Cameron, Alexander (1747-1828) (DNB00)

CAMERON, ALEXANDER, D.D. (1747–1828), catholic bishop, was born at Auchindrine, in Castleton of Braemar, Aberdeenshire, on 28 July 1747. After spending four years in the seminary at Scalan, in Glenlivat, he entered the Scotch college at Rome on 22 Dec. 1764. On his return to Scotland in 1772 he was appointed to the mission of Strathaven, and in 1780 he became rector of the Scotch college at Valladolid. He was nominated coadjutor to Bishop Hay in 1797; was consecrated bishop of Mazimianopolis, in Palæstrina Secunda, on 28 Oct. 1798, at Madrid; returned to Scotland in 1802; succeeded as fifth vicar-apostolic of the Lowland district on the resignation of Bishop Hay in 1806; resigned his vicarial functions in 1825; died at Edinburgh on 7 Feb. 1828, and was buried there in St. Mary's Church, on which occasion the funeral service of the catholic church was, for the first time since the Reformation, publicly performed with the proper ceremonial in Scotland.

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