepe.

4 Yf the housholde be to few for a shepe, then lett him and his neghbour that is nexte vnto his house, take acordinge to the nombre of soulles, and counte vnto a shepe acordinge to euery mans eatinge.

5 A shepe with out spott and a male of one yere olde shall it be, and from amonge the lambes ad the gootes shall ye take it.

6 And ye shall kepe him in warde, vntyll the xiiij. daye of the same moneth. And euery ma of the multitude of Israel shall kyll him aboute eue.

7 And they shall take of the bloud ad strike it on the .ij. syde postes ad on the vpper dor post of the houses, wheri they eate hi.

8 And thei shall eate the flesh the same nyght, rost with fyre, ad with vnleueded bread, ad with sowre herbes they shall eate it.

9 Se that ye eate not therof sode in water, but rost with fyre: both head fete ad purtenance together.

10 And se that ye let nothinge of it remayne vnto the mornynge: yf oughte remayne burne it with fyre.

11 Off this maner shall ye eate it: with youre loines girded, ad shoes on youre fete, ad youre staves in youre handes. And ye shall eate it in haste, for it is the Lordes passeouer,

12 for I will go aboute i the lade of Egipte this same nyghte, ad will smyte all the firstborne in the lande off Egipte: both of ma ad beest, ad apo al the goddes off Egipte will I the Lorde do execution.

13 And the bloude shall be vnto you a toke vppon the houses where in ye are, for whe I se the bloude, I will passe ouer you, ad the plage shall not be vppo you to destroye you, when I smyte the londe off Egipte.

14 And this daye shall be vnto you a remebraunce, ad ye shall kepe it holie vnto the Lorde: euen thorow out youre generacions after you shall ye kepe it holie daye, that it be a custome for euer.

15 vij. dayes shal ye eate vnleveded breed, so that euen the first daye ye shall put awaye leuen out off youre housses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bread from the first daye vntyll the .vij. daye, that soule shall be plucked out fro Israel.

16 The first daye shall be a holie feast vnto you, and the .vij. also. There shal be no maner off worke done in the, saue aboute that only which euery man must eate that only may ye do.

17 And see that ye kepe you to vnleueded breed.For vppo that same daye I will brynge youre armyes out off the londe of Egipte, therfore ye shall obserue this daye and all youre childern after you, that yt be a custume for euer.

18 The first moneth and the .xiiij. daye off the moneth at euen, ye shall eate swete brede vnto the .xxj. daye off the moneth at euen agayne.

19 Seuen dayes se that there be no leuended bred foude in youre housses. For whosoeuer eateth leuended bred, that soule shall be roted out fro the multitude of Israel: whether he be a straunger or borne in the londe.

20 Therfore se that ye eate no leuended bred, but in all youre habitacions eate swete bred.

21 And Moses called for the elders off Israel and sayde vnto them: chouse out and take to euery housholde a shepe, ad kyll passeouer.

22 And take a bunch of ysope, ad dyppe it in the bloud that is in the basyn, and stryke it vppon the vpperposte and on the .ij. syde postes, and se that none of you goo out at the doore of his house vntyll the mornynge.

23 For the Lorde will goo aboute and smyte Egipte. And when he seyth the bloude vppon the vpper doorposte ad on the .ij. syde postes, he will passe ouer the doore and will not suffre the destroyer to come in to youre housse to plage you.

24 Therfore se that thou obserue this thinge, that it be an ordinaunce to the, and thy sonnes for euer.

25 And when ye be come in to the land which the Lorde will geue you acordinge as he hath promysed, se that ye kepe this seruice.

26 And when youre childern axe you what maner off seruice is this ye doo.

27 Ye shall saye, it is the sacrifiice of the Lordes passeouer which passed ouer the housses of the childern of Israel in Egipte, as he smote the Egiptians and saued oure housses. Than the people bowed them selues and worshipped.

28 And the childern of Israel went and dyd as the Lorde had commauded Moses and Aaron.

29 And at mydnyghte the Lorde smote all the firstborne in the lode of Egipte: from the firstborne of Pharao that satt on his seat, vnto the firstborne of the captyue that was in presone, and all firstborne of the catell.

30 Than Pharao arose the same nyghte and al his servauntes ad all the Egiptians, and there was a great crieng thorowe out Egipte, for there was no housse where there was not one dead.

31 And he called vnto Moses and Aaron by nyghte saynge: Ryse vp and gett you out from amonge my people: both ye and also the children of Israel, and goo and serue the Lorde as ye haue sayde.

32 And take youre shepe and your oxen with you as ye haue sayde, ad departe ad blesse me also.

33 And the Egiptians were ferce vppon the people and made haste to send the out of the lad: for they sayde: we be al deed me

34 And the people toke the dowe before it was sowered which they had in stoare, and bounde it in clothes ad put it vpo their shulders

35 And the childern of Israel dyd acordinge to the saynge of Moses: ad they borowed of the Egiptians: iewels of syluer, and iewels of gold, and rayment.

36 And the Lorde gat the people fauoure in the syghte of the Egiptians: ad so they borowed and robbed the Egiptians.

37 Thus toke the childern of Israel their yourney fro Raemses to suchoth .vj. hundred thousand me of foote, besyde childern.

38 And moch comon people went also with the, ad shepe ad oxen ad catell exceadinge moch.

39 And they baked swete cakes of the dowe which thy broughte out of Egipte, for it was not sowered: because they were thrust out of Egipte and coude not tarie, nether had they prepared them any other prouision of meate.

40 And the tyme of the dwellinge of the childern of Israel which they dwelled in Egipte, was .iiij. hundred and .xxx. yere.

41 And whe the iiij. hundred and .xxx. yeres mere expyred, eue the selfe same daye departed all the hostes of the Lorde out of the lande of Egipte.

42 This is a nyghte to be obserued to the Lorde, because he broughte them out of the lande of Egipte. This is a nyghte of the Lorde, to be kepte of all the childern of Israel and of their generacions after them.

43 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses ad Aaron, this is the maner of Passeover: there shall no straunger eate there of,

44 but all the seruauntes that are bought for money shall ye circumcise, and then let them eat there of.

45 A strauger and a hyerd seruaunte shall not eate thereof.

46 In one housse shall it be eate. Ye shall carie none of the flesh out at the doores: moreouer, se that ye breke not a bone there of.

47 All the multitude of the childern of Israel shall obserue it

48 Yf a straunger dwell amonge you ad wyll holde Passeover vnto the Lorde, let him circucise all that be males, ad the let him come and obserue it ad be take as one that is borne i the lode. No vncircucised persone shall eate there of.

49 One maner of lawe shalbe vnto the that are borne in the lode, ad vnto the straugers that dwell amoge you.

50 And all the childern of Israel dyd as the Lorde comauded Moses ad Aaro.

51 And eue the selfe same daye dyd the Lorde brynge the childern of Israel out of the londe of Egipte with their armies.

Chapter 13Edit

1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

2 sanctifie vnto me all the firstborne that ope all maner matrices amoge the childern of Israel, as well of me as of beestes: for they are myne.

3 And Moses sayde vnto the people: thike on thys daye i which ye came out of Egipte and out of the housse of bondage: for with a myghtie hade the Lorde broughte you out fro thece. Se therfore that ye eate no leuended bred.

4 This daye come ye out of Egipte in the moneth of Abib.

5 whe the Lorde hath broughte the i to the lode of the Canaanites, Hethites, Amorites, Heuites ad Iebusites, which he sware vnto thi fathers that he wolde geue the: a londe where in milke ad honye floweth, the se that thou kepe this servyce in this same moneth.

6 Seue dayes thou shalt eate swete bred, ad the .vij. daye shalbe feastfull vnto the Lorde.

7 Therfore thou shalt eate swete bred .vij. dayes, and se that there be no leuended bred sene nor yet leue amonge you in all youre quarters.

8 And thou shalt shewe thy sonne at that tyme saynge: this is done, because of that which the Lorde dyd vnto me when I came out of Egipte.

9 Therfore it shall be a signe vnto the vppon thine hande and a remembraunce betwene thine eyes, that the Lordes lawe maye be in thy mouth. For with a stronge hade the Lorde broughte the out of Egipte,

10 se thou kepe therfore this ordinauce in his season from yere to yere.

11 Moreouer when the Lorde hath broughte the in to the londe of the Canaanytes, as he hath sworne vnto the and to thi fathers, and hath geuen it the,

12 the thou shalt appoynte vnto the Lorde all that openeth the matrice, and all the firstborne among the beestes which thou hast yf they be males.

13 And all the firstborne of the asses, thou shalt redeme with a shepe: yf thou redeme him not, then breake hys necke. But all the firstborne amonge thi childern shalt thou bye out.

14 And when thi sonne axeth the in tyme to come saynge: what is this? thou shalt saye vnto him: with a mightie hande the Lorde broughte us out of Egipte, out of the housse of bondage.

15 And when Pharao was looth to lete us goo, the Lorde slewe all the firstborne in the lande of Egipte: as well the firstborne of men as of beastes. And therfore I sacrifice vnto the Lorde all the males that open the matrice, but all the firstborne of my childern I must redeme.

16 And this shall be as a token in thine hande, and as a thinge hanged vpp betwene thine eyes: because the Lorde broughte us out of Egipte with a mightie hande.

17 when Pharao had let the people goo, God caried them not thorow the londe of the Philistines, though it were a nye waye. For God sayde: the people myghte happly repent when they se warre, and so turne agayne to Egipte:

18 therfore God led the aboute thorow the wyldernesse that bordreth on the redd see. The childern of Israel went harnessed out of the lade of Egipte.

19 And Moses toke the bones of Ioseph with him: for he made the childern of Israel swere saynge: God will surely vyset you, take my bones therfore away hence with you,

20 And they toke their iorney from Suchoth: and pitched their tentes in Etham in the edge of the wyldernesse.

21 And the Lorde went before them by daye in a piler of a cloude to lede them the waye: and by nyghte in a piler of fyre to geue the lighte: that they myghte goo both by day ad nyghte.

22 And the piler of the cloude neuer departed by daye nor the piler of fyre by nyghte out of the peoples sighte.

Chapter 14Edit

1 Than the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

2 byd the childern of Israel that they turne and pytch their tentes before the entrynge of Hiroth betwene Migdole and the se toward Baal zephon: euen before that shall ye pytch apon the see.

3 For Pharao will saye of the childern of Israel: they are tagled in the lod the wildernesse hath shott the in.

4 And I will harde his harte, that he shall folowe after the, that I maye gett me honoure vppo Pharao ad vppo all his hoste, that the Egiptians maye knowe that I am the Lorde. And they dyd euen so.

5 And whe it was tolde the kynge of Egipte that the people fled, tha Pharaos harte and all his seruautes turned vnto the people ad. sayde why haue we this done, that we haue let Israel go out of oure seruyce?

6 and he made redie his charettes ad toke his people with hym

7 ad toke vi. hudred chosen charettes ad all the charettes of Egipte ad captaynes vppo all his people.

8 For the Lorde hardened the harte of Pharao kynge of Egipte, that he folowed after the childern of Israel which for all that went out thorow an hye hade,

9 And the Egiptias folowed after the ad ouertoke the where they pitched by the see, with all the horsses ad charettes of Pharao ad with his horsseme ad his hoste: eue fast by the entrynge of Hiroth before Baal Zephon.

10 And Pharao drewe nye, ad whe the childern of Isreal lyft vp their eyes and sawe how the Egiptias folowed after the, they were sore a fraide ad cried out vnto the Lorde

11 Tha sayde they vnto Moses? were there no graues for us in Egipte, but thou must bringe us awaye for to dye in the wyldernesse? wherfore hast thou serued us thus, for to carie us out of Egipte?

12 Dyd not we tell the this in Egipte saynge, let us be in rest and serue the Egiptians? For it had bene better for us to haue serued the Egiptians, than for to dye in the wildernesse.

13 And Moses sayde vnto the people: feare ye not but stonde still and beholde how the Lorde shall saue you this daye: For as ye se the Egiptians this daye, shall ye see them nomore for euer till the worldes ende.

14 The Lorde shall fighte for you and ye shall holde youre peace.

15 The Lorde sayde vnto Moses: wherfore criest thou vnto me? speake vnto the childern of Israel that they goo forwarde.

16 But lifte thou vp thi rodd and stretch out thi hande ouer the see and deuyde it a sondre, that the childern of Israel may goo on drye groude thorow the myddest thereof.

17 And beholde I will harden the hertes of the Egiptians that they maye folowe you. And I will gett me honoure vpon Pharao and vpon all his hoste, vpon his charettes ad vpon his horse me.

18 And the Egiptians shall knowe that I am the Lord whan I haue gotten me honoure vpo Pharao vpon his charettes and vpon his horsemen.

19 And the angell of God which went before the hoste of Israel, remoued ad went behinde them. And the cloudepiler that was before them remoued ad stode behinde them

20 ad wet betwene the hoste of the Egiptians ad the hoste of Israel. Yt was a darke clowde, and gaue lighte by nyghte: so that all the nyghte long the one coude not come at the other.

21 when now Moses stretched forth his honde ouer the see, the Lorde caried awaye the see with a stronge east wynde that blewe all nyghte, and made the see drie londe ad the water deuyded it silfe.

22 And the childern of Israel went in thorow the myddest of the see vppon the drie grounde. And the water was a walle vnto them, both on their righthande ad on their lefte hande.

23 And the Egiptians folowed ad went in after them to the myddest of the see, with all Pharaos horses, and his charettes and his horssemen.

24 And in the mornynge watch, the Lorde loked vnto the hoste of the Egiptias out of the fyery and clowdie piler, and troubled their hoste

25 and smote of their charett wheles and cast them doune to the grounde. Than sayde the Egiptians: Let vs fle from Israel, for the Lorde fyghteth for them agaynst vs.

26 Than sayde the Lorde vnto Moses: stretch out thine hand ouer the see, that the water maye come agayne vppo the Egiptians vppon their charettes ad horsemen.

27 Than stretched forth Moses his hande ouer the see, and it came agayne to his course erly i the mornig, ad the Egiptias fledd agaynst it. Thus the Lorde ouerthrewe the Egiptians in the middest of the see,

28 ad the water returned and couered the charettes and the houseme: so that of all the hoste of Pharao that came in to the see after them, there remayned not one.

29 But the children of Israel went vpon drie lode in the myddest of the see, ad the water was a walle vnto them: both on the righte hand of them and also on the lifte.

30 Thus the Lorde delyuered Israel the selfe same daye out of the honde of the Egiptians, and Israell sawe the Egiptians deade vpo the see syde.

31 And when Israel sawe that myghtye hande which the Lorde had shewed vppo the Egiptians, they feared the Lorde: and beleued both the Lorde and also his servaunte Moses

Chapter 15Edit

1 Then Moses and the childern off Israel sange this songe vnto the Lord ad saide Let vs synge vnto the Lorde, for he is become glorious, the horse and him that rode vpon him hath he ouerthrowne in the see.

