Blome, Richard (DNB00)

BLOME, RICHARD (d. 1705), a publisher and compiler of some celebrity, who by the aid of subscriptions adroitly levied issued many splendid works. Originally he was a ruler of paper, and afterwards a kind of arms painter. Wood says he practised for divers years progging tricks, in employing necessitous persons to write in several arts and to get contributions of noblemen to promote the work. Wood likewise remarks: 'This person Bloome is esteemed by the chiefest neralds a most impudent person, and the late industrious Garter (Sir W. D[ugdale]) hath told me that he gets a livelihood by bold practices.' He is no doubt the Richard Blome of the parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, gentleman, who, 'being weak and not well of body,' made his will on 7 May 1705. He desired to be buried in the church of Harlington, near Uxbridge. He left small legacies (40s. in all) to tne poor of Harlington and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. The residue of his estate, including 'bookes, coppyes,' passed to Mrs. Jane Hilton. The will was proved at London on 22 Oct. 1706 by Jane Hilton, the sole executrix.

He published:

  1. The fourth and fifth editions of Guillim's 'Display of Heraldrie,' 1600 and 1079. In the dedication to the Marquis of Hertford Blome mentions that his maternal grandfather, Richard Adams, was formerly in his lordship's service.
  2. ' The Fanatick History, or an exact relation and account of the Old Anabaptists and New Quakers … which may prove the death and burial of the Fanatick doctrine,' London, 1660, 8vo.
  3. ' A Geographical Description of the four parts of the World, taken from the notes and works of Nicholas Sanson and other eminent travellers and authors. Also a Treatise of Travel and another of Traffick. The whole illustrated with mapps and figures,' London, 1 670, fol.
  4. ' A Description of the Island of Jamaica, with the other Isles and Territories in America, to which the English are related: taken from the notes of Sr. T. Linch and other experienced persons in the said places. Illustrated with maps,' London, 1672, 8vo again 1678, 'Together with the present state of Algiers.'
  5. 'Britannia; or a Geographical Description of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with the Isles and Territories thereto belonging; and there is added an Alphabetical Table of the names, titles, and seats of the Nobility and Gentry; illustrated with a Map of each county of England,' &c., London, 1673, fol. There is also a list of 'Benefactors and promoters of this worke, whose names, titles, seates, and coates of armes, are entred as they gave their encouragements.' The book, which contains a map of London before the fire by W. Hollar, is truly described by Bishop Nicolson as a 'most entire piece of theft out of Camden and Speed.'
  6. 'An Alphabetical Account of the Nobility and Gentry, which are (or lately were) related unto the several counties of England and Wales; as to their names, titles, and seats,' &c., London, 1673, fol. This useful list is printed at the end of Blome's 'Britannia.' The number of nobility and gentry included in the list is in England 6,474, and in Wales 703, making a total of 7,177.
  7. 'An Essay to Heraldry, in two parts,' London, 1684, 8vo. Dedicated to George, earl of Berkeley; but Blome had a variety of patrons, and other names are occasionally found at the head of the dedication of this book. An edition entitled 'The Art of Heraldry' appeared in 1685, 12mo.
  8. 'A View of the English Acquisitions in Guinea and the East Indies,' London. 1686, 12mo.
  9. 'The Present State of his Maiestie's Isles and Territories in America: with new Maps, together with astronomical tables from the year 1686 to 1700,' London, 1687, 8vo; translated into French, Amsterdam, 1688, 12mo, and into German, Leipzig, 1697, 12mo.
  10. ' An Entire Body of Fhilosophy, according to the principles of Reneta des Cartes, in three books, translated from the French of Anthony Le Grand,' London, 1694, fol.
  11. 'Gentleman's Recreation, consisting of Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Fowling, Fishing, &c.,' London, 1710, fol.
  12. 'History of the Old and New Testament,' London, 1711, 4to; translated from the French of the Sieur de Royaumont (i.e. Nicolas Fontaine).
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