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United States Supreme Court

61 U.S. 208

Chaffee  v.  Hayward

THESE cases were brought up, by writ of error, from the Circuit Court of the United States for the district of Rhode Island.

At an early day of the term, Mr. Pitman, counsel for the defendant in error, moved to dismiss the writs of error upon the ground stated below, and filed the following affidavit in support of the motion:


Edwin M. Chaffee, Trustee of Horace H. Day, Plaintiff in Error, v. Nathaniel Hayward.

The defendant in error in this cause moves that this cause be dismissed, the citation herein having been signed by the clerk of the Circuit Court, and not by the judge, as required by law. By his attorney,


I, Joseph S. Pitman, of the city and county of Providence, and State of Rhode Island, &c., attorney at law, on oath say, that I am and have been associated with Charles S. Bradley, Esq., in the defence of the above cause; that he is the junior counsel in said cause; that he left the city of Providence for Europe on the first or second day of December, 1856; that we had no consultation respecting the management of said cause before his departure, Mr. Bradley expecting to return by the first of March, 1857; that after his departure I caused an appearance to be entered in said cause, and did not file a motion for the dismissal of said cause at the last term, because I did not wish to decide on the expediency of that motion without consultation with him; that I expected he would return in season for such consultation, either before the court adjourned, or that I should have opportunity to make that motion after consultation with him at an adjourned term of this court, which I supposed would be held as at the December term, 1856; that to my surprise this court adjourned about the seventh day of March, and the opportunity was lost, as Mr. Bradley did not return to this country until the twenty-fourth of March, 1857.


Clerk's Office, Circuit Court of the United States.

On this nineteenth day of December, A. D. 1857, came the above-named Joseph S. Pitman, and made oath that the foregoing statements are true. Before me.

[SEAL.] Witness my hand and official seal, at Providence.

HENRY PITMAN, Clerk Circuit Court U.S., R. I. Dist.

Upon which motion Mr. Chief Justice TANEY delivered the opinion of the court.


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