Bricie (DNB00)

BRICIE, BRICIUS, or BRIXIUS (d. 1222), bishop of Moray, was a cadet of the noble house of Douglas, his mother being sister to Friskinus de Kerdal of Kerdal on the river Spey. He was the second prior of Lesmahagow, and in 1203 was elevated to the bishopric of Moray. His application to Pope Innocent III caused the cathedral of the see to be fixed at Spynie. He also founded the College of Canons. He is said to have attended a council at Rome in 1215. He died in 1222 and was buried at Spynie. According to Dempster he was the author of 'Super Sententias' and of 'Homiliæ.'

[Dempster's Hist. Eccles. Gent. Scot. ii. 183; Chronica de Mailros (Bannatyne Club), 1835; Registrum Episcopatus Moraviensis (Bannatyne Club), 1837; Keith's Scottish Bishops.]

T. F. H.