Circleville Herald/1930/18-Year-Old After Record

18-Year-Old After Record  (1930) 

18-Year-Old After Record. Jersey City Boy Hopes To Lower Record Held by Late Frank Goldsborough. Westfield Airport, Westfield, New Jersey; August 14, 1930. Eddie Schneider, 18-year-old Jersey City boy hopped off from here for Los Angeles at 5:55 o'clock (Eastern Daylight Time) in his Cessna 110 horsepower cabin monoplane. He hopes to lower the the Junior transcontinental record established by the late Frank Goldsborough. The record east to west is 33 hours and 25 minutes. Schneider planned to stop for refueling at Wichita and Albuquerque. A small group watched the boy flyer as the field in his red and yellow plane, which carries the number N.C. 9092. Schneider carried 83 gallons of gas but at Wichita he will equip his plane with a gas tank of 200 gallons capacity. The youthful pilot carried letters from mayor Walker of New York and Mayor Hague of Jersey City to the mayor of Los Angeles. From the coast Schneider planned to make a return flight. Schneider has flown 275 hours, including a nine hour flight from Wichita to New York.

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