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CHAMBER, JOHN a, or CHAMBERLAYNE (d. 1489), rebel, a knight of great influence in the north, excited the people to join the rebellion headed by Sir John Egremond in Northumberland and Durham against the heavy subsidy of 1489. Henry, earl of Northumberland, who had orders to enforce the tax, endeavoured to persuade him to cease his agitation. Chamber would not hear him, and on 20 April the earl was slain by the rebels at Cock Lodge, near Thirsk. Then Thomas, earl of Surrey, was sent to put down the insurrection. He took Chamber and utterly routed the rebels. Chamber was executed at York 'in great state,' being hanged on 'a gibbet set on a square pair of gallows 'with his chief accomplices hanging 'upon the lower story round about him.'

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W. H.