Boys, David (DNB00)

BOYS or BOSCHUS, DAVID (d. 1461), Carmelite, was educated at Oxford, and lectured in theology at that university; he also visited for purposes of study the university of Cambridge and several foreign universities. He became head of the Carmelite community at Gloucester, and died there in the year 1451. The following are the titles of works written by Boys: 1. 'De duplici hominis immortalitate.' 2. 'Adversus Agarenos.' 3. 'Contra varios Gentilium Ritus.' 4. 'De Spiritus Doctrina.' 5. 'De vera Innocentia.'

[Leland's Comm. de Scriptoribus Britannicis, p. 454; Villiers de St. Etienne, Bibliotheca Carmelitana.]

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