2 The Lorde is my strength ad my songe, ad is become my saluation.He is my God and I will glorifie him, he is my fathers God and I will lifte him vp an hie

3 The Lorde is a ma off warre, Iehouah ys his name:

4 Pharaos charettes ad his hoste hath he cast in to the see.His iolye captaynes are drowned in the red see,

5 the depe waters haue couered them: thei soncke to the botome as a stone.

6 Thine hande Lorde is glorious in power, thine had Lord hath all to dashed the enemye.

7 And with thy great glorie thou hast destroyed thine aduersaries, thou sentest forth thy wrath ad it consumed them: eue as stobell.

8 with the breth off thine anger the water gathered together and the flodes stode fiyll as a rocke ad the depe water congeled together in the myddest off the see.

9 The enymye sayde, I will folowe and ouertake the ad will deuyde the spoyle: I will satysfie my lust apon the: I will drawe my swerde and myne hande shall destroye them.

10 Thou bluest with thy breth ad the see couered the, and they sanke as leed in the myghtye waters.

11 who is like vnto the o Lord amoge goddes: who is like the so glorious in holynes feerfull, laudable ad that shewest wondres?

12 Thou stretchedest out thy righte hande. ad the erth swalowed them.

13 And thou cariedest with thy mercie this people which thou deliueredest, ad broughtest the with thy strength vnto thy holie habitacion.

14 The nations herde ad were afrayde, pages came vpon the Philistines.

15 Tha the dukes of the Edomites were amased, ad treblinge came apon the myghtiest off the Moabites, and all the inhabiters of Canaa waxed faynte harted.

16 Let feare and dreade fall apon the thorow the greatnesse off thyne arme, and let them be as styll as a stone, while thy people passe thorow o Lorde while the people passe thorowe, which thou hast goten.

17 Brynge them in and plante them in the mountayns of thine enherytauce, the place Lorde whyche thou hast made for the to dweld in the sanctuarye Lorde which thy handes haue prepared.

18 The Lorde raygne euer and allwaye.

19 For Pharao wet in an horsebacke wyth his charettes and horsemen in to the see, and the Lorde broughte the waters of the see apo the. And the childern of Israel went on drie lande thorow the myddest of the see.

20 And mir I am a prophetisse the sister of Aaron toke a tymbrell in hir hande, and all the wemen came out after her with tymbrells in a daunse.

21 And mir I am sange before them: syng ye vnto the Lorde, for he is become glorious in deade: the horse and his ryder hath he ouerthrowne in the see.

22 Moses broughte Israel from the redd see, ad they went out in to the wildernesse of Sur. And they went thre dayes longe in the wildernesse ad coude finde no water.

23 At the last they came to Mara: but they coude not drynke off the waters for bitternesse, for they were better. therfore the name of the place was called Mara.

24 Then the people murmured agaynst Moses saynge: what shall we drinke?

25 And Moses cried vnto the Lorde and he shewed him a tre: and he cast it in to the water, and they waxed swete.There he made them an ordinaunce and a lawe, and there he tempted them

26 and saide: Yf ye will herken vnto the voyce of the Lord youre God, and will do that which is righte in his syght and will geue an eare vnto his comaudmentes, and kepe all his ordinaunces: tha will I put none of this diseases apon the whiche I brought vpon the Egiptias: for I am the Lorde thy surgione.

27 And they came to Elim where were .xij welles of water and .lxx. date trees, and they pitched there by the water.

Chapter 16Edit

1 And they toke their yourney fro Elim, and all the hole copanye of the childern of Israell came to the wildernesse of Sin, which lieth betwene Elim ad Sinai: the .xv. daye of the seconde moneth after that they were come out of the lande of Egipte.

2 And the hole multitude of the childern of Israel murmured agaynst Moses ad Aaro in the wildernesse

3 and sayde vnto them: wold to God we had dyed by the hande of the Lorde in the lande of Egipte, when we satt by the flessh pottes and ate bred oure belies full for ye haue broughte vs out in to this wildernesse to kyll this hole multitude for honger.

4 Than sayde the Lorde vnto Moses: beholde, I will rayne bred fro heaue doune to you, ad let the people goo out ad gather daye by daye, that I maye proue the whether they wil walke in my lawe or no.

5 The .vj. daye let the prepare that which they will brige in, ad let it be twise as moch as they gather in dayly.

6 And Moses ad Aaro sayde vnto all the childere of Israel: at euen he shall knowe that it is the Lorde, which broughte you out of the lade of Egipte

7 ad in the mornynge ye shall se the glorie of the Lorde: because he hath herde youre grudgynges agaynst the Lorde: for what are we that ye shuld murmure against vs.

8 And moreouer spake Moses. At eue the Lorde will geue you flesh to eate ad in the mornynge bred ynough, because the Lord hath herde youre murmur whiche ye murmur agaynst hi: for what ar we? youre murmurynge is not agaynst vs, but agaynst the Lorde.

9 And Moses spake vnto Aaro: Say vnto all the copanye of the childere of Israel, come forth before the Lorde, for he hath herde youre grudgiges.

10 And as Aaro spake vnto the hole multitude of the childere of Israel, they loked toward the wilderuesse: ad beholde, the glorie of the Lord apeared i a clowde.

11 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayng:

12 I haue herde the murmurig of the childre of Israel, tell the therfore ad saye that at eue they shall eate flesh, ad i the morninge they shall be filled with bred, ad ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde youre god

13 And at eue the quayles came ad couered the groude where they laye. And in the mornynge the dewe laye rounde aboute the hoste.

14 And whe the dewe was falle: behold, it laye apo the grounde in the wildernesse, small ad roude ad thyn as the hore frost on the groude.

15 when the childre of Israel sawe it, they sayde one to another: what is this? for they wist not what it was And Moses sayde: this is the breed which the Lorde hath geue you to eate.

16 This is the thinge which the Lord hath comauded, that ye gather euery ma ynough for hi to eate: a gomer full for a ma acordige to the nobre off you, ad gather euery ma for the which are in his tente.

17 And the childern of Israel dyd euen so, ad gathered some more some lesse,

18 and dyd mete it with a gomer. And vnto him that had gathered moch remayned nothinge ouer, ad vnto hi that had gathered litle was there no lacke: but euery ma had gathered sufficiet for his eatinge.

19 And Moses sayde vnto them. Se that no ma let oughte remayne of it tyll the morninge.

20 Notwithstondinge they harkened not vnto Moses: but some of the lefte of it vntyll the mornynge, and it waxte full of wormes ad stake and Moses was angrie wyth them.

21 And they gathered it all morniges: euery ma as moch as suffised for his eatinge, for as sone as the hete of the sonne came it moulte.

22 And the .vj. daye they gathered twise so moch bred: ij. gomers for one ma, ad the ruelars of the multitude came ad tolde Moses.

23 And he sayde unto the, this is that which the Lorde hath sayde tomorow is the Sabbath of the holie rest of the Lord: bake that which ye will bake ad seth that ye will seth, ad that which remayneth lay vp for you ad kepe it till the mornynge.

24 And they layde it vp till the mornynge as Moses bad ad it stake not nether was there any wormes theri

25 And Moses sayde: that eate this daye: for to daye it is the Lordes Sabbath: to daye ye shal finde none in the feld,

26 Sixte dayes ye shall gather it, for the, vij. is the sabbath: there shal be none there in.

27 Notwithstondinge there went out of the people in the seuenth daye for to gather: but they founde none.

28 The the Lorde seyde vnto Moses: how longe shall it be, yer ye will kepe my comaundmetes ad lawes?

29 Se because the Lorde hath geue you a Sabbath, therfor he geueth you the .vj. daye bred for .ij. dayes. Byde therfore euery ma athome, ad let no ma go out of his place the seuenth daye.

30 And the people rested the seuenth daye.

31 And the housse of Israel called it Man, And it was lyke vnto Coriander seed and white, and the taste of it was lyke vnto wafers made with honye.

32 And Moses sayde: this is that which the Lorde commaundeth: fyll a Gomor of it, that it maye be kepte for youre childern after you: that they maye se the bred wherewith he fedd you in wyldernesse, when he had broughte you out of the lande of Egipte.

33 And Moses spake vnto Aaron: take a cruse and put a Gomer full of man therin, and laye it vppe before the Lorde to be kepte for youre childern after you

34 as the Lorde commaunded Moses. And Aaron layed it vppe before the testimonye there to be kepte.

35 And the childern of Israel ate man .xl. yere vntill they came vnto a lande inhahited. And so they ate Man, euen vntill they came vnto the bordres of the lade of Canaan,

36 And a Gomer is the tenth parte of an Epha.

Chapter 17Edit

1 And all the companye of the childern of Israel went on their iourneys from the wildernesse of Sin at the commaundment of the Lorde, and pitched in Raphidim: where was no water for the people to drynke.

2 And the people chode with Moses and sayde: geue us water to drynke. And Moses sayde vnto them: why chyde ye with me, and wherfore do ye tempte the Lorde?

3 There the people thyrsted for water, and murmured agenst Moses ad sayde: wherfore hast thou broughte us out of Egipte, to kyll us and oure childern and oure catell with thyrste?

4 And Moses cried vnto the Lorde saynge what shal I do vnto this people? they be al most redye to stone me.

5 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: goo before the people, and take with the of the elders of Israel: ad thi rod wherwith thou smotest the riuer, take in thine hande and goo.

6 Beholde, I will stonde there before the vppon a rocke in Horeb: and thou shalt smyte the rocke, ad there shall come water out there of, that the people maye drynke. And Moses dyd euen so before the elders of Israel

7 And he called the name of the place: Massa and Meriba: because of the chidynge of the childern of Israel, and because they tempted the Lorde saynge: ys the Lorde amonge us or not?

8 Then came Amalech ad foughte with Israel in Raphidim.

9 And Moses sayde vnto Iosua: chose out men and goo fighte with Amelech Tomorow I will stonde on the toppe of the hyll and the rodd of God in myne hande.

10 And Iosua dyd as Moses bade him, and foughte with the Amalechites. And Moses, Aaron and Hur went vp to the toppe of the hyll.

11 And when Moses helde vp his hande, Israel had the better. And when he late his hande doune, Amelech had the better.

12 when Moses handes were weery, they toke a stone and put it vnder him, and he satt doune there on. And Aaron and Hur stayed vpp his handes the one on the one syde and the other on the other syde. And his handes were stedie vntill the sonne was doune.

13 And Iosua discomfeted Amalech ad his people with the edge of his swerde.

14 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: write this for a remembraunce in a boke and tell it vnto Iosua, for I will put out the remembraunce of Amalech from vnder heauen.

15 And Moses made an alter ad called the name of it Iehouah Nissi,

16 for he sayde: the hande is on the seate of the Lorde, that the Lorde will haue warre with Amalech thorow out all generations.

Chapter 18Edit

1 Iethro the prest of Madian Moses father in lawe herde of all that God had done vnto Moses and to Israel his people, how that the Lorde had broughte Israel out of Egipte.

2 And he toke Ziphora Moses wyfe, after she was sente backe,

3 and hir .ij. sonnes, of which the one was called Gerson, for he sayde: I haue bene an alient in a straunge lande.

4 And the other was called Eliesar: for the God of my father was myne helpe ad delyuered me from the swerde of Pharao.

5 And Iethro Moses father in lawe came wyth his two sonnes and his wife vnto Moses in to the wildernesse: where he had pitched his tente by the mounte of God.

6 And he sent worde to Moses: I thi father in law Iethro am come to the, and thi wyfe also, and hir two sonnes with her.

7 And Moses went out to mete his father in lawe and dyd obeyssaunce and kyssed him, and they saluted etch other ad came in to the tente.

8 And Moses tolde his father in lawe all that the Lorde had done vnto Pharao and to the Egiptians for Israels sake, and all the trauayle that had happened them by the waye, and how the Lorde had delyuered them.

9 And Iethro reioesed ouer all the good which the Lorde had done to Israel, and because he had delyuered them out of the hande of the Egiptians.

10 And Iethro sayde: blessed be the Lorde which hath delyuered you out of the hande of the Egiptians ad out of the hande of Pharao, which hath delyuered his people from vnder the power of the Egiptians.

11 Now I knowe that the Lorde is greater the all goddes, for because that they dealte prowdly with them.

12 And Iethro Moses father in lawe offred burntoffrynges and sacrifyces vnto God. And Aaron and all the elders of Israel came to eate bred with Moses father in lawe before God.

13 And it chaunched on the morow, that Moses satt to iudge the people, and the people stode aboute Moses from mornynge vnto euen.

14 when his father in lawe sawe all that he dyd vnto the people, he sayde: what is this that thou doest vnto the people? why syttest thou thi self and lettest all the people stonde aboute the fro mornynge vnto euen?

15 And Moses sayde vnto his father in lawe: because the people came vnto me to seke councell of God.

16 For whe they haue a matter, they come vnto me, and I must iudge betwene euery man and his neyboure, and must shewe them the ordinauces of God and his lawes.

17 And his father in lawe sayde vnto him: it is not well that thou dost.

18 Thou doest vnwysely and also this people that is with the: because the thinge is to greuous for the, and thou art not able to do it thi selfe alone.

19 But heare my voyce, and I will geue the councell, and God shalbe with the. Be thou vnto the people to Godwarde, and brynge the causes vnto God

20 and prouyde them ordinaunces and lawes, ad shewe them the waye wherin they must walke and the werkes that they must doo.

21 Morouer seke out amonge all the people, men of actiuite which feare God and men that are true ad hate covetuousnes: and make them heedes ouer the people, captaynes ouer thousandes, ouer hundredes, ouer fyftie, and ouer ten.

22 And let them iudge the people at all seasons: Yf there be any greate matter, let them brynge that vnto the, and let them iudge all small causes them selues, and ease thi selfe, ad let them bere with the.

23 Yf thou shalt doo this thinge, then thou shalt be able to endure that which God chargeth the with all, and all this people shall goo to their places quietly.

24 And Moses herde the voyce of his father in lawe, and dyd all that he had sayde,

25 and chose actyue men out of all Israel and made them heedes ouer the people, captaynes ouer thousandes, ouer hundreds, ouer fiftie and ouer ten

26 And they iudged the people at all seasons, ad broughte the harde causes vnto Moses: and iudged all small maters them selues.

27 And tha Moses let his father in lawe departe, and he went in to his awne londe.

Chapter 19Edit

1 The thyrde moneth after the childern of Israel were gone out of Egipte: the same daye they came in to the wildernesse of Sinai.

2 For they were departed from Raphidim, and were come to the deserte of Sinay and had pitched their tentes in the wildernesse. And there Israel pitched before the mounte.

