Chillenden, Edmund (DNB00)

CHILLENDEN, EDMUND (fl. 1656), theological writer, was an officer in the parliamentary army. At the general rendezvous held before Fairfax in Corkbush Field, Hertford, on 15 Nov. 1647, Major Scott, having insinuated seditious principles of the soldiery, was committed to the custody of Lieutenant Chillenden, and sent up to the parliament. Subsequently Chillenden attained the rank of captain. He was living in 1656.

He published: 1. 'Preaching without Ordination,' London, 1647, 4to. Lazarus Seaman wrote a brief answer to this work, appended to his 'Vindication of the Judgment of the Reformed Churches and Protestant Divines from Misrepresentations concerning Ordination and Laying on of Hands,' London 1647, 4to. Another reply appeared under the title of 'Church Members set in Joynt, by Filodexter Transilvanus,' London, 1648, 4to. 2. 'Nathan's Parable; with a Letter to his Excellency the Lord General Cromwell, London, 1653, 4to.

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