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CHURCHILL, ALFRED B. (1825–1870), journalist, born at Constantinople in 1825, succeeded his father in the proprietorship of the Turkish semi-official paper, the ‘Jeride Hawades,’ which he also edited. He promoted the cause of Turkish progress, in which he was a most useful coadjutor to Fuad and Ali Pashas; secured the co-operation of some able writers in the conduct of his paper; ‘much improved the character of Turkish printing, and also bestowed attention on the spread of popular literature, puhlishing several cheap works, which included romantic and poetical novels, biographies, descriptions of scientific inventions, and a cookery-book; some of these went through a large impression.’ When the late sultan visited this country in July 1867, Churchill attended as the official historiographer of the expedition. He died in the winter of 1870, at the age of forty-five.

[Athenæum, 17 Dec. 1870, p. 805.]

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