3 And Moses went vpp vnto God.And the Lorde called to him out of the mountayne saynge: thus saye vnto the housse of Iacob and tell the childern of Israel,

4 ye haue sene what I dyd vnto the Egiptians and how I toke you vpp apon Egles wynges, and haue broughte you vnto my selfe.

5 Now therfore yf ye will heare my voyce and kepe myne appoyntment: ye shall be myne awne aboue all nations, for all the erth is myne.

6 Ye shall be vnto me a kyngdome of preastes and and holie people: these are the wordes which thou shalt saye vnto the childern of Israel.

7 And Moses came and called for the elders of Israel, and layde before them all these wordes which the Lorde had commaunded him.

8 And the people answered all together and sayde: All that the Lorde hath sayde, we will doo. And Moses broughte the wordes of the people vnto the Lorde.

9 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Loo, I will come vnto the in a thicke clowde, that the people maye heare when I talke with the and also beleue the for euer. And Moses shewed the wordes of the people vnto the Lorde

10 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: Go vnto the people and sanctifie them to daye and tomorow, and let them wash their clothes:

11 that they maye be redie agaynst the thyrde daye. For the thyrde daye the Lorde will come doune in the sighte of all the people vpon mounte Sinai.

12 And sett markes rounde aboute the people and saye: beware that ye go not vp in to the mounte and that ye twych not the bordres of it, for whosoeuer twicheth the mounte, shall surely dye

13 There shall not an hande twych it, but that he shall ether be stoned or els shot thorow: whether it be beest or man, it shall not lyue. when the horne bloweth: than let the come vp in to the mounten

14 And Moses went doune from the mounte vnto the people and sanctifyed them, ad they wasshed their clothes:

15 And he sayde vnto the people: be redie agenst the thirde daye, and se that ye come not at youre wiues.

16 And the thirde daye in the mornynge there was thunder, and lightenynge and a thicke clowde apo the mounte, ad the voyce of the horne waxed exceadynge lowde, and all the people that was in the hoste was afrayde.

17 And Moses brought the people out of the tetes to mete with God. and they stode vnder the hyll.

18 And mounte Sinai was all togither on a smoke: because the Lorde descended doune vpon it in fyre. And the smoke therof asceded vp, as it had bene the smoke of a kylle, and all the mounte was exceadinge fearfull.

19 And the voyce of the horne blewe and waxed lowder, ad lowder. Moses spake, ad God answered hi ad that with a voyce.

20 And the Lord came doune vppon mounte Sinai: euen in the toppe of the hyll, ad called Moses vp in to the toppe of the hyll. And Moses went vppe.

21 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: go doune and charge the people that they prease not vp vnto the Lorde for to se hi, ad so many off the perissh.

22 And let the preastes also which come to the Lordes presence, sanctifie them selues: lest the Lorde smyte them,

23 Then Moses sayde vnto the Lorde: the people can not come vp in to mounte Sinai, for thou chargedest vs saynge: sett markes aboute the hyll and sanctifie it.

24 And the Lorde sayde vnto him: awaye, and get the doune: and come vp both thou ad Aaron with the. But let not the preastes and the people presume for to come vp vnto the Lorde: lest he smyte them.

25 And Moses wet doune vnto the people and tolde them.

Chapter 20Edit

1 And God spake all these wordes ad saide:

2 I am the Lorde thy God, which haue brought the out of the londe of Egipte ad out of the house of bondage.

3 Thou shalt haue none other goddes in my syght.

4 Thou shalt make the no grauen ymage, nether any symilitude that is in heauen aboue, ether in the erth beneth, or in the water that ys beneth the erth.

5 Se that thou nether bowe thy sylf vnto them nether serue them: for I the Lorde thy God, am a gelouse God, and viset the synne of the fathers vppon the childern vnto the third and fourth generacion of the that hate me:

6 and yet shewe mercie vnto thousandes amonge them that loue me and kepe my commaundmentes.

7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lorde thy God in vayne, for the Lord wil not holde him giltlesse that taketh his name in vayne.

8 Remebre the Sabbath daye that thou sanctifie it.

9 Sixe dayes mayst thou laboure ad do al that thou hast to doo:

10 but the seuenth daye is the Sabbath of the Lorde thy God, in it thou shalt do no maner worke: nether thou nor thy sonne, nor thy doughter, nether thy manservaunte nor thy maydeservaunte, nether thy catell nether yet the straunger that is within thi gates

11 For in sixe dayes the Lorde made both heauen and erth and the see and all that in them is and rested the seuenth daye: wherfore the Lorde blessed the Sabbath daye and halowed it.

12 Honoure thy father ad thy mother, that thy dayes may be loge in the lode which the Lorde thy God geueth the.

13 Thou shalt not kyll.

14 Thou shalt not breake wedlocke.

15 Thou shalt not steale.

16 Thou shalt bere no false witnesse agest thy neghboure

17 Thou shalt not couet thy neghbours housse: nether shalt couet thy neghbours wife, his maservaunte, his mayde, his oxe, his asse or oughte that is his.

18 And all the people sawe the thunder ad the lyghteninge and the noyse of the horne, ad howe the mountayne smoked. And whe the people sawe it, they remoued ad stode a ferre of

19 ad saide vnto Moses: talke thou with vs and we wil heare: but let not god talke with vs, lest we dye.

20 And Moses sayde vnto the people feare not, for God is come to proue you, and that his feare maye be amonge you that ye synne not.

21 And the people stode aferre of, ad Moses went in to the thicke clowde where God was

22 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: thus thou shalt saye vnto the childern of Israel: Ye haue sene how that I haue talked with you from out of heauen.

23 Ye shal not make therfore with me goddes of syluer nor goddes of golde: in no wyse shall ye do it.

24 An alter of erth thou shalt make vnto me ad there on offer thy burntofferinges ad thy peaceoffringes, and thy shepe ad thine oxen. And in all places where I shall put the remebraunce of my name, thither I will come vnto the and blesse the.

25 But and yf thou wilt make me an alter off stone, se thou make it not of hewed stone, for yf thou lyfte vp thy tole vpon it, thou shalt polute it.

26 Moreouer thou shalt not goo vp wyth steppes vnto myne alter, that thy nakednesse be not shewed there on.

Chapter 21Edit

1 These are the lawes which thou shalt set before the.

2 Yf thou bye a servaunte that is an hebrue, sixte yeres he shall serue, and the seuenth he shall goo out fre paynge nothinge.

3 Yf he came alone, he shall goo out alone: Yf he came maried, his wife shall go out with hi.

4 And yf his master haue geuen him a wife and she haue borne him sonnes or doughters: then the wife and hir childern shalbe hir masters ad he shall goo out alone.

5 But and yf the servaunte saye I loue my master and my wife and my children, I will not goo out fre.

6 Then let his master bringe him vnto the Goddes ad set him to the doore or the dorepost, ad bore his eare thorow with a naule, ad let him be his servaunte for euer.

7 Yf a man sell his doughter to be a servaunte: she shall not goo out as the men servauntes doo.

8 Yf she please not hir master, so that he hath geuen her to no man to wife, then shal he let hir goo fre: to sell her vnto a straunge nacion shal he haue no power, because he despised her.

9 Yf he haue promysed her vnto his sonne to wife, he shal deale with her as men do with their doughters.

10 Yf he take him another wife, yet hir fode, rayment and dutie off mariage shall he not mynisshe.

11 Yf he do not these thre vnto her, then shal she goo out fre and paye no money.

12 He that smyteth a man that he dye, shalbe slayne for it.

13 Yf a ma laye not awayte but God delyuer him in to his hande, then I wyll poynte the a place whether he shall fle.

14 Yf a man come presumptuously vppon his neyghboure ad slee him with gile, thou shalt take him fro myne alter that he dye.

15 And he that smyteth his father or his mother, shall dye for it.

16 He that stealeth a ma ad selleth him (yf it be proued vppon hym) shall be slayne for it.

17 And he that curseth his father or mother, shall be put to deth for it.

18 Yf men stryue together and one smyte another with a stone or with his fyste, so that he dye not, but lyeth in bedd:

19 yf he ryse agayne and walke without vpon his staffe then shall he that smote hi goo quyte: saue only he shal bere his charges while he laye in bed and paye for his healinge.

20 Yf a man smyte his servaunte or his mayde with a staffe that they dye vnder his hande, it shalbe auenged.

21 But ad yf they contynue a daye or two, it shall not be auenged for they are his money.

22 when men stryue and smyte a woman with childe so that hir frute departe from her and yet no mysfortune foloweth: then shall he be mersed, acordynge as the womans husbonde will laye to his charge, and he shall paye as the dayes men appoynte him.

23 But and yf any mysfortune folowe, then shall he paye lyfe for lyfe,

24 eye for eye, toth for toth, hande for hande, fote for fote,

25 burnynge for burnynge, wonde for wonde and strype for strype.

26 Yf a man smyte his servaunte or his mayde in the eye and put it out, he shall let the goo fre for the eyes sake.

27 Also yf he smyte out hys servauntes or his maydes toth, he shall let the go out fre for the tothes sake.

28 Yf an oxe gore a man or a woman that they dye, then the oxe shalbe stoned, and hys flesh shall not be eaten: and his master shall go quyte.

29 Yf the oxe were wont to runne at men in tyme past and it hath bene tolde his master, and he hath not kepte him, but that he hath kylled a man or a woman: then the oxe shalbe stoned and hys master shall dye also.

30 Yf he be sett to a summe off money, then he shall geue for the delyueraunce off his lyfe, acordynge to all that is put vnto him.

31 And whether he hath gored a sonne or a doughter, he shalbe serued after the same maner

32 But yf it be a servaunt or a mayde that the oxe hath gored, then he shall geue vnto their master the summe of .xxx sicles, ad the oxe shall be stoned.

33 Yf a man open a well or dygge a pytt and couer it not, but that an oxe or an asse fall theryn

34 the owner off the pytte shall make it good and geue money vnto their master, and the dead beest shalbe his.

35 Yf one mans oxe hurte anothers that he dye: then they shall sell the lyue oxe and deuyde the money, and the deed oxe also they shall deuyde

36. But and yf it be knowne that the oxe hath vsed to pusshe in tymes past, then because his master hath not kepte hi, he shall paye oxe for oxe. and the deed shalbe his awne.

Chapter 22Edit

1 Yf a man steake an oxe or shepe ad kylle it or selle it, he shall restore .v. oxen for an oxe, and .iiij. shepe for a shepe.

2 Yf a thefe be founde breakynge vpp ad be smytten that he dye, there shall no bloude be shed for him:

3 excepte the sonne be vpp when he is founde, then there shalbe bloude shed for him,A thefe shall make restitucyon: Yf he haue not wherewith, he shalbe solde for his thefte.

4 Yf the thefte be founde in his hande alyue (whether it be oxe, asse or shepe) he shall restore double.

5 Yf a man do hurte felde or vyneyarde, so that he put in his beest to fede in another mans felde: off the best off hys owne felde, and of the best of his awne vyneyarde, shall he make restitucyon.

6 Yf fyre breake out and catch in the thornes, so that the stoukes of corne or the stodynge corne or felde be consumed therwith: he that kynled the fyre shall make restitucyon.

7 Yf a man delyuer his neghboure money or stuffe to kepe, and it be stolen out of his housse: Yf the these be foude, he shal paye double

8 Yf the thefe be not founde, then the goodma of the housse shalbe brought vnto the goddes and swere, whether he haue put his hande vnto his neghbours good.

9 And in all maner of trespace, whether it be oxe, asse, shepe, rayment or ony maner lost thynge which another chalegeth to be his, the cause of both parties shall come before the goddes. And whom the goddes condene: the same shall paye double vnto his neghboure.

10 Yf a man delyuer vnto his neghboure to kepe, asse, oxe, shepe or what soeuer beest it be and it dye or be hurte or dryuen awaye and no man se it:

11 then shall an othe of the Lorde goo betwene them, whether he haue put his hande vnto his neghbours good, and the owner of it shall take the othe, and the other shall not make it good:

12 Yf it be stollen from him, then he shall make restitucion vnto the owner:

13 Yf it be torne with wylde beestes, the let him bringe recorde of the teerynge: and he shall not make it good.

14 when a man boroweth oughte of his neghbour yf it be hurte or els dye, and yf the owner therof be not by, he shall make it good:

15 Yf the owner there of be by, he shall not make it good namely yf it be an hyred thinge ad came for hyre.

16 Yf a man begyle a mayde that is not betrouthed and lye with her, he shall endote her and take her to his wife:

17 Yf hir father refuse to geue her vnto him, he shall paye money acordynge to the dowrie of virgens.

18 Thou shalt not suffre a witch to lyue,

19 who soeuer lyeth with a beest, shalbe slayne for it.

20 He that offreth vnto ony goddes saue vnto the Lorde only, let him dye without redemption

21 vexe not a straunger nether oppresse him for ye were straungers in the londe of Egipte.

22 Ye shall trouble no wedowe nor fatherlesse childe:

23 Yf ye shall trouble the: they shall crye vnto me, ad I wyll surely heare their crye

24 and then will my wrath waxe hoote and I will kyll you with swerde, and youre wyues shalbe wedowes and youre childern fatherlesse.

25 Yf thou lende money to ani of my people that is poore by the, thou shalt not be as an vsurer vnto him, nether shalt oppresse him with vserye.

26 Yf thou take thi neghbours raymet to pledge, se that thou delyuer it vnto him agayne by that the sonne goo doune.

27 For that is his couerlet only: eue the rayment for his skynne wherin he slepeth: or els he will crye vnto me ad I will heare him, for I am mercyfull.

28 Thou shalt not rayle vppon the goddes, nether curse the ruelar of thi people.

29 Thy frutes (whether they be drye or moyst) se thou kepe not backe. Thi firstborne sonne thou shalt geue me:

30 likewise shalt thou doo of thine oxen and of thy shepe. Seuen dayes it shall be with the dame, and the .viij. daye thou shalt geue it me.

31 Ye shalbe holye people vnto me, and therfore shall ye eate no flesh that is torne of beestes in the feld. But shall cast it to dogges.

Chapter 23Edit

1 Thou shalt not accepte a vayne tale, nether shalt put thine hande with the wiked to be an vnrightous witnesse:

2 Thou shalt not folowe a multitude to do euell: nether answere in a mater of plee that thou woldest to folow many turne a syde from the trueth,

3 nether shalt thou paynte a porre mans cause.

4 whe thou metest thine enimies oxe or asse goynge a straye, thou shalt brynge the to him agayne.

5 Yf thou se thine enimies asse synke vnder his burthen, thou shalt not passe by and let him alone: but shalt helpe him to lyfte him vp agayne.

