Standin' at de winder,
  Feelin' kind o' glum,
Listenin' to de raindrops
  Play de kettle drum,
Lookin' crost de medders
  Swimmin' lak a sea;
Lawd 'a' mussy on us,
  What's de good o' me?

Can't go out a-hoein',
  Wouldn't ef I could;
Groun' too wet fu' huntin',
  Fishin' ain't no good.
Too much noise fo' sleepin',
  No one hyeah to chat;
Des mus' stan' an' listen
  To dat pit-a-pat.

Hills is gittin' misty,
  Valley's gittin' dahk;
Watch-dog's 'mence a-howlin',
  Rathah have 'em ba'k
Dan a-moanin' solemn
  Somewhaih out o' sight;
Rain-crow des a-chucklin'—
  Dis is his delight.

Mandy, bring my banjo,
  Bring de chillen in,
Come in f'om de kitchen,
  I feel sick ez sin.
Call in Uncle Isaac,
  Call Aunt Hannah, too,
Tain't no use in talkin',
  Chile, I's sholy blue.

This work was published before January 1, 1925, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.