Comedies of Courtship

Comedies of Courtship  (1896) 
by Anthony Hope
The first three stories are novelettes/novellas; the others short stories. The 3 short stories are extracted from the magazines where they were first published: A Three-Volume Novel (1894, Short Stories;) "The Philosopher in the Apple-Orchard" (1894, Short Stories); and "The Decree of Duke Deodonato" (1895, English Illustrated). Any interested in such things may find the usual suspects (reviews) lurking in the Discussion page.



Comedies of Courtship
By Anthony Hope♣♣♣♣

The Wheel of Love. The Lady of the Pool.
The Curate of Poltons. A Three-Volume Novel.
The Philosopher in the Apple Orchard.
The Decree of Duke Deodonato.

"It is a familiar fact that the intensity of a passion varies with the proximity of the appropriate object."

Mr. Leslie Stephen, "Science of Ethics"

"How the devil is it that fresh features
Have such a charm for poor human creatures?"

Lord Byron. "Don Juan"

Charles Scribner's Sons
New York ::::::::::: 1896

Copyright, 1895, by
Charles Scribner's Sons

Copyright, 1896, by
Anthony Hope


"The Wheel of Love," published in Scribner's Magazine during the past year, and "The Lady of the Pool," both protected by American copyright, are here printed for the first time in book form. The four other stories appeared without their author's consent or knowledge, with their titles changed beyond recognition, and combined with other unauthorized material, in a small volume printed by an American firm. They are here given for the first time in their proper form and by my authority.

Anthony Hope.


  1. 1894, from the Short Stories magazine
  2. 1894, from the Short Stories magazine
  3. 1895, from the English Illustrated magazine

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