6 Thou shalt not hynder the righte of the poore that are amonge you in their sute.

7 Kepe the ferre from a false mater, and the Innocent and righteous se thou sley not, for I will not iustifye the weked.

8 Thou shalt take no giftes, for giftes blynde the seynge and peruerte the wordes of the righteous.

9 Thou shalt not oppresse a straunger, for I knowe the herte of straunger, because ye were straungers in Egipte.

10 Sixe yeres thou shalt sowe thi londe ad gather in the frutes theroff:

11 and the seuenth yere thou shalt let it rest and lye styll, that the poore of thi people maye eate, and what they leaue, the beestes of the felde shall eate: In like maner thou shalt do with thi vyneyarde ad thine olyue trees.

12 Sixe dayes thou shalt do thi worke ad the seuenth daye thou shalt kepe holie daye, that thyne oxe and thine asse maye rest ad the sonne of thi mayde and the straunger maye be refresshed.

13 And in all thinges that I haue sayde vnto you be circumspecte.And make no rehersall of the names of straunge goddes, nether let any man heare the out of youre mouthes.

14 Thre feastes thou shalt holde vnto me in a yere.

15 Thou shalt kepe the feast of swete bred that thou eate vnleuend bred .vij. dayes loge as I comaunded the in the tyme appoynted of the moneth of Abib, for in that moneth thou camest out of Egipte: ad se that noman appeare before me emptie.

16 And the feast of Heruest, when thou reapest the firstfrutes of thy laboures which thou hast sowne in the felde. And the feast of ingaderynge, in the ende of the yere: when thou hast gathered in thy laboures out of the felde.

17 Thre tymes in a yere shall all thy men childern appere before the Lorde Iehouah.

18 Thou shalt not offer the bloude of my sacrifyce with leuended bred: nether shall the fatt of my feast remayne vntill the mornynge.

19 The first of the firstfrutes of thy lode thou shalt bringe in to the housse of the Lorde thy God thou shalt also not seth a kyde in his mothers mylke.

20 Beholde, I sende mine angell before the, to kepe the in the waye, and to brynge the in to the place which I haue prepared

21 Beware of him and heare his voyce and angre him not: for he wyll not spare youre mysdedes, yee and my name is in him.

22 But and yf thou shalt herken vnto his voyce ad kepe all that I shall tell the, the I wilbe an enimye vnto thyne enimies and an aduersarie vnto thine aduersaries.

23 when myne angell goth before the ad hath broughte the in vnto the Amorites, Hethites Pherezites, Canaanites, Heuites and Iebusites and I shall haue destroyed them:

24 se thou worshippe not their goddes nether serue them, nether do after the workes of them: but ouertrowe them and breake doune the places of them

25 And se that ye serue the Lorde youre God, ad he shall blesse thi bred and thy water, ad I will take all sycknesses awaye from amonge you.

26 Moreouer there shalbe no woman childlesse or vnfrutefull in thi londe, and the nombre of thi dayes I will fulfyll.

27 I will sende my feare before the and will kyll all the people whether thou shalt goo. And I will make all thine enemies turne their backes vnto the,

28 ad I will send hornettes before the, and they shall dryue out the Heuites, the Cananites and the Hethites before the.

29 I will not cast them out in one yere, lest the lande growe to a wyldernesse: and the beestes of the felde multiplye apon the.

30 But a litle and a litle I will dryue them out before the, vntill thou be increased that thou mayst enherett the londe.

31 And I will make thi costes fro the red see vnto the see of the Philistenes and from the deserte vnto the ryuer. I will delyuer the inhabiters of the londe in to thine hande, and thou shalt dryue them out before the.

32 And thou shalt make none appoyntment with them nor wyth their goddes.

33 Nether shall they dwell in thi londe, lest they make the synne a gaynst me: for yf thou serue their goddes, it will surely be thy decaye.

Chapter 24Edit

1 And he sayde vnto Moses: come vnto the Lorde: both thou and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the .lxx. elders of Israel, and worshippe a ferre of.

2 And Moses went him selfe alone vnto the Lorde, but they came not nye, nether came the people vp with him.

3 And Moses came ad tolde the people al the wordes of the Lorde and all the lawes. And all the people answered with one voyce and sayde: all the wordes which the Lorde hath sayde, will wee doo.

4 Then Moses wrote all the wordes of the Lorde and rose vp early ad made an alter vnder the hyll, and .xij. pilers acordynge to the nombre of the .xij. trybes of Israel,

5 ad sent yonge men of the childern of Israel to sacryfyce burntoffrynges ad to offre peaceoffrynges of oxen vnto the Lorde.

6 And Moses toke halfe of the bloude and put it in basens, and the otherhalfe he sprenkeld on the alter.

7 And he toke the boke of the appoyntment and red it in the audience of the people. And they seyde. All that the Lorde hath sayde, we will do and heare.

8 And Moses toke the bloude ad sprinkeld it on the people ad sayde: beholde, this is the bloude of the appoyntment which the Lorde hath made wyth you apon all these wordes.

9 Then went Moses and Aaron, Nadab ad Abihu and the .lxx. elders of Israel vppe,

10 and sawe the God of Israel, and vnder his fete as it were a brycke worde of Saphir and as it were the facyon of heauen when is it cleare,

11 and apo the nobles of the childern of Israel he sett not his hande. And when they had sene God they ate and dronke.

12 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: come vpp to me in to the hyll and be there, ad I will geue the tables of stone and a lawe and commaundmentes, which I haue written to teach them.

13 Then Moses rose vppe ad his minister Iosua, and Moses went vppe in to the hyll of God,

14 ad seyde vnto the elders: tarye ye here vntill we come agayne vnto you: And beholde here is Aaron and Hur with you. Yf any man haue any maters to doo, let him come to them

15 when Moses was come vpp in to the mounte, a clowde couered the hyll,

16 and the glorye of the Lorde abode apon mounte Sinai, and the clowde couered it .vi. dayes. And the seuenth daye he called vnto Moses out of the clowde.

17 And the facyon of the glorie of the Lorde was like consumynge fyre on the toppe of the hyll in the syghte of the childern of Israel.

18 And Moses went in to the mountayne And Moses was in the mounte .xl. dayes and xl. nyghtes.

Chapter 25Edit

1 And the Lorde talked with Moses saynge:

2 speake vnto the childern of Israel that they geue me an heueoffrynge, and of euerey man that geueth it willingly wyth his herte, ye shall take it.

3 And this is the heueoffrynge which ye shall take of them: gold, siluer ad brasse:

4 and Iacyncte coloure, scarlet. purpull, bysse and gootes here:

5 rams skynnes that are red, and the skynnes of taxus and sethimwodd,

6 oyle for lightes and spices for a noyntynge oyle and for swete cense:

7 Onix stones and sett stones for the Ephod and for the brestlappe.

8 And they shall make me a sanctuarye that I maye dwell amonge them.

9 And as I haue shewed the the facion of the habitacio and of all the ornamentes therof, eue so se that ye make it in all thynges.

10 And they shall make an arke of sethim wodd .ij. cubittes and an halfe longe, a cubite ad an halfe brode and a cubitt and an halfe hye.

11 And thou shalt ouerleye it with pure golde: both within and without, and shalt make an hye vppon it a crowne of golde rounde aboute.

12 And thou shalt cast .iiij. rynges of golde for it and put them in the .iiij. corners there of .ij. rynges on the one syde of it and ij. on the other.

13 And thou shalt make staues of sethim wodd and couer them with golde,

14 and put the staues in the rynges alonge by the sydes of the arke, to bere it with all.

15 And the staues shall abyde in the rynges of the arke, and shall not be taken awaye.

16 And thou shalt put in the arke, the wytnesse which I shall geue the.

17 And thou shalt make a merciseate of pure golde .ij. cubytes and an halfe longe and a cubete and an halfe brode.

18 And make .ij. cherubyns off thicke golde on the .ij. endes of the mercyseate:

19 and sett the one cherub on the one ende and the other on the other ende of the mercyseate: so se that thou make them on the ij. endes there of.

20 And the cherubyns shall stretch their wynges abrode ouer an hye, ad couer the mercy seate with their wynges, and theyr faces shall loke one to another: eue to the mercyseate warde, shall the faces of the cherubyns be.

21 And thou shalt put the mercyseate aboue apon the arke, ad in the arke thou shalt put the wytnesse which I will geue the.

22 There I will mete the and will comon with the from apon the mercyseate from betwene the two cherubyns which are apon the arke of witnesse, of all thynge which I will geue the in commaundment vnto the childern of Israel.

23 Thou shalt also make a table of sethim wod of two cubittes longe and one cubett brode ad a cubett ad an halfe hye.

24 And couer it with pure golde and make there to a crowne of golde rounde aboute.

25 And make vnto that an whope of .iiij. fyngers brode, rounde aboute, And make a golde crowne also to the whope rounde aboute.

26 And make for it .iiij. rynges of golde and put them in the corners that are on the .iiij. fete therof:

27 eue harde vnder the whope shall the rynges be, to put in staues to bere the table with all.

28 And thou shalt make staues of Sethim wore and ouerleye the with golde, that the table maye be borne with them

29 And thou shalt make his disshes, spones, pottes and flatpeces to poure out withall, of fyne golde.

30 And thou shalt sett apon the table, shewbred before me allwaye.

31 And thou shalt make a candelsticke of pure thicke golde with his shaft, braunches, bolles, knoppes ad floures proceadynge there out

32 Syxe braunches shall procede out of the sydes of the candelsticke .iij. out of the one syde and iij. out of the other.

33 And there shalbe .iij. cuppes like vnto almondes with knoppes ad floures vppon euery one of the .vi. braunches that procede out of the cadelstycke:

34 and in the candelsticke selfe .iiij. cuppes like vnto almondes with their knoppes and floures:

35 that there be a knope vnder eueri .ij. brauches of the syxe that procede out of the cadelstycke.

36 And the knoppes and the braunches shall be altogether, one pece of pure thicke golde.

37 And thou shalt make .vij. lampes and put them an hye there on, to geue lighte vnto the other syde that is ouer agaynst it:

38 with snoffers and fyre pannes of pure golde.

39 And hundred pounde weyghte of fyne golde shall make it with all the apparell.

40 And se that thou make them after the facyon that was shewed the in the mounte.

Chapter 26Edit

1 And thou shalt make an habitatyo with ten curteynes of twyned bysse, Iacyncte scarlet and purpull, and shalt make them with cherubyns of broderd worke.

2 The lenghte of a curtayne shalbe .xxviij. cubyttes, and the bredth .iiij. and they shalbe all of one measure:

3 fyue curtaynes shalbe coupled together one to another: and the other fyue likewise shalbe coupled together one to another.

4 Then shalt thou make louppes of Iacyncte coloure, a longe by the edge of the one curtayne even in the selvege of the couplinge courtayne. And likewise shalt thou make in the edge of the vtmost curtayne that is coupled therwith on the other syde.

5 Fyftie louppes shalt thou make in the one curtayne, ad fiftie in the edge of the other that is couppled therwith on the other syde: so that the louppes be one ouer agenste a nother.

6 And thou shalt make fyftie buttons of golde, and couple the curtaynes together with the buttons: that it maye be an habitacyon.

7 And thou shalt make .xj. curtaynes of gotes heere, to be a tente to couer the habitacyo

8 The lenght of a curtayne shalbe .xxx. cubettes, and the bredth .iiij. ad they shalbe all .xi. of one measure.

9 And thou shalt couple .v. by the selues, and the other sixe by them selues, ad shalt double the sixte in the forefront of the tabernacle,

10 And thou shalt make fyftie loupes in the edge of the vtmost curtayne on the one syde: euen in the couplynge courtayne, and as many in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde.

11 And thou shalt make fyftie buttones off brasse and put them on the louppes, and couple the tent together with all: that there may be one tabernacle.

12 And the remnaunt that resteth in the curtaynes of the tente: eue the bredeth of halfe a curtayne that resteth, shalbe lefte on the backe sydes of the habitacyon:

13 a cubite on the one side and a cubite on the other syde, of that that remayneth in the length of the curtaynes off the tabernacle, which shall remayne of ether syde of the habitacion to couer it with all.

14 And thou shalt make another coueringe for the tente of rams skynnes dyed red: ad yet another aboue all of taxus skynnes.

15 And thou shalt make bordes for the habitacion of sethim wod to stonde vp righte:

16 ten cubettes longe shall euery borde be, ad a cubette and an halfe brode.

17 Two fete shall one borde haue to couple them together with all, and so thou shalt make vnto all the bordes of the habitacion.

18 And thou shalt make .xx. bordes for the habitacion on the south syde,

19 and thou shalt make, xl. sokettes of syluer ad put them vnder the .xx. bordes: two sokettes vnder euery borde, for their two fete.

20 In lyke maner in the northsyde of the habitacyon there shalbe .xx. bordes

21 ad .xl. sokettes off syluer: two sokettes vnder euery borde.

22 And for the west ende off the habitacyon, shalt thou make syxe bordes,

23 ad two bordes moo for the two west corners of the habitacio:

24 so that these two bordes be coupled to gether beneth and lykewyse aboue with clampes. And so shall it be in both the corners.

25 And so there shalbe .viij. bordes in all and .xvi. solettes of syluer: ij. sokettes vnder euery borde.

26 And thou shalt make barres off sethimwod fiue for the bordes of the one side of the tabernacle,

27 and fyue for the other syde, and fyue for the bordes off the west ende.

28 And the mydle barre shall goo alonge thorowe the myddes of the bordes and barre them together fro the one ende vnto the other.

29 And thou shalt couer the bordes with golde and make golden rynges for them to put the barres thorow, ad shalt couer the barres with golde also.

30 And rere vp the habitacion acordinge to the facion ther of that was shewed the in the mount.

31 And thou shalt make a vayle off Iacyncte, of scarlett, purpull and twyned bysse, and shalt make it off broderd worke and full of cherubyns.

32 And hange it vppon .iiij. pilers of sethim wodd couered with golde ad that their knoppes be couered with golde also and stonde apon .iiij. sokettes of syluer.

33 And thou shalt hage vp the vayle with rynges, and shall brynge in within the vayle, the arke of wittnesse. And the vayle shall deuyde the holye from the most holye.

34 And thou shalt put the mercyseate vppon the arcke of witnesse in the holyest place.

35 And thou shalt put the table without the vayle and candelsticke ouer agaynst the table: vppon the south syde of the habitacion. And put the table on the north syde.

36 And thou shalt make an hangynge for the doore of the tabernacle: of Iacyncte. off scarlett, off purpull and off twyned bysse, wroughte with nedle worke.

37 And thou shalt make for the hangynge, fiue pilers off sethim wodd, and couer both them ad their knoppes with golde, and shalt cast .v. sokettes off brasse for them.

Chapter 27Edit

1 And thou shalt make an altare of sethim wodd: fyue cubettes longe ad .v. cubettes brode, that it be fouresquare, and .iij. cubettes hye.

