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WINSOR, JUSTIN, an American historian; born in Boston, Mass., Jan. 2, 1831. He was superintendent of the Boston Public Library in 1868-1877, and librarian of Harvard University in 1877-1897. He published: “Bibliography of Original Quartos and Folios of Shakespeare” (1875); “Reader's Handbook of the American Revolution” (1880); “Memorial History of Boston” (edited, 1880-1882); “Narrative and Critical History of America” (edited: 8 vols. 1884-1889); “Christopher Columbus” (1891); “From Cartier to Frontenac” (1894); “The Mississippi Basin”; and “The Struggle in America Between England and France” (1895). He was the highest authority on the early history of North America. He died in Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 22, 1897.