Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Blackstone, John

BLACKSTONE, JOHN (d. 1753), botanist, was a London apothecary. He published ‘Fasciculus Plantarum circa Harefield (Middlesex) sponte nascentium,' London, 1737; ‘Plantæ rariores Angliæ,' London, 1737; ‘Specimen Botanicum quo Plantarum plurium rariorum Angliæ indigenarum loci naturales illustrantur,’ London, 1746, to which a number of other botanists contributed. In it several species were added to the British flora. The author intended to publish a second volume of the ‘Specimen,' for which he had collected materials, but he died in 1753 before its completion.

[Pulteney’s Sketches of the Progress of`Botany, ii. 270, London, 1790.]

G. T. B.