Catharine Ogie (1815-1825)/The Lincolnshire Knight

For other versions of this work, see The Lincolnshire Knight (anonymous).
Catharine Ogie  (1815-1825) 
The Lincolnshire Knight


A certain Knight from Lincolnshire.
came up to London city.
On purpose for to shew his parts,
good Lord how wondrous witty.

Full many a change of men he had,
maid-servants soon were quitting;
For there to stay and starve their guts,
they thought it was not fitting;
But one more bold than all the rest.
rogue Jack they did him call sir,
He swore with pinch-gut he would not stay,
whatever might befal Sir.

On Monday Jack begun the work,
on Tuesday got no dinner;
And Wednesday -he must hold a fast,
and Thursday he look’d thinner.
On Friday it no better was,
on Saturday not alters,
Quoth Jack I’ll play this Knight a trick,
though for it I get halter’d.

He went to Moses Levy, who
had picklock keys in store, Sir;
Who soon provided Jack with one,
to ope the cellar door Sir,
Also the cupboard ’twould unlock,
then might he get his fill sir;
So to get himself in flesh again
his grinders ne’er stood still, Sir.

Great devastation he did make,
his teeth were never quiet;
The small beer it escaped his rage,
because the strong stood by it;
The Knight began to storm and swear,
to find his cupboard plunder’d,
But how the devil it was done,
this Chelsea Knight much wonder'd.

At length Jack found his schemes they were
all drawing to an end Sir;
Because this Knight resolved was
his cupboard to defend, Sir
Eight times a night from his warm bed,
Sir Chelsea down the stair came,
Quoth Jack for this I’ll play a trick,
and thus he plan’d his rare game.

He bought some cloth and made a dress,
look’d like Belzebub of old Sir,
Long tail, large horns, and furious eyes,
most dreadful to behold. Sir,
Arm’d with a whip, in kitchen stood,
at night Sir Charles came down.
Who when he saw this spectre grim,
upright stood the hair on his crown.

The Knight had only on his shirt,
so Jack lash’d him with great fury;
In vain he loud for mercy begg’d,
but Jack was judge and jury;
At length his cries the servants heard,
came down into the place Sir,
Befoul’d upon the ground he lay,
all in a woeful case, Sir.

They clean’d and brought him out of fits,
up stairs did convey him straight,
He vow'd the devil had done this trick,
and was sure for him did there wait.
May this a warning be to such Knights,
wno bolt and bar the small beer;
For had not Sir Charles been so mean,
he Belzebub bad need not fear.


This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.