Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900/Brookes, Richard

BROOKES, RICHARD (fl. 1750), physician and author, has left but slight memorials of his life, except numerous compilations and translations on medicine, surgery, natural history, and geography, most of which went through several editions. He was at one time a rural practitioner in Surrey (Dedication of Art of Angling). At some time previous to 1762 he had travelled both in America and Africa (Preface to Natural History). He was an industrious compiler, especially from continental writers, and his 'General Gazetteer' supplied a manifest want. It has gone through a great number of editions, the principal recent editor being A. G. Findlay. The following are Brookes's chief writings:

  1. 'History of the most remarkable Pestilential Distempers,' 1721.
  2. 'The Art of Angling, Rock and Sea Fishing, with the Natural History of River, Pond, and Sea Fish,' 1740.
  3. 'The General Practice of Physic,' 1751.
  4. 'An Introduction to Physic and Surgery,' 2 vols. 1754.
  5. 'The General Gazetteer,' 'London, 1762.
  6. 'A System of Natural History.' 6 vols. 1763.

His principal translations are 'The Natural History of Chocolate,' from the French of Quelus, 2nd ed. 1730, and Duhalde's 'History of China,' 4 vols. 1736.

[Brookes's works as above.]

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