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CALVERT, MICHAEL (1770–1862), author of a history of Knaresborough, was born in that town and baptised at the parish church on 2 Feb. 1770. His parents' names were Richard and Barbara. He was by calling a chemist. In 1808 and 1809 he filled the office of churchwarden, and in the latter year repaired the chancel of the church. Among other public objects in which he took an interest was the Knaresborough Spa, a mild sulphur spring on the road to Harrogate, and by his exertions the house and spa-baths and fountain were erected. He wrote an account of the history and mineral qualities and virtues of the waters. His ‘History of Knaresborough, comprising an accurate and detailed account of the castle, the forest, and the several townships included in the said parish,’ was published in 1844 in duodecimo. He died on 3 Dec. 1862, at the age of 92, in the town where he had spent all his life.

[Boyne's Yorkshire Library, 1869, p. 142; Grainge's Hist. of Harrogate, 1871, p. 261; information supplied by Mr. Charles Powell, Knaresborough.]

C. W. S.