Bradick, Walter (DNB00)

BRADICK, WALTER (1706–1794), a merchant at Lisbon, was ruined by the earthquake which destroyed that city in 1765. Returning to England he bad the further misfortune to lose his eyesight, and in 1774, on the nomination of the queen, he was admitted to the Charterhouse, where he died on 19 Dec. 1794. He published, 1765, 'Choheleth, or the Royal Preacher,' a poem, and he was the author of 'several detached publications.' A contemporary record of his death affirms that 'Choheleth ' 'will be a lasting testimony to his abilities,' but it may be doubted whether the work is now extant.

[Information from the Master of Charterhouse; Gent. Mag., lxv. pt. i 83.]

J. M. S.