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City of New York v. United States (397 U.S. 248)

United States Supreme Court

397 U.S. 248

City of New York  v.  United States (397 U.S. 248)

Marshall B. GROSSMAN et al.



No. 1122. Supreme Court of the United States

March 16, 1970

J. Lee Rankin, Norman Redlich, John R. Thompson, and David I. Shapiro, for appellant City of New York.

Benjamin F. Schwartz and Herbert A. Karzen, for appellants Marshall B. Grossman and others.

Solicitor General Griswold, Assistant Attorney General McLaren, Howard E. Shapiro, and Bernard M. Hollander, for the United States.

Carl J. Schuck, Wayne H. Knight, Fred D. Fagg III, Philip K. Verleger, Allyn O. Kreps, Julian O. Von Kalinowski, Lloyd N. Cutler, Howard P. Willens, James S.C.ampbell, Ross L. Malone, and Marcus Mattson, for appellees Automobile Manufacturers Ass'n, Inc., and others.

Jerry S.C.ohen, Harold E. Kohn, Aaron M. Fine, and William T. Coleman, Jr., for City of Baltimore and others, amici curiae.

John H. Larson, for County of Los Angeles and others, amicus curiae.

David Berger and Herbert B. Newberg, for County of Lackawanna and others, amici curiae.



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