Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Prefecture Apostolic of Southern Kan-su

Separated from the Northern Kan-su mission in 1905, and committed to the Belgian Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Scheutveld, Brussels). It includes the seven southern prefectures of Kan-su: Tsin-chou, Ping-liang-fu, Kung-chang-fu, King-chou, Kiai-chou, King-yang-fu and Kung-yuen-fu. It contains about 8,000,000 inhabitants. The first prefect Apostolic is Reverend Everard Joseph Terlaak, dwelling at Tsin-chou. In 1907 the mission consisted of: 1 prefect Apostolic, 10 missionaries, 3 native priests, 23 churches and chapels, 6 schools with 42 students, 1 college with 5 students, 3 orphan asylums with 35 children, 1031 Catholics. In 1908: 1 prefect Apostolic, 12 missionaries, 3 native priests, and 1106 Catholics.

V. H. Montanar.