Captain Chub

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Captain Chub



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The boys entertain Mr. Ewing



Captain Chub

Ralph Henry Barbour
Author of "The Crimson Sweater," "Tom, Dick, and Harriett,"
"Harry's Island," etc.

With Illustrations
By C. M. Relyea

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  1. PAGE
  2. The boys entertain Mr. Ewing Frontispiece
  3. Chub Eaton was lying in a cloud of dust 15
  4. Writing the invitation to Harry 37
  5. In a great studio 49
  6. Roy 59
  7. Chub descended at the Porter’s bag and baggage 71
  8. The boys arrive at the wharf 83
  9. The “Jolly Roger” begins her cruise up the Hudson River 99
  10. Roy stared silently, with open mouth 123
  11. Dick and Roy slumbering 153
  12. But Mister Trout didn’t want to come 193
  13. They had dressed in their best clothes 207
  14. The next moment they were all shaking hands 223
  15. Before noon camp was made at the edge of the grove 245
  16. She tied together the strings of a quaint little black bonnet 251
  17. The figure disappeared noiselessly into the night 291
  18. “A little more of the hegg, ma’am?” 299
  19. “I want the key of the store” 309
  20. The till was empty 333
  21. Two men entered the tent 359
  22. “You stay where you are” 369
  23. They waved back to her and went on 405
  24. The doctor was called on for a speech 409

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