Butterfield, Swithun (DNB00)

BUTTERFIELD, SWITHUN (d. 1611), miscellaneous writer, is supposed to have been a member of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, as by his will, wherein he is described as of Cambridge, gentleman, dated 1608, and proved in the university court on 21 Dec. 1611, he gave to that college 10l. to buy books, also his manuscripts which are enumerated below, and his geometrical instruments and other curiosities.

He was author of: 1. ‘A Summarie of the Principles of Christian Religion, selected in manner of Common-Places out of the Writings of the best Diuines of our Age,’ London, 1582, 8vo. 2. ‘A Catechism, or the Principles of the true Christian Religion: breifelie selected out of manie good books,’ London, 1590, 8vo. Licensed also to John Flasket, 26 June 1600. 3. ‘A great Abridgement of the Common Lawes,’ MS. 4. ‘An Abridgement of the Civil Lawes,’ MS. 5. ‘Collection of Policies in Peace and War,’ MS., written in 1604. 6. ‘A Book of Physic and Surgery,’ MS. 7. ‘A Book of Controversie out of Bellarmine, &c.,’ MS., written in 1606. 8. ‘A Book of Common-Place in Religion,’ MS., written in 1606.

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T. C.