Bundle and Go/Bundle and Go

Bundle and Go  (1820-1830) 
Bundle and Go

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Out o’er yon mountain and o'er yon lang muir,
There lives a young lassie o' twenty and twa,
And aft I hae ca'd at her auld mither’s door,
To try for to wile my dear Mary awa:
But aye she'll say, which maks me so eerie,
I winna, I canna, say weel yes or no,
In love, I’ll prove aye true to my dearie,
Although no I munna lad Bundle and Go.

Yestreen at the gloaming beside the haw tree,
While the wee bits a’ birdies were making their mane,
Wha but the dear lass wi' the blue rolling e'e,
Out o’er the green meadows came tripping her lane.
The rose that blows it wasna sae bonny,
Sae rare, sae fair like twa that did glow,
In hue, sae true, are the cheeks o‘ my honey,
That fain I would hae for to Bundle and Go.

Her (illegible text) hair loose on her bare back, like snaw,
Mair white than the lilie that grows on the lea,
But the smile that she gied was the sweetest o‘ a',
That glanc'd frae the blink o' her bonny blue e‘e;
Nae care, nae guile, was seen in my Mary,
Nor vain, to pain, my love that did glow,
Her heart, to part, and leave Castlecarry.
It whispered refusal to Bundle and Go.

I clasp’d the dear lassie, beside the haw bush,
Her sweet cherry lips I kiss’d mony times weel,
While hafflins consenting, a red rosy blush,
It made me believe that her heart it was leal;
I press’d, caress'd, fu’ snug and fu’ cheerie,
My love, my dove, to ease a’ my woe,
I lap. she spak’, I will be your dearie.
And leave my auld mither and Bundle and Go.

Then Johnny, enraptur’d, nae mair did complain,
Nor she her auld mither did heed ony mair,
But blythely they tripp’d o’er the green dewy plain,
As blythe as Auro a’ divested of care;
As gay, as May, sae sweet and sae cheerie,
Sae leal, sae weel, to banish each woe,
Her pride, His pride, and each other's dearie,
Resolv’d wi’ the ithtr to Bundle and Go.

Now contented they live aye beside the haw tree,
And the auld mither’s gotten a but and a (illegible text),
And Mary the lass wi' the blue rolling e'e,
May do what she likes wi’ her Johnny ye ken;
Thro’ life, his wife, fu' snug and fu' cheerie,
Aye ready, and steady, to meet weel or woe,
And never, to sever, but each other's dearie,
Till death gies the word for to Bundle and Go.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.