Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Ven. Edmund Brindholm

From volume 2 of the work.

(Or Bryndeholme.)

Martyr and parish priest of Our Lady's Church at Calais, accused of being concerned in a plot to betray Calais to the French. It was said that Sir Gregory Botolf, chaplain to Lord Lisle, Governor of Calais, had been to Rome on this business, and had requested the pope to grant a living in the English Hospital of St. Thomas to Brindholm, who was about to go to Rome when he was arrested. There seems, however, no evidence that he was really concerned in any plot. He was examined 11 April, 1540, and was attained in the Parliament of that year, together with "Clement Philpott late of Calais, gentleman, who have adhered to the King's enemy, the Bishop of Rome, and assisted Raynold Poole [Cardinal Pole], an abominable and arrogant traitor, compassing the surprise of the town of Calais". He suffered, together with Philpott, the Blessed William Horne, a Carthusian lay brother, and others, at Tyburn, 4 August, 1540.

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Bede Camm.