Bowden, Samuel (DNB00)

BOWDEN, SAMUEL (fl. 1733–1761), a physician at Frome, Somersetshire, was author of two volumes of poems published 1733-5. Neither the date of his birth nor that of his death has been ascertained, though it appears from the 'Gentleman's Magazine,' to which he was an occasional contributor, that he was living in 1761, while a passing mention of him in 1778 is in the past tense. The writer adds that he was a friend of Mrs. Rowe [see Rowe, Elizabeth, poetess], and belonged to the same communion. Bowden was therefore a nonconformist, and not improbably a relative of the Rev. John Bowden [see Bowden, John] who preached Mrs. Rowe's funeral sermon.

[Gent. Mag. xxxi. 424. xlviii. 485; Life of Mrs. Rowe prefixed to her works. 1739.]

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