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Catholic Encyclopedia (1913)/Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shan-tung

On 2 Jan., 1882, the then vicar Apostolic of Shan-tung, Rt. Rev. Mgr. D. Cosi, elected as pro-vicar Apostolic for the southern part of his vicariate Father John Baptist Anzer, a member of the Steyl Seminary. Father Anzer with another missionary of the same seminary went to this part of the mission, where the Catholic religion had been scarcely preached before. Later, other missionaries of the same society name, and in 1886 the Vicariate Apostolic of Southern Shan-tung was erected. In 1898 the four civil districts of Kiao-Chau, Tsi-Me, Kau-Mi and Chu-chong, belonging to the German Government, were added. The climate is temperate, and there are 12,000,000 inhabitants. The mission is entrusted to the priests of the Divine Word of Steyl. The actual vicar Apostolic is Rt. Rev. Mgr. Augustine Henninghaus, titular Bishop of Hupæpa, appointed 7 Aug., 1904. He resides at Yen-Chu-Fu. In 1904 the mission had: 37 European priests; 11 native priests; 26,300 Catholics; 40,400 catechumens; and 130 churches and chapels. In 1908 there were: 46 European priests; 12 native priests; 35,301 Catholics; 39,838 catechumens; 131 churches and chapels; 1 seminary, with 6 students; 1 preparatory seminary, with 50 students; 8 Chino-German schools, with 323 students; 107 schools for catechumens, with 1384 students; 2 schools for catechists, with 194 students; 33 Chinese schools, with 350 pupils; 1 college for European girls, with 51 students; 2 asylums for old men, with 68 inmates; 1 hospital; 6 orphanages, with 428 orphans; 3 Marianist Brothers; 12 sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary; 6 Servants of the Holy Ghost.

Missiones Catholicæ (Rome, 1907).

V. H. Montanar.