Collier's New Encyclopedia (1921)/Wheaton, Henry

WHEATON, HENRY, an American jurist; born in Providence, R. I., Nov. 27, 1785; was graduated at Brown University, 1802; practiced law in New York, 1812, and edited the “National Advocate.” He was a reporter of the United States Supreme Court in 1816-1827, and then became chargé d'affaires to Denmark (1827-1835), and in 1835-1846 minister to Berlin. His chief writings are: “Digest of Maritime Law” (1815); “Life of William Pinkney” (1826); “Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court” (12 vols. 1827); “History of the Northmen” (1831); “Elements of International Law” (1836); “History of the Law of Nations” (1841). He died in Dorchester, Mass., March 11, 1848.