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CHUDLEIGH, THOMAS (fl. 1689), diplomatist, was son of Thomas Chudleigh, the second son of Sir George Chudleigh, baronet [q. v.] of Ashton, Devonshire, he entered the diplomatic service, and was appointed secretary to the embassy to Sweden in 1673 (Addit. MS, 28937, f. 208). In 1677 he was named secretary to the embassy to Nimeguen, and in that capacity he took part in the negotiations which resulted in the celebrated treaty of peace between France and the United Provinces. He was sent as envoy extraordinary to the States-General of the United Provinces in 1678 (Ellis Correspondence, i. 197). In April 1087 Luttrell notes that 'Mr. Chudleigh, his majesties envoy to Holland, is said to have lately turned papist' (Relation of State Affairs, i. 398; cf. Ellis Correspondence, i. 251), and William Shaw, writing to John Ellis on 30 Auff. 1688, says: 'Mr. Chud. is going out of England in three or four days, in discontent I fear: he hath parted with every servant he kept here. I was last night standing at James Clarke's door, and I see him come out of his in very great ceremony with a couple of priests. I was to wait on him. He told me he thought he should pass this winter at Paris, though I hear it will be at Rome.' (Ellis Correspondence, ii. 152). What became of him afterwards does not appear. He married Elizabeth Cole of an Oxfordshire family (Burke, Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies, p. 115).

His collection of State Papers, in 10 vols., relating chiefly to the treaty of Nimeguen, is preserved in the British Museum (Harleian MSS. 1514–23); and his letters as envoy to Holland to John Ellis (1678-89) are among the Additional MSS. (Cat. of Additions to the Manuscripts in the British Museum, 1854–75, p. 316).

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