Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Ossoli, Marchioness d', Sarah Margaret Fuller

OSSOLI, MARCHIONESS D', SARAH MARGARET FULLER, best known as Margaret Fuller, an American writer on literature, art and society; born in Cambridgeport, Mass., May 23, 1810. For some years she taught in girls' schools; edited the “Dial” (1840-1842). Her collected essays on “Women in the Nineteenth Century” were published in 1843. She contributed regularly to the New York “Tribune” papers on literature and art. At Rome she married the Marquis d'Ossoli. The pair were on their way to New York when their ship was wrecked and both were lost. Her other books are: “Art, Literature, and Drama”; “At Home and Abroad”; “Life Without and Life Within.” She died July 19, 1850.