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CAMPBELL, ROBERT (d. 1722), presbyterian minister, was a native of Scotland. He went over to Ireland and settled at Ray, co. Donegal, where he was ordained in 1671 by a presbytery then known as the ‘Laggan meeting.’ Its members got into trouble by proclaiming a ‘publike fast’ for 17 Feb. 1681. Campbell and three others were examined at Raphoe and Dublin, and, having been tried at Lifford assizes, were fined 20l. each and required to give a written engagement not to offend again. In default, they were detained in custody at Lifford, but after eight months' confinement were released (20 April 1682) on paying a reduced fine. While thus detained they were allowed to preach every Sunday in turn, and were occasionally let out surreptitiously by their keepers to hold services in the country. During the troubles of 1689 Campbell went back to Scotland, where he was called to Roseneath, Dumbartonshire, on 27 Aug. He accepted on 3 Dec., and officiated till Whitsunday 1691, after which he went back to Ray. He was called to Donaghmore on 21 Dec. 1692, but the Laggan meeting on 8 Feb. 1693 decided that he should remain at Ray. He was moderator of the general synod in 1694 at Antrim. On 2 July 1695 the Laggan presbytery placed his name first among three, one of whom was to act as a commissioner to William III in Flanders, to ask for ‘legal liberty’ and redress of grievances. It is not certain that this commission was ever carried out. Early next year his only publication appeared in London. An assistant and successor to him was ordained at Ray on 23 Dec. 1719. Campbell died on 5 Oct. 1722. He married Margaret Kelso, and had a son, Hugh, and a daughter, Agnes. He published ‘A Directory of Prayer for a gracious King, &c.,’ 1696, 18mo (eight sermons at fasts and thanksgivings during William's continental wars, and a funeral sermon for Queen Mary; preface, dated 13 Oct. 1695, by N. Bl., i.e. Nicholas Blakey, minister of the Scots church, London Wall).

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