Clarkson, John (DNB00)

CLARKSON, JOHN (1697–1763), Dominican friar, was professed at Bornhem in 1716, studied afterwards at Louvain, and was ordained priest in 1721. He was sent on the English mission in 1733, and for thirteen years was chaplain at Aston-Flamville Hall, near Hinckley, Leicestershire. In 1747 he removed to Brussels, as confessor of the English nuns. He held several high offices in his order in Belgium; was elected prior of Bornhem in 1753; and died at Brussels on 26 March 1763. His works are: ‘Theses Philosophicæ,’ Louvain, 1724; ‘Conclusiones,’ Louvain, 1727; and ‘An Essay or Introduction to the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, wherein the institution of that celebrated devotion, in excellence, indulgences, &c., are set forth,’ Lond. 1737; third edit. printed with ‘An Essay on the Rosary,’ by John O'Connor, Dublin, 1788, 8vo.

[Palmer's Obit. Notices of the Friar-Preachers, p. 17; Oliver's Catholic Religion in Cornwall, p. 452.]

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