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CADDICK, RICHARD, D.D. (1740–1819), Hebraist, was educated at Christ Church College, Oxford, and took the degree of B.A. on 5 June 1776, and that of M.A. on 20 June 1799. In the latter year he published a small Hebrew grammar, which is very inaccurate and inconveniently arranged. From an advertisement prefixed to this volume, it appears that he had previously issued an edition of the gospels in Hebrew. In 1799–1800 he published an edition of the Hebrew New Testament, in 3 vols. This was a corrected reprint of the translation published by G. Robertson in 1641, which is substantially identical with Hutter's version of 1599. Caddick's edition was issued simultaneously in two forms, viz. separately, and interleaved with the authorised English translation. In 1805 it was reprinted, interleaved with the Greek and the Latin Vulgate texts as well as the English. In 1802 Caddick published three sermons, the titles of which are ‘True Christianity,’ ‘Peace the Christian's Happiness,’ and ‘Counsel for Christians.’ In 1805 he issued proposals for printing by subscription a Hebrew and English edition of the Book of Common Prayer, an annotated edition of the Old and New Testaments in Hebrew and English, and ‘A Volume of Sermons preached in the Parish Churches in and about the Cities of London and Westminster from 1780 to 1804.’ It does not appear, however, that any of these works were actually published. During the last forty years of his life he resided in or near London—in Whitehall, at Islington, and at Fulham, where he died on 30 May 1819. The obituary in the ‘Gentleman's Magazine’ gives him the title of D.D., but he did not obtain this degree either from his own university or from that of Cambridge.

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