2 And make it hornes proceding out in the .iiij. corners of it, and couer it with brasse.

3 And make his asshepannes, shovels, basens, fleshhokes, fyrepannes and all the apparell there of, of brasse

4 after the fascyon of a net, ad put apon the nette .iiij. rynges: euen in the .iiij. corners of it,

5 and put it beneth vnder the compasse of the altare, and let the net reache vnto the one halfe of the altare,

6 And make staues for the altare of sethim wodd, and couer the wyth brasse,

7 and let them be put in rynges alonge by the sydes off the altare, to bere it with all.

8 And make the altare holowe with bordes: euen as it was shewed the in the mount, so lett them make it,

9 And thou shalt make a courte vnto the habitacion, which shall haue in the south syde hagynges of twyned bysse, beyng an hundred cubettes longe,

10 and .xx. pilers thereof with there xx. sokettes of brasse: but the knoppes of the pilers and their whopes shalbe syluer.

11 In like wise on the north syde there shalbe hagynges of an hundred cubettes longe and .xx. pilers with their sokettes of brasse, and the knoppes and the whopes of syluer.

12 And in the bredth of the courte westwarde, there shalbe hangynges of fyftye cubettes longe, and .x. pilers with their .x. sokettes.

13 And in the bredth of the courte eastwarde towarde the rysynge of the sonne, shalbe hangynges of .l. cubyttes.

14 Hagynges of .xv. cubittes in the one syde of it with iij. pilers and .iij. sokettes:

15 and likewise on the other syde shalbe hangynges of .xv. cubettes with .iij. pilers and .iij. sokettes.

16 And in the gate of the courte shalbe a vayle of .xx. cubettes: of Iacyncte, scarlet, purpul and twyned bysse wroughte with nedle worke, and .iiij. pilers with their .iiij. sokettes.

17 All the pilers rounde aboute the courte shalbe whoped with syluer, and their knoppes of syluer, and their sokettes of brasse.

18 The length of the courte, shall be an hundred cubettes, and the bredth fiftye, and the heygth fyue, and the hangynges shalbe of twyned bysse and the sokettes of brasse.

19 And all the vessels of the habitacion to all maner seruyce ad the pynnes there of: ye and the pynne also of the courte, shalbe brasse.

20 And commaunde the childern of Israel that they geue the pure oyle olyue beaten for the lyghtes to poure all way in to the lampes.

21 In the tabernacle of witnesse without the vayle wich is before the wytnesse, shall Aaron ad his sonnes dresse it both even and mornynge before the Lorde: And it shalbe a dewtie for euer vnto youre generacyous after you: to be geuen of the childern of Israel.

Chapter 28Edit

1 And take thou vnto the, Aaron thi brother and his sonnes with him, from amonge the childern of Israel, that he maye minystre vnto me: both Aaron, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar Aarons sonnes.

2 And thou shalt make holye rayment for Aaron thy brother, both honorable and gloryous

3 Moreouer speake vnto all that are wyse harted which I haue fylled with the sprete of wysdome: that they make Aarons rayment to consecrate him wyth, that he maye mynistre vnto me.

4 These are the garmentes which they shall make: a brestlappe, Ephod, a tunycle, a strayte cote, a myter and a girdell. And they shall make holye garmentes for Aaron thi brother ad his sones, that he maye mynistre vnto me.

5 And they shal take there to, golde, Iacincte, scarlet, purpull and bysse.

6 And they shall make the Ephod: of golde Iacyncte, scarlett, purpull ad white twyned bysse with broderdworke,

7 The two sydes shall come to gether, clossed vppe in the edges thereof

8 And the girdell of the Ephod shalbe of the same workemanshippe ad of the same stuffe: euen of golde, Iacyncte, scarlete, purpull ad twyned bysse,

9 And thou shalt take two onyx stones and graue in them the names of the childern of Israel:

10 sixe in the one stone, and the other sixe in the other stone: acordinge to the order of their birth.

11 After the worke of a stonegrauer, eue as sygnettes are grauen, shalt thou graue the .ij stones with the names of the childern of Israel, ad shalt make the to be set in ouches of golde.

12 And thou shalt put the two stones apo the two shulders of the Ephod, ad they shalbe stones off remembraunce vnto the childern off Israel. And Aaron shall bere their names before the Lorde vppon hys two shulders for a remembraunce.

13 And thou shalt make hokes off golde

14 and two cheynes off fine golde: lynkeworke and wrethed, and fasten the wrethed cheynes to the hokes.

15 And thou shalt make the brestlappe of ensample with broderd worke: eue after the worke of the Ephod shalt thou make it: of golde, Iacyncte, scarlet, purple ad twyned bysse shalt thou make it.

16 Fouresquare it shall be ad double, an hand brede longe and an hand brede brode.

17 And thou shalt fyll it with .iiij. rowes of stones. In the first rowe shalbe a Sardios, a Topas and Smaragdus.

18 The seconde rowe: a Rubyn, Saphir and a Diamonde.

19 The thyrd: Lygurios an Acatt and Amatist.

20 The fourth: a Turcas, Onix and Iaspis. And they shalbe sett in golde in their inclosers.

21 And the stones shalbe grauen as sygnettes be graue: with the names of the childern of Israel euen with .xij names euery one with his name acordynge to the .xij. trybes.

22 And thou shalt make vppon the brestlappe .ij. fasteninge cheynes of pure golde ad wrethen worke.

23 And thou shalt make likewyse vppon the brestlappe .ij. rynges of golde and put them on the edges of the brestlappe,

24 and put the .ij. wrethen cheynes of golde in the .ij. rynges which are in the edges of the brestlappe,

25 And the .ij. endes of the .ij. cheynes thou shalt fasten in the .ij. rynges, and put them vppon the shulders of the Ephod: on the foresyde of it.

26 And thou shalt yet make .ij. rynges of golde ad put the in the .ij. edges of the brestlappe eue in the borders there of towarde the insyde of the Ephod that is ouer agaynst it.

27 And yet .ij. other riges of golde thou shalt make, ad put the on the .ij. sydes of the Ephod, beneth ouer agaynst the brestlappe, alowe where the sydes are ioyned together vppo the brodered girdell of the Ephod.

28 And they shall bynde the brestlappe by his rynges vnto the rynges of the Ephod with a lace of Iacyncte, that it maye lye closse vnto the brodered girdell of the Ephod, that the breastlappe be not lowsed from the Ephod.

29 And Aaro shall bere the names of the childern of Israel in the brestlappe of ensaple vppo his herte, whe he goth in to the holy place, for a remebrauce before the Lorde allwaye.

30 And thou shalt put i the brestlappe of ensaple lighte ad perfectnesse: that they be eue vpo Aaros herte whe he goeth i before the Lorde ad Aaro shal bere the ensaple of the childern of Israel vpo his herte before the Lorde alwaie

31 And thou shalt make the tunycle vnto the Ephod, all to gether of Iacyncte.

32 And ther shalbe an hole for the heed in the myddes of it, ad let there be a bonde of wouen worke rounde aboute the colore of it: as it were the colore of a partlet, that it rent not.

33 And beneth vppon the hem, thou shalt make pomgranates of Iacyncte, of scarlet, and of purpull rounde aboute the hem,

34 and belles of golde betwene them rounde aboute: that there be euer a golden bell and a pomgranate, a goldem bell and a pomgranate rounde aboute vppon the hem of the tunicle.

35 And Aaron shall haue it vppon him when he minystreth, that the sounde maye be herde when he goeth in in to the holy place before the Lorde and when he cometh out, that he dye not.

36 And thou shalt make a plate of pure golde, and graue there on (as signettes are grauen) the holynes of the Lorde,

37 and put it on a lace of Iacyncte and tye it vnto the mytre,

38 vppon the forefrunt of it, that it be apon Aaros foreheed: that Aaron bere the synne of the holy thynges which the children of Israel haue halowed in all their holye giftes. And it shalbe alwayes vpon Aarons foreheed, that they maye be accepted before the Lorde.

39 And thou shalt make an albe of bysse, and thou shalt make a mytre of bysse ad a girdell of nedle worke.

40 And thou shalt make for Aarons sonnes also cotes, girdels and bonettes honourable and glorious,

41 and thou shalt put them vppon Aaron thy brother ad on his sonnes with him and shalt anoynte them and fyll theyr handes and consecrate them that they maye mynistre vnto me.

42 And thou shalt make them lynen breches to couer their preuyties: from the loynes vnto the thyes shall they reach.

43 And they shalbe apon Aaron and his sonnes, whe they goo in to the tabernacle of wytnesse, or when they goo vnto the altare to mynistre in holynes, that they bere no synne and so dye. And it shalbe a lawe for euer vnto Aaron ad his seed after him.

Chapter 29Edit

1 This is the thinge that thou shalt doo vnto them when thou halowest them to be my preastes. Take one oxe and two rammes that are without blemysh,

2 ad vnleueded bred and cakes of swete bred tempered with oyle and wafers of swete bred anoynted with oyle (of wheten floure shalt thou make them)

3 and put them in a maunde and brynge the in the maunde with the oyle and the .ij. rammes.

4 And brynge Aaron ad his sonnes vnto the doore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, ad wassh them with water,

5 and take the garmentes, and put apon Aaron: the strayte cote, and the tunycle of the Ephod, and the Ephod ad the brestlappe: and gerth the to him with the brodered girdel of the Ephod.

6 And put the mitre vppo his heed and put the holy crowne vpon the mytre.

7 Then take the anoyntynge oyle and poure it apon his heed and anoynte him.

8 And brynge his sonnes and put albes apon them,

9 ad gerth them with girdels: as well Aaron as his sonnes, And put the bonettes on them that the preastes office maye be theirs for a perpetuall lawe.And fyll the handes of Aaron and of hys sonnes,

10 and brynge the oxe before the tabernacle of witnesse. And let Aaro ad his sones put their hades apo his heed

11 ad kyll hi before the Lord in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse

12 And take of the bloud of the oxe ad put it apo the hornes of the alter with thi finger ad poure all the bloude apon the botome of the alter,

13 ad take all the fatt that couereth the inwardes, ad the kall that is on the lyuer and the .ij. kydneys with the fatt that is apo the: and burne the apo the alter.

14 But the flesh of the oxe and his skynne and his donge, shalt thou burne with fyre, without the hoste. For it is a synneofferynge.

15 Then take one of the rammes, ad let Aaron and his sonnes put their hondes apon the heade of the ram,

16 and cause him to be slayne, ad take of his bloude and sprenkell it rounde aboute apon the alter,

17 and cutt the ram in peces and whesh the inwardes of him and his legges, ad put them vnto the peces ad vnto his heed

18, ad burne the hole ram apon the alter. For it is a burntofferyng vnto the Lorde, and a swete sauoure of the Lordes sacrifice.19 And take the other ram and let Aaron and hys sonnes, put their hondes apon hys heed

20 and let him than be kylled. And take of his bloude and put it apon the typpe of the righte eare of Aaron and of his sonnes, and apon the thombe of their righte handes, and apon the great too of their ryghte fete: and sprenkell the bloude apon the alter rounde aboute.

21 Than take of the bloude that is apon the alter and of the anoyntynge oyle, ad sprekell it apon Aaron and his vestimetes, ad apo his sonnes ad apo their garmetes also. Tha is he ad his clothes holy ad his sonnes ad their clothes holye also

22 Than take the fatt of the ram and hys rompe and the fatt that couereth the inwardes and the kall of the lyuer and the two kydneys and the fatt that is apon them and the righte shulder (for that ram is a fulloffrynge)

23 and a symnell of bred ad a cake of oyled bred ad a wafer out of the baskett of swete bred that is before the Lorde,

24 and put all apon the handes of Aaron and on the handes of his sonnes: and waue the in ad out a waueoffrynge vnto the Lorde.

25 Than take it from of their handes and burne it apon the alter: euen apon the burntoffringe, to be a sauoure of swetnesse before the Lorde. For it is a sacrifice vnto the Lorde.

26 Then take the brest of the ram that is Aarons fulloffrynge and waue it a waueoffrynge before the Lorde, ad let that be thy parte.

27 And sanctifie the brest of the waueoffrynge and the shulder of the heueoffrynge whiche is waued and heued vp of the ram whiche is the fulloffrynge of Aaron ad of his sonnes.

28 And it shalbe Aarons ad his sonnes dutye for euer, of the childre of Israel: for it is an heueoffrynge. And the heueoffrynge shalbe the Lordes dutie of the childern of Israel: euen of the sacrifice of their peaceoffrynges which they heue vnto the Lorde.

29 And the holye garmentes of Aaron shalbe his sonnes after him, to anoynte them therin, and to fyll their handes therin.

30 And that sonne that is preast in his stede after him, shall put them on seuen dayes: that he goo in to the tabernacle of witnesse, to ministre in the holye place.

31 Tha take the ram that is the fullofferyng ad seth his flesh in an holye place.

32 And Aaro and his sonnes shall eate the flesh of hi, ad the bred that is in the basket: euen in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse.

33 And they shall eat the, because the attonmet was made therewith to fyll their handes and to sanctifie the: but a straunger shal not eate therof, because they are holie

34 Yf oughte of the flesh of the fulloffrynges, or of the bred remayne vnto the mornyng, thou shalt burne it with fyre: for it shall not be eaten, because it is holye.

35 And se thou do vnto Aaron and his sonnes: euen so in all thynges as I haue commaunded the: that thou fyll their handes seuen dayes

36 and offre euery daye an oxe for a synneoffrynge for to recocyle with all. And thou shalt halowe the alter when thou reconcyclest it, and shalt anoynte it to sanctifie it.

37 Seue dayes thou shalt reconcyle the alter and sanctifie it, that it maye be an alter most holye: so that no ma maye twich it but thei that be consecrate.

38 This is that which thou shalt offre vpo the alter: ij. lambes of one yere olde daye by daye for euer,

39 the one thou shalt offre in the morninge and the other at euen.

40 And vnto the one labe take a tenth deale of floure myngled wyth the fourth parte of an hin of beaten oyle, and the fourt parte of an hin of wyne, for a drinckeoffrynge.

41 And the other lambe thou shalt offer at euen and shall doo thereto acordynge to the meateoffrynge and drinkeoffrynge in the mornynge, to be an odoure of a swete sauoure of the sacrifice of the Lorde.

42 And it shalbe a continuall burntoffrynge amonge youre children after you, in the doore of the tabernacle of witnesse before the Lorde, where I will mete you to spake vnto you there.

43 There I will mete wyth the childern of Israel, and wilbe sanctified in myne honoure.

44 And I will sanctifie the tabernacle of witnesse and the alter: and I will sanctifie also both Aaron and his sonnes to be my preastes.

