Codrington, Thomas (DNB00)

CODRINGTON, THOMAS (d. 1691?), catholic divine, was educated in the English college at Douay, where he was ordained priest, and became an eminent professor of humanity. Afterwards being invited to Rome by Cardinal Howard, he acted for some time as his chaplain and secretary. In July 1684 he returned to England, and was soon afterwards appointed one of the chaplains and preachers in ordinary to James II. While at Rome he had joined the German Institute of Secular Priests living in community, and on his return to England he and his companion, John Morgan, were appointed procurators with a view to the introduction of the institute into this country. This design was cordially approved by Cardinal Howard. The rule of the institute was for two or more priests to live in common in the same house, without female attendance, and in subjection to the ordinary of the diocese. In 1697 the rules of the institute were published in England, under the title of ' Constitutiones Clericorum Saecularium in communi viventium à SS. D. N. Innoc. XI stabilitæ, novi Cleri Saecularis Anglicani pro temporum circumstantiis accommodatse, et à RR. DD. Episcopis approbatae.' But the scheme encountered much opposition, especially from the chapter, on whose behalf the Rev. John Sergeant wrote 'A Letter to our worthy Brethren of the new Institute.' This letter gave the death-blow to the institute, which was subsequently, in 1703, suppressed by Bishop Giffard, vicar-apostolic of the London district.

At the Revolution Codrington followed James II to Saint-Germains, and continued to officiate as his chaplain. He died about 1691. He published : 1. 'A Sermon preach'd before their Majesties, in St. James's, on Advent Sunday, November 28, 1686.' 2. 'A Sermon preach'd before the Queen-Dowager, in her Majesty's Chapel at Somerset-house, on Quinquagesima Sunday, February 6, 1686-7. Being also the anniversary-day of his late Majesty, King Charles the II, of blessed memory,' London, 1687. Both sermons were reprinted in ' A Select Collection of Catholick Sermons,' vol. i. London, 1741.

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