Chadwick, James (DNB00)

CHADWICK, JAMES, D.D. (1813–1882), catholic prelate, was descended from an ancient Lancashire family. His father, John Chadwick, who belonged to the family of the Chadwicks of Brough Hall, near Chorley, emigrated to Ireland at the beginning of the present century and settled at Drogheda, where the future bishop was born on 24 April 1813. He was educated at St. Cuthbert's College, Ushaw, near Durham, and at different times he filled the chairs of humanities, mental philosophy, and pastoral theology in that institution. He also laboured as a missionary priest in the diocese of Hexham and Newcastle for more than seven years, but being subsequently recalled to Ushaw he remained there till 1866, when he was appointed bishop of Hexham and Newcastle, in succession to Dr. William Hogarth. He died at Newcastle on 14 May 1882. He edited Father Celestine Leuthner's ‘Cœlum Christianum,’ London, 1871, 8vo, and published ‘Instructions on the Prayer of Recollection,’ London, 1878, 8vo, methodically arranged from the 28th and 29th chapters of St. Teresa's ‘Way of Perfection.’

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