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CHUBBES, WILLIAM (d. 1505), master of Jesus College, Cambridge (whose name is given in the 'History of Framlingham' as Chubbis, Jubbis, Chubbs, or Jubbs), was born at Whitby, and was educated at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, where he took his first degree in 1465. He was ordained deacon on 5 April 1460, priest on 19 Sept. 1467, M.A. 1469, D.D. 1491. He seems to have resided in college, and in 1486 was elected to fill a new office, next in rank to that of the master, as president of Pembroke. He was the author of two works: 1. 'Introduction to Logic' 2. A Commentary on Duns-Scotus, which covered a considerable part of the field of education of his day: its title was 'Declaratio Doctoris Shubys Magistri Collegii de Jhesu Cantabrigiae super Scotum in secunde folio.' When Bishop Alcock was taking measures for erecting a college on the site and endowments of the discredited nunnery of St. Rhadegund, he consulted much with Chubbes, and eventually (1497) appointed him first master of the new college, which office he held until his death in November 1505. He was a benefactor both of Jesus and Pembroke.

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