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AFGP-2002-601402-HT-NVTC (full translation)

TC: This 2-page document is a condolence letter and description of the situation in Afghanistan, written by a person named Abd al-Hamid to someone named Abu al-Qayim.

Page 1

Half the page is written in Afghani, the second half in Arabic.

In the name of God the Merciful, the Compassionate

Thank be to God and Peace and Prayers be upon his prophet, his family and companion.

Dear brother Abu al-Qayim, may God dispel his worries:
Peace and Mercy be upon you

I was hurt and saddened by what happened to you, to Allah we belong and to Him we return, What comforted me was the fact that what happened to you was for the sake of God, he who had his hopes on God would not be lost, and he who had his hopes on people would be disappointed. I thank God the almighty many thanks that what happened to you was for the sake of God's the almighty call, that person who takes that path would not be lost, it is the path of the prophets and the righteous, and their descendents until judgment day.
I thank God the almighty that in spite of all the misfortunes we did not stain our hands nor did we call for flattery or heresy or deception but we declared it in a sincere and clear way, all that for God's sake, some were hostile toward us, some were fond of us, the world's difficulties will soon disappear, but our hopes in God are great, He does not waste the wages of who did a good deed.

My beloved brother,
You may wonder about the conditions here, I would say with God's help:
The conditions here are not as we would of dreamed of, nor as we would of liked, the situation in general is bad, our relation with the people here is very bad, while we treat them with kindness they in return treat us badly, we advise them in a friendly manner they treat us with vilification, and accuse us of bad things, [Abu Mus'ab al-Sury] might be in better state than the rest, imagine [Abu Mus'ab al-Sury] being in a better condition than the rest.

Page 2

We disagreed with our people about "the Taliban government" they see them as God's devoted and righteous people, we see them as unbelievers and apostates, we collected our evidence, proofs and documents regarding that, we showed that to our people, that only increased their insolence and alienation.
Before we call the Taliban government unbelievers, we wrote a letter titled "exposing the wrong doing committed by the fighter factions who do not adhere to the principles of religion" we explained in it that it is unlawful for the unbelievers and apostates to fight other infidels even if it was for resisting the factions, we were hoping that the letter would be beneficial and that may stop them from what they are doing.
But their tyranny was excessive and started spreading rumors, most of them said that we are apostates, some said we are in the intelligence service, sufficient unto us is God and how good the trustee.
They took their lies and defamation against us to Sheik Abu Qutada [may God forgive him], he wrote a book about us, did not leave anything off, full of lies and false accusations, the book title: "alliance in exposing the fighters who do not adhere to the principals of religion". In spite of what he dared to show in this book in regard to his believes and allowing the fighting under the unbelievers banner and in spite of what he had said that he is acquainted with the issue, he set aside a course of lying and intended to distort our image.
We answered him by writing a book we named "Verification and evidence in refuting the author of alliances of the righteous", we published our letters all over the world through the Internet.
Many students and sheiks that do not have interest or ties associated with the Taliban government admired the book, God granted us huge success.
How I wish that the brothers you have would be able to review these books from my website on the Internet and print it so they can read it, and tell us your opinion in it.

Anyhow our relation with our brothers inside is extremely bad, some of them even volunteered to kill us, they called "passing apostates-dogs and sinners", may God guide them and forgive them all, sufficient unto us is God, and how good the trustee, our relation became bad, they even accuse everyone that visit, and have relation with us with infidelity.
This in short are the news here. I will write you periodically, God's willing, and wait for your letters. 'Abd al-Latif sends his regards, and wishes you happiness.
Give my best to all the brothers inside and out, by God I do not condole the time like I do condole and yearn for the glory with God [TC: death and martyrdom] and holy war in this world, and eternal life in heaven.
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universe.
Peace and Mercy and Blessings are upon you.

Your brother
Abd al-Hamid