Bloxham, John (d.1334?) (DNB00)

BLOXHAM, JOHN (d. 1334?), a Carmelite, was educated at Oxford. He entered the Carmelite community at Chester, and finally rose to be provincial of the order in England. He was in high favour with Edward II and Edward III, by both of whom he was employed in important missions in Scotland and Ireland. He was energetic in promoting the interests of his order and in reforming abuses, which he found during his tours of inspection, both in Scotland and Ireland, as well as in England. He died at Oxford about the year 1334, and was buried there.

The following are the titles of works ascribed to Bloxham, none of which have been printed: 'Annotationes in Apocalypsim;' 'Hibernensium Ordinationes' 'Comment, in Sententias;' 'De Septem Signaculis;' 186 letters. Bloxham is said to have been a zealous advocate of the papal authority, and to have taught it as an essential article of faith.

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