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United States Supreme Court

47 U.S. 248

Bowling  v.  Harrison

THIS case was brought up by writ of error from the Circuit Court of the United States for the Southern District of Mississippi.

It was a suit by the indorsee of a promissory note against the indorser. Bowling, the indorsee, lived in Maryland, and Harrison, the indorser, in Mississippi.

The note was as follows:--


Vicksburg, November, 26, 1836.

Two years after date, I promise to pay to the order of W. M. Pinckard five thousand eight hundred dollars, for value received, negotiable and payable at the office Planters' Bank, Vicksburg.

(Signed,) A. G. CREATH.

Indorsed:-'Pay Pinckard and Payne, or order. W. M. Pinckard.' 'Pay J. P. Harrison, or order. Pinckard and Payne.' 'Pay John D. Bowling, or order. J. P. Harrison.'

At the foot of said note, and on the face thereof, was the following memorandum:-'Third indorser, J. P. Harrison, lives at Vicksburg.'


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