45 And moreouer I will dwell amoge the children of Israel and wilbe their God.

46 And they shal knowe that I am the Lorde their God that broughte them out of the lond of Egipte for to dwell amonge them: euen I the Lorde their God,

Chapter 30Edit

1 And thou shalt make an alter to burne cese therin, of sethim wod:

2 a cubet longe, and a cubet brode, euen fouresquare shall it be and two cubettes hye: with hornes procedyng out of it,

3 ad thou shalt ouerlay it with fyne golde both the roffe ad the walles round aboute, ad his hornes also, ad shalt make vnto it a crowne of gold roude aboute,

4 ad .ij. golde ringes on ether syde, euen vnder the croune, to put staues therin for to bere it with all.

5 And thou shalt make the staues of sethim wodd and couer them with golde.

6 And thou shalt put it before the vayle that hangeth before the arcke of witnesse, and before the mercyseate that is before the witnesse, where I will mete the.

7 And Aaron shall burne thereon swete cense euery mornynge when he dresseth the lampes: and lykewyse at euen

8 when he setteth vpp the lampes he shall burne cense perpetually before the Lorde thorow out youre generacions

9 Ye shall put no straunge cense thereon, nether burntsacrifice nor meateoffrynge: nether poure any drynkeoffrynge thereon.

10 And Aaron shall reconcyle his hornes once in a yere, wyth the bloude of the synneoffrynge of reconcylige: euen once in the yere shall he reconcyle it thorow youre generacions. And so is it most holye vnto the Lorde.

11 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

12 when thou takest the summe of the childern of Israel ad tellest them, they shall geue euery ma a reconcylinge of his soule vnto the Lorde, that there be no plage amonge them when thou tellest them.

13 And thus moch shall euery man geue that goeth in the nombre: halfe a sycle, after the holye sycle: a sycle is .xx. geeras: and an halfe sycle shalbe the heueoffrynge vnto the Lorde.

14 And all that are numbred of the that are .xx. yere olde and aboue shall geue an heueoffrynge vnto the Lorde.

15 The rych shall not passe, and the poore shall not goo vnder halfe a sycle, when they geue an heueoffrynge vnto the Lorde for the attonemet of their soules.

16 And thou shalt take the reconcylinge money of the children of Israel and shalt put it vnto the vse of the tabernacle of witnesse, and it shall be a memoriall of the childern of Israel before the Lorde, to make attonement for their foules.

17 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

18 thou shalt make a lauer of brasse and his fote also of brasse to wash with all, and shalt put it betwene the tabernacle of witnesse and the alter and put water therein:

19 that Aaron and hys sonnes maye wesh both their handes ad theyr fete thereout,

20 whe they go in to the tabernacle of witnesse, or whe they goo vnto the altare to ministre and to burne the Lordes offrynge, lest they dye.

21 And it shalbe an ordinaunce for euer vnto him and his seed amonge youre childern after you.

22 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

23 take principall spices: of pure myrre fiue hundred sycles, of swete cynamome halfe so moch two hundred and fyftie sicles:

24 of swete calamyte, two hundred and .l. Of cassia, two hundred and .l. after the holye sycle, and of oyle olyue an hin.

25 And make of them holye anoyntynge oyle euen an oyle compounde after the crafte of the apoticarye.

26 And noynte the tabernacle off wytnesse therewyth, and the arcke of witnesse,

27 and the table with all his apparell, and the candelsticke with all his ordinaunce, and the alter of incense,

28 and the alter of burntsacrifice and all his vessels, and the lauer and his fote.

29 And sacrifie them that they maye be most holye: so that no man twyche them but they that be halowed.

30 And anoynte Aaron and his sonnes and consecrate the to ministre vnto me.

31 And thou shalt speake vnto the childre of Israel saynge: this shalbe an holye oyntynge oyle vnto me, thorow out youre generacions.

32 No mans flesh shalbe anoynted therewith: nether shall ye make any other after the makynge of it for it is holye, se therfore that ye take it for holye

33. whosoeuer maketh like that, or whosoeuer putteth any of it apon a straunger, shall perysh from amonge his people.34 And the Lord sayd vnto Moses: take vnto the swete spices: stacte, onycha, swete galbanu ad pure frakesens, of etch like moch:

35 ad make cens of them copounde after the crafte of the apoticarye, myngled together, that it maye be made pure and holye.

36 And beat it to powder and put it before the witnesse in the tabernacle of witnesse, where I will mete the, but let it be vnto you holye.

37 And se that ye make none after the makinge of that, but let it be vnto you holye for the Lorde.

38 And whosoeuer shall make like vnto that, to smell thereto, shall perish from amonge his people.

Chapter 31Edit

1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

2 beholde, I haue called by name, Bezaleel the sonne of Vrisone to Hur of the tribe of Iuda.

3 And I haue filled hi with the sprete of God, with wisdome, vnderstondinge ad knowlege: eue in all maner worke,

4 to finde out sotle faytes, to worke in golde syluer ad brasse

5 and with the crafte to graue stones, to set ad to carue in tibre ad to worke in all maner workmashipe.

6 And beholde, I haue geue him to be his companion Ahaliab the sonne of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan, and in the hertes of all that are wise harted I haue put wisdom to make all that I haue commaunded the:

7 the tabernacle of witnesse, and the arcke of witnesse, and the mercyseate that is there vppon, all the ornamentes of the tabernacle,

8 and the the table with his ordinaunce, ad the pure cadelsticke with al his apparell, ad the alter of incens,

9 ad the alter of burntoffrynges with al his vessels, ad the lauer with his fote,

10 ad the vestimetes to ministre in, ad the holye garmetes for Aaro the preast, ad the garmetes of his sonnes to ministre in,

11 and the anoyntinge oyle and the swete cense for the sanctuarye: acordinge to al as I haue commaunded the shall they doo.

12 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayng:

13 speake uto the childern of Israel ad saye: i any wyse se that ye kepe my Sabbath, for it shalbe a sygne betwene me and you in youre generacions for to knowe, that I the Lorde doo sanctifie you.

14 Kepe my Sabbath therfore, that it be an holye thynge vnto you. He that defileth it, shalbe slayne therfore. For whosoeuer worketh therein, the same soule shalbe roted out from amonge his people.

15 Sixe dayes shall men worke, but the seuenth daye is the Sabbath of the holye reste of the Lorde: so that whosoeuer doeth any worke in the Sabbath daye, shal dye for it.

16 wherfore let the childern of Israel kepe the Sabbath, that they obserue it thorowe out their generacions, that it be an appoyntement for euer.

17 For it shalbe a sygne betwene me, and the childern of Israel for euer. For in sixe dayes the Lorde made heauen and erth, and the seuenth daye he rested and was refresshed.

18 And whe he had made an end of comening with Moses vppon the mounte Sinai, he gaue him two tables of witnesse: which were of stone and written with the finger of God.

Chapter 32Edit

1 And when the people sawe that it was loge or Moses came doune out of the mountayne, they gathered them selues together ad came vnto Aaron and sayde vnto him: Vp ad make vs a god to goo before vs: for of this Moses the felowe that brought vs out of the londe off Egipte, we wote not what ys become.

2 And Aaron saide vnto them: plucke of the golden earynges which are in the eares of youre wyues, youre sonnes ad of youre doughters: and brynge them vnto me.

3 And all the people plucked of the golden earinges that were in their eares, and broughte them vnto Aaron

4 And he receaued them of their handes and facyoned it with a grauer and made it a calfe of molten metall. And they sayde: This is thi god O Israel, whiche brought the out of the londe of Egipte.

5 And when Aaron sawe that, he made an altare before it, and made a proclamacion saing tomorow shalbe holy daye vnto the Lorde.

6 And they rose vp in the mornynge and offred burntoffrynges, and brought offrynges of attonement also. And than they satt them doune to eate and drynke, and rose vpp agayne to playe.

7 Than the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: go get the doune, for thi people which thou broughtest out of the lade of Egipte,

8 haue marred all they are turned at once out of the waye whiche I comaunded the, ad haue made the a calfe of molten metall, ad haue worshipped it ad haue offred therto and haue saide: This is thy God thou Israel, which hath brought the out of the lande of Egipte.

9 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: beholde, I see this people that it is a stife necked people,

10 and now therfore suffre me that my wrath maye waxe hote vppo the, and that I maye consume the: and than will I make of the a mightie people,

11 Than Moses besoughte the Lorde his God and sayde: O Lord, why shuld thy wrath waxe hote apo thy people which thou hast brought out of the lande of Egipte with great power and with a mightie hande?

12 wherfore shuld the Egiptians speake and saye: For a mischefe dyd he brynge them out: euen for to slee them in the mountayns, and to consume them from the face of the erth. Turne from thi fearse wrath, ad haue compassion ouer the wikednesse of thi people.

13 Remebre Abraha, Isaac ad Israel thy servauntes, to who thou sworest by thyne owne selfe ad saidest vnto the: I wil multiplye youre seed as the starres of heauen, ad al this lande which I haue saide, I will geue vnto youre seed: ad they shall eheret it for euer.

14 And the Lorde refrayned him selfe from that euell, which he sayde he wolde do vnto his people.

15 And Moses turned his backe and went doune fro the hyll, and the .ij. tables of witnesse in his hande: which were wrytte on both the leaues

16 and were the worke of God, ad the writige was the writinge of God graue apon the tables.

17 And when Iosua herde the noyse of the people as they shouted, he saide vnto Moses: there is a noyse of warre in the hoste.

18 And he sayde: it is not the crye of the that haue the mastrye, nor of the that haue the worse: but I doo heare the noyse of synginge.

19 And as soone as he came nye vnto the hoste and sawe the calfe and the daunsynge, his wrath waxed hote, and he cast the tables out of his hande, and brake them euen at the hyll fote.

20 And he toke the calfe which they had made ad burned it with fyre, ad stampt it vnto powder and strowed it in the water, and made the childern of Israel drynke.

21 And tha Moses sayde vnto Aaro: what dyd this people vnto the that thou hast brought so great a synne apon them.

22 And Aaron sayde: let not the wrath of my Lorde waxe fearse, thou knowest the people that they are euen sett on myschefe:

23 they sayde vnto me: make us a god to goo before us, for we wote not what is become of Moses the felow that brought us out of the lande of Egipte.

24 And I sayde vnto them: let them that haue golde, take and brynge it me: and I kest it in to the fyre, and there of came out this calfe

25 when Moses sawe that the people were naked (for Aaron had made them naked vnto their shame when they made insurrection)

26 he went and stode in the gate of the hoste ad sayde: Yf any man perteyne vnto the Lorde, lett him come to me. And all the sonnes of Leui gathered them selues together and came vnto him.

27 And he sayde vnto them, thus sayeth the Lorde of Israel: put euery man his swerde by his syde, and goo in and out from gate to gate thorow out the hoste: and slee euery man his brother, euery man his frende and euery man his neghboure.

28 And the childern of Leui dyd as Moses had sayde. And there were slayne of the people the same daye, aboute thre thousande men.

29 Then Moses sayde: fyll youre handes vnto the Lorde this daye, euery man vppo his sonne and vppon his brother: to brynge vppo you a blessynge this daye.

30 And on the morowe, Moses sayde vnto the people: Ye haue synned a great synne. But now I will goo vpp vnto the Lorde, to witt whether I can make an attonement for youre synne.

31 And Moses went agayne vnto the Lorde and sayde: Oh, this people haue synned a great synne and haue made the a god of golde:

32 Yet forgeue them their synne I praye the: Yf not wype me out of thy boke which thou hast written.

33 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: I will put him out of my boke that hath synned agaynst me.

34 But goo and brynge the people vnto the lande which I sayde vnto the: beholde, myne angell shall goo before the. Neuerthelater in the daye when I vyset, I will vysett their synne vppon them.

35 And the Lorde plaged the people, because they made the calfe which Aaron made.

Chapter 33Edit

1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: departe ad goo hence: both thou ad the people which thou hast brought out of the lad of Egipte, vnto the lande which I swore vnto Abraha, Isaac ad Iacob saynge: vnto thi seed I will geue it.

2 And I will sende an angell before the, and will cast out the Canaanytes, the Amorites, the Hethites, the Pherezites, the, Heuites and the Iebusites:

3 that thou mast goo in to a lande that floweth with mylke ad honye. But I will not goo among you my selfe, for ye are a styfnecked people: lest I consume you by the waye.

4 And when the people heard this euell tydinges, they sorowed: ad no ma dyd put on his bestrayment.

5 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses, saye vnto the childern of Israel: ye are a styffnecked people: I must come ons sodenly apon you, ad make an ende of you. But now put youre goodly raymet from you, that I maye wete what to do vnto you.

6 And the childern of Israel layde their goodly raymet from them eue vnder the mount Horeb.

7 And Moses toke the tabernacle ad pitched it without the hoste a ferre of fro the hoste, ad called it the tabernacle of wytnesse. And al that wold axe any questio of the Lorde, went out vnto the tabernacle of wytnesse which was without the hoste.

8 And when Moses wet out vnto the tabernacle, all the people rose vp and stode euery man in his tentdore and loked after Moses, vntill he was gone in to the tabernacle.

9 And as sone as Moses was entred in to the tabernacle, the clouden piler descended and stode in the dore of the tabernacle, ad he talked with Moses.

10 And when all the people sawe the clouden piler stonde in the tabernacle dore, they rose vp and worshipped: euery man in his tentdore.

11 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh vnto his frende. And whem Moses turned agayne in to the hoste, the ladd Iosua his seruante the sonne of Nun departed not out of the tabernacle.

12 And Moses sayde vnto the Lorde: se, thou saydest vnto me: lede this people forth, but thou shewest me not whom thou wilt send with me. And hast sayde moreouer: I knowe the by name and thou hast also founde grace in my syghte:

13 Now therfore, yf I haue founde fauoure in thi syghte, the shewe me thy waye ad let me know the: that I maye fynde grace in thi sighte. And loke on this also, how that this nacyon is thi people.

14 And he sayde: my presence shall goo with the, and I will geue the rest.

15 And he sayde: yf thi presence goo not with me, carye us not hense

16 for how shall it be knowne now that both I and thi people haue founde fauoure in thi sighte, but in that thou goest with us: that both I and thi people haue a preemynence before all the people that are vpon the face of the erth.

17 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: I will doo this also that thou hast sayde, for thou hast founde grace in my sighte, and I knowe the by name.

18 And he sayde: I besech the, shewe me thi glorye:

19 And he sayde: I will make all my good goo before the, and I will be called in this name Iehouah before the, ad wil shewe mercy to whom I shew mercy, and will haue compassion on whom I haue compassion.

20 And he sayde furthermore: thou mayst not se my face, for there shall no man se me and lyue.

21 And the Lorde sayde: beholde, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stonde apon a rocke,

22 and while my glorye goeth forth I will put the in a clyfte of the rocke, and will put myne hande apon the while I passe by.

