Brenan, – (DNB00)

BRENAN, – (fl.. 1756), is the author of the 'Painter's Breakfast;' a dramatic satire, Dublin, 1756, 12mo. He is also credited with the production of a comedy, entitled 'The Lawsuit,' which Burke is said to have intended to publish by subscription, but which never saw the light. Of his life nothing whatever, is known, except that he was a painter in Dublin. The 'Painter's Breakfast' is a clever work. Pallat, a painter, asks to breakfast some known patrons of art. He then, with the aid of Dactyl, a poet, and Friendly, a comedian, sells by auction as original works some copies of paintings executed by his acquaintance. The proceeds of the sale, after the deduction of the cost of the breakfast and the true value of the paintings, are to be devoted to a fund for the relief of lunatics. The intention is of course to ridicule would-be connoisseurs of art, who neglect modern work, and will hear only of the antique. The characters of Sir Bubble Buyall, Formal (a connoisseur), Lady Squeeze, Bow and Scrape (two hookers-in), and others are well drawn, and the piece has some humour.

[Biographia Dramatica; The Painter's Breakfast.]

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