Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Bowdler, Henrietta Maria

BOWDLER, HENRIETTA MARIA (1754–1830), commonly called Mrs. Harriet Bowdler, author, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Stuart Bowdler, and sister of John Bowdler the elder [q. v.] and Thomas Bowdler the elder [q. v.], was the author of a series of religious 'Poems and Essays,' 2 vols. (Bath, 1786), which passed through a large number of editions. Her 'Sermons on the Doctrines and Duties of Christianity ' (n. d.) appeared anonymously, and passed through nearly fifty editions. Beilby Porteus, bishop of London, believed them to be from the pen of a clergyman, and is said to have offered their author, through the publishers, a living in his diocese. In 1810 Miss Bowdler edited 'Fragments in Prose and Verse by the late Miss Elizabeth Smith,' which was very popular in religious circles. A novel by Miss Bowdler entitled 'Pen Tamar, or the History of an Old Maid,' was issued shortly after her death. Miss Bowdler died at Bath on 25 Feb. 1830.

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