Bullaker, Thomas (DNB00)

BULLAKER, THOMAS, in religion John Baptist (1604?–1642), Franciscan friar, was born at Chichester in or about 1604 of catholic parents, his father being a noted physician, who gave him a liberal education. He was sent at the age of eighteen to the Jesuit college at St. Omer, and thence he proceeded to the English seminary at Valladolid. Subsequently he was admitted to the convent of the Spanish Recollects at Abrojo, near Valladolid, where he made his religious profession. After completing his course of divinity at Segovia he returned to England, where he laboured as a missioner for some years. At length he was apprehended while in the act of celebrating mass in London, was tried and convicted, and executed at Tyburn on 12 Oct. (O.S.) 1642. One of his arm-bones is respectfully preserved in St. Elizabeth's convent at Taunton (Oliver, Catholic Religion in Cornwall, 563). His portrait, at Lanherne, has a resemblance to King Charles I. There is a fine engraving of him in the 'Certamen Seraphicum.'

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