Canada Gazette/Volume I/No. 50/Order-in-Council, Inland Revenue, May 30, 1868 (4)


Saturday, 30th day of May, 1868.


On the recommendation of the Honorable the Minister of Inland Revenue, and under and in virtue of the authority given by tie Act passed during the late session of the Parliament of Canada, 31st Vic. Cap. 50, intituled : "An Act to increase the Excise Duty on Spirits, to impose an Excise Duty on Refined Petroleum, and to provide for the Inspection thereof," His Excellency in Council has been pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered, that the following Regulations respecting the Inspection and Branding of Petroleum, shall be and they are hereby made and established.

WM. H. LEE, Clerk Privy Council.


Inland Revenue Act, 1868, Sec. 17.1st. Refined Petroleum shall be tested by Taglibues Pyrometer or by such other similar Instrument as may be approved by the Minister of Inland Revenue and all such Instruments shall be distributed under the Supervision of the Department of Inland Revenue, and shall be used in accordance with instructions sanctioned by the said Department.

Sec. 12.2. Refined Petroleum which was on the 22nd of May 1868, in possession of parties who were not Refiners, may be allowed to pass inspection provided it bears a fire test of one hundred degrees of Fahrenheit Thermometer, without giving off vapour that will explode, or ignite on the application of fire.

Sec. 17.3. All Barrels, Casks or Packages containing Petroleum which has been inspected shall be branded with

The date of the Inspection.
The name of the Inspecting Officer.
The degree of heat at which the vapour produced by it ignited.
The name of the refiner, or if imported the name of the importer.

4. Refined Petroleum may be warehoused and removed in Bond under the regulations made by an Order in Council on the 27th day of April, 1868.