Biographical Sketches of Dekkan Poets/Appa Kavi


This was a Telugu poet, and a native of the Telugu country. He wrote a work on prosody, called "Appakavi Chandesu," or "Andra Prayaoga Ratnakara," which was reckoned an excellent treatise on the prosody of the Telugu dialect, after this he wrote another work, called "Bridna Sambhavam," which is the account of the birth and parentage of Brinda, the chaste wife of a giant: the sect of Madhava worship this goddess by planting a sprig of the Tulasi shrub in a clod of mould. The story is taken from the Bhagvat, and is in great repute among the Hindus of that province—the manner of the death of this poet is unknown, nor have the names of any other of his works been preserved.