23 And then I will take awaye myne hande, and thou shalt se my backe partes: but my face shall not be sene.

Chapter 34Edit

1 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: hew the .ij. tables of stone like vnto the first that I maye write in the the wordes which were in the fyrst .ij. tables, which thou brakest.

2 And be redye agaynst the mornige that thou mayst come vpp early vnto the mount of Sinai and stode me there apo the toppe of the mount.

3 But let no man come vp with the, nether let any man be sene thorow out all the mount, nether let shepe nor oxen fede before the hyll.

4 And Moses hewed .ij. tables of stone like vnto the first ad rose vp early in the morninge ad went vp vnto the mout of Sinai as the Lorde comaunded him: ad toke in his hade the .ij tables of stone.

5 And the Lorde desceded in the cloude, ad stode with him there: ad he called apo the name of the Lorde.

6 And whe the Lorde walked before him, he cryed: Lorde Lorde God full of compassion ad mercy, which art not lightly angrye but abundat in mercy ad trueth,

7 ad kepest mercy in store for thousandes, ad forgeuest wikednesse, trespace ad synne (for there is no man ynnocet before the) and visetest the wikydnesse of the fathers vpo the childern ad apon childerns childern, euen vnto the thryd ad fourth generatio.

8 And Moses bowed hymself to the erth quykly, ad worshipped

9 ad sayde: yf I haue foude grace in thi sighte o Lorde, than let my Lorde goo with us (for it is a stuburne people) and haue mercy apo oure wikednesse ad oure synne, and let us be thyne enheritaunce.

10 And he sayde: beholde, I make an appoyntment before all this people, that I will do maruells: soch as haue not bene done i all the worlde, nether amoge any nacyon. And all the people amonge which thou art, shall se the worke of the Lorde: for it is a terryble thinge that I will doo with the:

11 kepe all that I commaunde the this daye, and beholde: I will cast out before the: the Amorites, Canaanites, Hethites, Pherezites, Heuites and Iebusites.

12 Take hede to thi selfe, that thou make no compacte with the inhabiters of the lode whether thou goest lest it be cause of ruyne amonge you.

13 But ouerthrowe their alters and breke their pilers, and cutt doune their grooues,

14 for thou shalt worshippe no straunge God For the Lorde is called gelous, because he is a gelous God:

15 lest yf thou make any agreament with the inhabiters of the lande, when they go a whoorynge after their goddes ad do sacrifyce vnto their goddes, they call the and thou eate of their sacrifyce:

16 ad thou take of their doughters vnto thi sonnes, and when their doughters goo a whoorynge after their goddes,

17 they make thi sonnes goo a whoorynge after their goddes also.Thou shalt make the no goddes of metall

18 The fest of swete bred shalt thou kepe, ad .vij. dayes thou shalt eate vnleuended bred (as I commaunded the) in the tyme apoynted in the moneth of Abib: for in the moneth of Abib thou camest out of Egipte.

19 All that breaketh vp the matryce shalbe mine, and all that breaketh the matryce amonge thi catell, yf it be male: whether it be oxe or shepe.

20 But the first of the asse thou shalt by out with a shepe, or yf thou redeme him not: se thou breake his necke. All the firstborne of thi sonnes thou must nedes redeme. And se that no ma appeare before me emptye.

21 Sixe dayes thou shalt worke, and the seueth thou shalt rest: both from earynge and reapynge.

22 Thou shalt obserue the feast of wekes with the fyrst frutes of wheate heruest, ad the feast of ingaderynge at the yeres ende.

23 Thrise in a yere shall all youre men childern appeare before the Lorde Iehouah God of Israel:

24 for I will cast out the nacyons before the and will enlarge thi costes, so that no man shall desyre thi londe, while thou goest vp to appeare before the face of the Lorde thi God, thryse in the yere.

25 Thou shalt not offre the bloude of my sacrifyce with leuended bred: nether shall ought of the sacrifyce of the feast of Passeover, be lefte vnto the morninge.

26 The first of the firstfrutes of thy lode, thou shalt brynge vnto the house of the Lorde thy God. And se, that thou seth not a kydd in his mothers mylke.

27 And the Lorde sayde vnto Moses: write these wordes, for vppon these wordes I haue made a couenaunt with the and with the childern of Israel.

28 And he was there with the Lorde .xl. dayes ad .xl. nyghtes, ad nether ate bred nor dronke water. And he wrote in the tables the wordes of the couenaunt: euen ten verses.

29 And Moses came doune from mount Sinai and the .ij. tables of witnesse in his hande, and yet he wyst not that the skynne of his face shone with beames of his comenynge with him.

30 And when Aaron and all the childern of Israel loked apon Moses and sawe that the skynne of his face shone with beames, they were a frayde to come nye him.

31 But he called the to him, and then Aaron and all the chefe of the companye came vnto him, ad Moses talked with them.

32 And at the last all the childern of Israel came vnto him, and he commaunded them all that the Lorde had sayde vnto him in mount Sinai.

33 And as soone as he had made an ende of comenynge with them, he put a couerynge apo his face.

34 But whe he went before the Lorde to speak with him, he toke the couerige of vntill he came out. And he came out and spake vnto the childern of Israel that which he was commaunded.

35 And the childern of Israel sawe the face of Moses, that the skynne of his face shone with beames: but Moses put a couerynge vppon his face, vntill he went in, to comen with him.

Chapter 35Edit

1 And Moses gathered all the companye of the childern of Israel together, and sayde vnto them: these are the thinges which the Lorde hath commaunded to doo:

2 Sixe dayes ye shall worke, but the seuenth daye shalbe vnto you the holy Sabbath of the Lordes rest: so that whosoeuer doth any worke there in, shall dye.

3 Moreouer ye shall kyndle no fyre thorow out all youre habitacyons apo the Sabbath daye.

4 And Moses spake vnto all the multitude of the childern of Israel sainge: this is the thinge which the Lorde comauded saynge:

5 Geue fro amoge you an heueoffringe, vnto the Lorde. All thatt are willynge in their hartes, shall brynge heueoffringes vnto the Lorde: golde, syluer, brasse:

6 Iacyncte, scarlet, purpull, bysse ad gootes hare:

7 rams skynnes red and taxus skynnes and Sethim wodd:

8 and oyle for lightes ad spices for the anoyntynge oyle ad for the swete cens:

9 And Onixstones and stones to be sett for the Ephod and for the brestlappe.

10 And let all them that are wyseharted amoge you, come and make all that the Lorde hath commaunded:

11 the habitacion and the tent there of with his couerynge ad his rynges, bordes, barres, pilers and sokettes:

12 the arke and the staues thereof with the mercyseate ad the vayle that couereth it:

13 the table and his staues with all that perteyneth thereto ad the shewebred:

14 the candelsticke of lighte with his apparell and his lampes ad the oyle for the lightes:

15 the censalter and his staues, the anoyntynge oyle and the swete cens ad the hangynge before the tabernacle dore:

16 the alter of burntsacrifyces ad his brasen gredyren that longeth there to with his staues ad all his ordynauce ad the lauer and his fote:

17 the hangynges of the courte with his pilers and their sokettes, and the hangynge to the dore of the courte:

18 the pynnes of the habitacion and the pynnes of the courte with their boordes:

19 the mynystrynge garmentes to mynystre with in holynesse, and the holy vestimentes of Aaron the preast and the vestimentes of his sonnes to mynystre in.

20 And all the companye of the childern of Israel departed from the presence of Moses.

21 And they went (as many as their hartes coraged them and as many as their spirites made them willynge) and broughte heueoffrynges vnto the Lord, to the makynge of the tabernacle of wytnesse and for all his vses and for the holy vestmentes.

22 And the men came with the wemen (euen as manye as were willynge harted) and brought bracelettes, earynges, rynges and girdels and all maner Iewels of golde. And all the men that waued waueoffrynges of golde vnto the Lorde

23 and euery man with whom was founde Iacyncte, scarlet, purpull, bysse or gootes hayre or red skynnes of rammes or taxus skynnes, brought it.

24 And all that houe vpp golde or brasse, brought an heueoffrynge vnto the Lorde. And all men with whom was founde sethim wodd mete for any maner worke or seruyce, brought it.

25 And all the wemen that were wise herted to worke with their handes, spanne, and brought the sponne worke, both of Iacyncte, scarlet, purpull and bysse.

26 And all the wemen that excelled in wysdome of herte, spane the gotes hayre.

27 And the lordes brought Onix stones and settstones for the Epod, and for the brest lappe,

28 and spyce and oyle: both for the lightes and for the anoyntyng oyle and for the swete cens.

29 And the childern of Israel brought wyllynge offrynges vnto the Lorde, both men ad women: as many as their hartes made the wyllynge to brynge, for all maner workes which the Lorde had commaunded to make by the hande of Moses.

30 And Moses sayde vnto the childern of Israel: beholde, the Lorde hath called by name Bezabeel the son of Vri the son of Hur of the trybe of Iuda,

31 and hath fylled him with the sprete of God, with wisdome, vnderstodinge and knowlege, euen in all maner worke,

32 ad to fynde out curyous workes, to worke in golde, syluer and brasse:

33 and with grauynge of stones to sett, and with keruynge in wodd, and to worke in all maner of sotle workes.

34 And he hath put in hys harte the grace to teach: both him and Ahaliab the son of Ahisamach of the trybe of Dan

35 hath he fylled with wisdome of herte, to worke all maner of grauen worke: they are also broderers and workers with nedle, In Iacyncte, scarlet, purple and bysse, and are weuers that can make all maner worke, and can deuyse sotle workes.

Chapter 36Edit

1 And Bezaleel wrought and Ahaliab ad all wyse harted me to whom the Lorde had geuen wysdome and vnderstondynge, to knowe how to worke all maner worke for the holye service, in all that the Lorde commaunded.

2 And Moses called for Bezaleel Ahaliab and all the wise harted men in whose hertes the Lorde had put wysdome, eue as many ab their hartes coraged to come vnto the worke to worke it.

3 And they receaued of Moses all the heueoffrynges which the childern of Israel had brought for the worke of the holye service to make it with all. And they brought besyde that wyllyngeoffringes euery mornyng.

4 And all the wise men that wrought all the holye worke, came euery man from his worke which they made,

5 and spake vnto Moses saynge: the people brynge to moch and aboue that is ynough to serue for the werke which the Lorde hath commaunded to make.

6 And then Moses gaue a commaundment, and they caused it to be proclamed thorow out the hoste saynge: se that nether man nor woman prepare any moare worke for the holy heueoffrynge, and so the people were forboden to brynge:

7 for the stuffe they had, was sufficyent for them vnto all the worke, to make it and to moch.

8 And all the wyse harted men amonge them that wroughte in the worke of the habytacyon made: euen .x. corteynes of twyned bysse, Iacyncte, scarlet and purple, and made them full of cherubyns with broderd worke.

9 The length of one curtayne was .xxviij. cubettes and the bredth .iiij. and were all off one syse.

10 And they coupled fyue curteyns by them selues, and other fyue by them selues.

11 And they made fyftye louppes of Iacincte alonge by the edge of the vtmost curtayne, euen in the silvege of the couplynge courtayne: And likewise they made on the syde of the vtmost couplinge curtayne on the other syde,

12 fyftye louppes they made in the one curtayne, and fyftye in the edge of the couplynge courtayne on the other syde: so that the loupes were one oueragenst another.

13 And they made fyftye rynges of golde, and coupled the curtaynes one to another with the rynges: and so was it made a dwellinge place.

14 And they made .xi. curtaynes of gootes heere to be a tent

15 ouer the tabernacle xxx. cubettes longe a pece and .iiij. cubettes brode, and they all .xi. of one syse.

16 And they coupled .v. by them selues, and and .vi. by them selues,

17 and they made fyftye louppes alonge by the border of the vtmost couplinge courtayne on the one syde, and fyftye in the edge of the couplynge curtayne on the other syde.

18 And they made fyftye rynges of brasse to couple the tent together that it myghte be one.

19 And they made a couerynge vnto the tent of rammes skynnes red, and yet another of taxus skynnes aboue all.

20 And they made bordes for the dwellynge place of sethim wodd that stode

21 vpright euery borde .x. cubetes longe and a cubet ad an halfe brode.

22 And they made .ij. fete to euery boorde of the dwellinge place ioyninge one to another.

23 And they made .xx. boordes for the south syde of the habytacyon,

24 and .xl. sokettes of syluer vnder the .xx. boordes .ij. sokettes vnder euery boorde, euen for the .ij. fete of the.

25 And for the other syde of the dwellynge towarde the north, they made other .xx. boordes

26 with xl. sokettes of syluer .ij. sokettes vnder euery boorde.

27 And behynde in the ende of the tabernacle towarde the west, they made .vi. boordes

28 and .ij. other bordes for the corners of the habitacyon behynde,

29 and they were ioyned closse both beneth and also aboue with clampes, and thus they dyd to both the corners:

30 so they were in all .viij. boordes and .xvi. sokettes, vnder euery borde two sokettes.

31 And they made barres of sethim wodd .v. for the bordes of the one syde of the habitacion

32 and .v. for the other, ad fiue for the bordes of the west ende of the habitacion.

33 And they made the myddell barre to shote thorowe the bordes: euen from the one ende to the other,

34 and ouerlayde the bordes with golde, and made the rynges of golde to thrust the barres thorow, and couered the barres with golde.

35 And they made an hangynge of Iacincte, of scarlett purple ad twyned bysse with cherubyns of broderd worke.

36 And made thervnto .iiij. pilers of sethim wodd and ouerlayde them with golde. Their knoppes were also of gold, ad they cast for them .iiij. sokettes of syluer.

37 And they made an hangynge for the tabernacle dore: of Iacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse of nedle worke,

38 and the pilers of it were fiue with their knoppes, and ouerlayde the heades of them and the whooppes with golde, with their fiue sokettes of brasse.

Chapter 37Edit

1 And bezaleel made the arcke of sethim wodd two cubettes and an halfe longe and a cubette and a halfe brode, and a cubett and a halfe hye:

2 and ouerlayde it with fyne golde both within and without, and made a crowne of golde to it rounde aboute,

3 and cast for it iiij. rynges of golde for the .iiij. corners of it: twoo rynges for the one syde and two for the other,

4 and made staues of Sethim wodd, and couered them wyth golde,

5 and put the staues in the rynges alonge by the syde of the arcke to bere it with all.

6 And he made the mercyseate of pure golde two cubettes and a halfe longe and one cubette and a halfe brode,

7 and made two cherubyns of thicke golde apon the two endes off the mercyseate:

8 One cherub on the one ende, and another cherub on the other ende of the mercyseate.

9 And the cherubyns spredde out their wynges aboue an hye, and couered the mercyseate therewith, And their faces were one to another: euen to the mercyseate warde, were the faces of the cherubins.

