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Nature Study

For Grammar Grades

A Manual for the Guidance of Pupils below

the High School in the Study of Nature


Dep′t of Natural Science, Chicago Normal School

Author of “Nature Study for the Common Schools,” “Nature Study and Related Subjects,”

“Nature Study Record,” “Field Work in Nature Study,” etc.


In preparing this Manual, it has been the author's aim to propose, within the comprehension of grammar school pupils, a few of the problems which arise in a thoughtful study of nature, and to offer suggestions designed to lead to their solution.

That pupils need some rational and definite directions in nature study, all are generally agreed. But to prepare the outlines and suggestive directions necessary, and to place these within the reach of each pupil, is more than any ordinary teacher has time to do, even granting that she is fully prepared for such work. The utter futility of depending upon oral suggestions during the class hour, when the pupils are supposed to be doing individual work, is easily apparent on a moment's reflection. With a manual of directions in hand, each pupil may be made strictly responsible for a certain amount of work, either in the field or in the laboratory. This removes all occasion for that interruption in his work, which is, otherwise, due to the pupil′s attempt to think and at the same time hear, what the teacher says.

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