Bruning, George (DNB00)

BRUNING, GEORGE (1738–1802), Jesuit, was the youngest son of George Bruning of East Meon and Foxfield, Hampshire, by his second wife, Anne, daughter of Thomas May of Ramsdale in the same county. He was born in Hampshire on 19 Sept. 1738; entered the Society of Jesus in 1756; served the mission of Southend, Scberton, Hampshire, for some years: and afterwards lived at East Hendred, Berkshire, the seat of Thomas John Eyston, who had married his half-sister, Mary Bruning. Retiring to Isleworth, he died there on 3 June 1802. Bruning published: 1. ‘The Divine Œconomy of Christ,' London, 1791, 8vo. 2. ‘Remarks on the Rev. Joseph Berington‘s Examination of Events termed miraculous, as reported in Letters from Italy, addressed to the public,’ London, 1796, 12mo.

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