10 And he made the table of sethim wodd two cubettes longe and a cubette brode, and a cubette and an halfe hyghe,

11 and ouerlayde it with fine golde, and made thereto a crowne of golde rounde aboute,

12 and made thereto an whope of an hande brede rounde aboute, and made vnto the whope a crowne of golde rounde aboute,

13 and cast for it .iiij. rynges of golde ad put the rynges in the .iiij. corners by the fete:

14 euen vnder the whope to put staues in to bere the table with all.

15 And he made staues of Sethim wodd and couered them with golde to bere the table with all,

16 and made the vessels that were on the table of pure golde, the dysshes, spones, flattpeces and pottes to poure with all,

17 And he made the candelsticke of pure thicke golde: both the candelsticke and his shaft: with braunces, bolles, knoppes ad floures procedynge out of it.

18 Sixe braunches procedinge out of the sydes thereof .iij. out of the one syde and .iij. out of the other.

19 And on euery braunche were .iij. cuppes like vnto almondes, wyth knoppes and floures thorow out the sixe braunches that proceded out of the candelsticke.

20 And apon the candelsticke selfe, were .iiij. cuppes after the facyon of almondes with knoppes and floures:

21 vnder eueri two braunches a knoppe.

22 And the knoppes and the braunches proceded out of it, and were all one pece of pure thicke golde.

23 And he made seuen lampes thereto, and the snoffers thereof, ad fyrepanes of pure golde.

24 And hundred weyghte of pure golde, made both it and all that belonged thereto.

25 And he made the cesalter of sethi wodd of a cubett loge ad a cubett brode: eue .iiij. square and two cubettes hye with hornes procedynge out of it.

26 And he couered it with pure golde both the toppe ad the sydes rounde aboute ad the hornes of it, and made vnto it a crowne of golde rounde aboute.

27 And he made two rynges of golde vnto it, euen vnder the croune apon ether syde of it, to put staues in for to bere it with al:

28 and made staues of sethim wodd, ad ouerlayde them with golde.

29 And he made the holy anoyntinge oyle and the swete pure inces after the apothecarys crafte.

Chapter 38Edit

1 And he made the burntoffryngealter of sethim wodd, fiue cubettes longe ad .v cubettes brode: euen .iiij. square, and .iij. cubettes hye.

2 And he made hornes in the .iiij. corners of it procedinge out of it, and ouerlayde it with brasse.

3 And he made all the vessels of the alter: the cauldrons, shovels, basyns, fleshokes and colepannes all of brasse.

4 And he made a brasen gredyren of networke vnto the alter rounde aboute alowe beneth vnder the compasse of the alter:

5 so that it reached vnto halfe the altare, and cast .iiij. rynges of brasse for the .iiij. endes of the gredyren to put staues in.

6 And he made staues of sethim wodd and couered them with brasse,

7 and put the staues in the rynges alonge by the alter syde to bere it with all, and made the alter holowe with bordes.

8 And he made the lauer of brasse and the fote of it also of brasse, in the syghte of them that dyd watch before the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse.

9 And he made the courte with hangynges of twyned bysse of an hundred cubettes longe vppon the southsyde,

10 ad .xx. pilers with .xx. sokettes of brasse: but the knoppes of the pilers, ad the whoopes were syluer.

11 And on the north syde the hanginges were an hundred cubettes longe with .xx. pilers and .xx. sokettes of brasse, but the knoppes and the whopes of the pilers were of syluer.

12 And on the west syde, were hangynges of .l. cubettes longe, and .x. pilers with their .x. sokettes, and the knoppes ad the whoopes of the pilers were syluer.

13 And on the east syde towarde the sonne rysynge, were hangynges of .l. cubettes:

14 the hangynges of the one syde of the gate were .xv. cubettes longe, and their pilers .iij. with their .iij, sokettes.

15 And off the other syde of the court gate, were hanginges also of .xv. cubettes longe, and their pilers iij. with .iij. sokettes.

16 Now all the hanginges of the courte rounde aboute, were of twyned bysse,

17 ad the sokettes of the pilers were brasse: but the knoppes ad the whoopes of the pilers were syluer, and the heedes were ouerlayde wyth syluer, ad all the pilers of the courte were whoped aboute with syluer.

18 And the hanginge of the gate of the courte was nedleworke: of Iacincte, scarlet, purple, and twyned bysse .xx. cubettes longe and fiue in the bredth, acordynge to the hangynges of the courte.

19 And the pilers were .iiij. with .iiij. sokettes of brasse, ad the knoppes of syluer, ad the heedes ouerlayde with syluer and whoped aboute with syluer,

20 ad all the pynnes of the tabernacle ad of the courte rounde aboute were brasse.

21 This is the summe of the habitacyo of witnesse, whiche was counted at the commaundment of Moses: and was the office of the Leuites by the hande of Ithamar sonne to Aaron the preast.

22 And Bezaleel sonne of Vri sonne to Hur of the trybe of Iuda, made all that the Lorde commaunded Moses,

23 and with hi Ahaliab sonne of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan, a conynge grauer ad a worker of nedle worke In Iacincte, scarlett, purple ad bysse.

24 All the golde that was occupyde apon all the worke of the holy place (whiche was the golde of the waueofferynge) was ,xxix. hundred weyght and seuen hundred and .xxx. sycles, acordynge to the holy sycle.

25 And the summe of syluer that came of the multitude, was .v score hundred weyght and a thousande seuen hundred and .lxxv, sycles of the holyesycle.

26 Euery man offrynge halfe a sycle after the weyght of the holye sycle amonge them that went to be nombred from .xx. yere olde and aboue, amonge .vj. hundred thousande ad .iij. thousande ad v. hundred ad .l. men.

27 And the .v. score hundred weyght of syluer, went to the castynge of the sokettes of the sanctuary and the sokettes of the vayle: an hundred sokettes of the fiue score hundred weigh an hundred weyght to euery sokette.

28 And the thousaude seuen hundred and .lxxv. sycles, made knoppes to the pilers ad ouerlayde the heedes and whoped them.

29 And the brasse of the waueofferynge was lxx. hundred weyght and two thousande, and iiij. hundred sycles.

30 And therewith he made the sokettes to the doore of the tabernacle of witnesse, and the brasen altare, and the brasen gredyren that longeth thereto, and all the vessels of the alter,

31 and the sokettes of the courte rounde aboute, and the sokettes of the courte gate, and all the pynnes off the habitacyon, and all the pynnes of the courte rounde aboute.

Chapter 39Edit

1 And of the Iacyncte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse, they made the vestimetes of ministracion to do seruyce in in that holye place, and made the holye garmentes that perteyned to Aaron, as the Lorde: commaunded Moses.

2 And they made the Ephod of golde, Iacinte, scarlet, purple, and twyned bysse.

3 And they dyd beate the golde in to thynne plates, ad cutte it in to wyres: to worke it in the Iacincte, scarlet, purple and the bysse, with broderd worke.

4 And they made the sydes come together, and cloosed them vp by the two edges.

5 And the brodrynge of the girdel that was vpon it, was of the same stuffe and after the same worke of golde, Iacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

6 And they wrought onix stones cloosed in ouches of golde and graued as sygnettes are grauen with the names of the children of Israel,

7 and put them on the shulders of the Ephod that they shulde be a remembraunce off the childern of Israel, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

8 And they made the brestlappe of conning worke, after the worke of the Ephod: euen of golde, Iacincte, scarlet, purple ad twyned bysse

9 And they made it .iiij. square ad double, an hade bredth longe and an hande bredth brode.

10 And thei filled it with .iiij. rowes of stones (the first rowe: Sardios, a Topas ad smaragdus.

11 the secode rowe: a Rubin, a Saphir ad a Diamode

12 The .iij. rowe: Ligurios, an Achat ad a Amatist.

13 The fourth rowe: a Turcas, an Onix ad a Iaspis) closed in ouches of gold in their inclosers.

14 And the .xij. stones were graue as sygnettes with the names of the childern of Israel: euery stone with his name, acordinge to the .xij trybes.

15 And they made apon the brestlappe, twoo fastenynge cheynes of wrethen worke ad pure golde.

16 And they made two hokes of golde ad two golde rynges, and put the two rynges apo the two corners of the brestlappe.

17 And they put the two chaynes of golde in the .ij. rynges, in the corners of the brestlappe.

18 And the .ij. endes of the two cheynes they fastened in the .ij. hokes, ad put them on the shulders of the Ephod apon the forefront of it.

19 And they made two other rynges of golde and put them on the two other corners of the brestlappe alonge apon the edge of it, toward the insyde of the Ephod that is ouer agaynst it

20 And they made yet two other golde rynges, ad put them on the .ij. sydes of the Ephod, beneth on the fore syde of it: eue where the sydes goo together, aboue apon the brodrynge of the Ephod,

21 ad they strayned the brestlappe by his riges vnto the ringes of the Ephod, with laces of Iacincte, that it mighte lye fast apon the brodrynge of the Ephod, and shulde not be lowsed from of the Ephod: as the Lorde comauded Moses.

22 And he made the tunycle vnto the Ephod of wouen worke and all together of Iacincte,

23 ad the heade of the tunycle was in the middest of it as the color of a partlet, with a bonde rounde aboute the color, that it shulde not rent,

24 And they made beneth apon the hem of the tunycle: pomgranates of Iacincte, scarlet, purple and twyned bysse,

25 And they made litle belles of pure golde, ad put them amonge the pomgranates roude aboute apo the edge of the tunycle a bell ad a pomgranate,

26 a bell ad a pomgranate rounde aboute the hemmes of the tunycle to mynistre in, as the Lorde commaunded Moses

27 And they made cotes of bysse of woue worke for Aaron and his sonnes,

28 and a mytre off bysse, and goodly bonettes of bysse, and lynen breches off twyned bysse,

29 and a gyrdell of twyned bysse, Iacyncte, scarlett and purple: euen of nedle worke, as the Lorde comauded Moses,

30 And they made the plate of the holy croune of fine golde, ad wrote apo it with graue worke: the holynes of the Lorde.

31 ad tyed it to a lace of Iacincte to fasten yt an hye apon the mytre, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

32 Thus was all the worke of the habitacyon of the tabernacle of witnesse, finysshed. And the childern of Israel dyd, acordyng to all that the Lorde had commaunded Moses.

33 And they brought the habitacyon vnto Moses: the tent and all his apparell thereof: the buttones boordes, barres, pilers and sokettes:

34 and the couerynge of rams skynnes red, and the couerynge of taxus skynnes, and the hanginge vayle,

35 and the arcke of witnesse with the staues thereof, and the mercyseate:

36 the table and all the ordinaunce thereof, and the shewbred,

37 and the pure candelsticke, and the lampes prepared therevnto with all the vessels thereof, and the oyle for lyghtes,

38 and the golden altare and the anoyntynge oyle and the swete cens, and the hangynge of the tabernacle doore,

39 ad the brasen alter, and the gredyern of brasse longynge therevnto with his barres and all hys vessels, and the lauer with his fote,

40 and the hanginges of the courte with his pilers and sokettes, and the hangynge to the courte gate, hys boordes and pynnes, ad al the ordinaunce that serueth to the habitacion of the tabernacle of witnesse,

41 and the ministringe vestimentes to serue in the holy place, and the holy vestimentes of Aaron the preast and his sonnes raymetes to ministre in:

42 acordyng to: all that the Lorde commaunded Moses: euen so the childern of Israel made all the worke.

43 And Moses behelde all the worke: and se, they had done it euen as the Lorde commaunded: and tha Moses blessed them.

Chapter 40Edit

1 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses saynge:

2 In the first daye of the first moneth shalt thou sett vp the habitacio of the tabernacle of witnesse,

3 ad put theri the arcke of witnesse, and couer the arcke with the vayle,

4 ad brynge in the table and apparell it, and brynge in the candelsticke and put on his lampes,

5 and sett the censalter of golde before the arcke of witnesse, and put the hangynge of the dore vnto the habitacion.

6 And sett the burntoffrynge alter before the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse,

7 ad sett the lauer betwene the tabernacle of witnesse, ad the alter, ad put water theri,

8 and make the court roude aboute, ad set vp the hagynge of the courte gate.

9 And take the anoyntinge oyle and anoynt the habitacion and all that is there in, and halow it and all that belonge there to: that it maye be holye.

10 And anoynte the altar of the burntoffringes and all his vessels, and sanctifye the altar that it maye be most holye.

11 And anoynte also the lauer and his fote, and sanctifye it.

12 Than brynge Aaron and his sonnes vnto the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, and wash them with water.

13 And put apon Aaron the holye vestmentes. and anoynte him and sanctifye him that he maye ministre vnto me,


15 that their anoyntige maie be an euerlastinge preasthode vnto the thorow out their generacions.

16 And Moses dyd acordige to all that the Lorde commaunded him.

17 Thus was the tabernacle reared vp the first moneth in the secode yere.

18 And Moses rered vp the tabernacle ad fastened his sokettes, ad set vp the bordes ad put in their barres, ad rered vp the pillers,

19 ad spred abrode the tet ouer the habitacio ad put the coueringe of the tent an hye aboue it: as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

20 And he toke ad put the testimonye in the arke ad sett the staues to the arcke and put the merciseate an hye apon the arcke,

21 and broughte the arcke in to the habitacio and hanged vp the vayle ad couered the arcke of witnesse, as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

22 And he put the table in the tabernacle off witnesse in the north syde of the habitacio without the vayle,

23 and set the bred in ordre before the Lorde, eue as the Lorde had commaunded Moses.

24 And he put the candelsticke in the tabernacle of witnesse ouer agaynst the table in the south syde of the habitacion,

25 and set vp the lampes before the Lorde: as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

26 And he put the golden alter in the tabernacle of witnesse before the vayle,

27 ad brent swete cens there on as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

28 And set vp the hangynge in the dore of the habitacion,

29 and set the burntoffringe alter before the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse, and offred burntoffringes and meatofferinges there on as the Lorde commaunded Moses.

30 And he set the lauer betwene the tabernacle of witnesse and the alter, and poured water there in to wash with all.

31 And both Moses Aaron and his sonnes washed their hades and their fete there at:

32 both when they went in to the tabernacle of witnesse, or whe they went to the alter, as the Lorde comaunded Moses.

33 And he rered vp the courte rounde aboute the habitacion and the alter, and set vp the hanginge of the courte gate: and so Moses fynished the worke.

34 And the clowde couered the tabernacle of witnesse, and the glorye of the Lorde fylled the habitacion:

35 so that Moses coude not entre in to the tabernacle of witnesse, because the clowde abode there in, and the glorye of the Lorde fylled the habitacion.

36 When the clowde was taken vp from of the habitacyo, the childern of Israel toke their iornayes as oft as they iornayed.

37 And yf the clowde departed not, they iornayed nott till it departed:

38 for the clowde of the Lorde was apon the habitacion by daye, and fyre by nyghte: in the sighte of all the house of Israel in all their iornayes.