Collop, John (DNB00)

COLLOP, JOHN (fl. 1660), royalist writer, whose name bears the letters M.D. on the title-page of his books, although we have been unable to trace him to any university, was the author of the following works:— 1. ‘Poesis rediviva, or Poesie reviv'd’ (London, 1656), a collection of short poems and epigrams dedicated to Henry Pierrepont, marguis of Dorchester. Much of the verse is directed against the puritan sectaries; some treats of the author's friends or leaders, like Dr. Field, Ussher, Chillingworth, and Hammond. The songs scattered through the volume show some lyrical capacity. 2. ‘Medici Catholicon, or a Catholick Medicine for the Diseases of Charitie, by J. C., M.D.,’ London, 1656; an interesting plea for universal toleration in religion. This work was reissued in 1667 with the new title ‘Charity commended, or a Catholick Christian soberly instructed.’ The author's initials appeared here. 3. ‘Itur (sic) Satyricum, in Loyall Stanzas,’ London, 1660; a short poem welcoming the Restoration.

[Collop’s Works; Hunter's MS. Chorus Vatum in Add. MS. 24492, f. 13 b; Brit. Mus. Cat.]

S. L. L.