Bulloch, John (DNB00)

BULLOCH, JOHN (1806–1882), writer on Shakespeare's text, was a working brass-finisher of Aberdeen, where he died at the close of December 1882, in his seventy-eighth year. He devoted much of his time to literary pursuits, and contributed to the 'Athenæum' several articles on decimal coinage. The works of Shakespeare were, however, the chief subject of his study: and when W. G. Clark [q. v.] became editor of the 'Cambridge Shakespeare' in 1863, Bulloch suggested a number of textual emendations which were introduced into the notes of that edition. In 1878 he published by subscription 'Studies of the Text of Shakespeare,' where he evinces a very shrewd capacity in textual criticism. Bulloch lived in very humble circumstances, and in the preface to his 'Studies' he thanks a number of friends for loans of the commonest books of reference.

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