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Contribution to a Bibliography of Chess Periodicals


The following list is a complication from the British Museum Catalogue, A. v. d. Linde's "Deserste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur," the Catalogue of the Allen Chess Collection, and Heydebrand und der Lasa's catalogue of his library. I should be glad to receive full particulars of any periodicals not in the Museum for future publication.

El Ajedrez Revista Mensual, Barcelona, 1862-4, 1867-8, 8vo. Linde.
The American Chess Journal, Hannibal, 1876, 8vo. H.L.
The Amateur Chess Magazine, Vols i., ii., and vol. iii. Nos. 13-15. London, 1872-4, 8vo. B.M.
The American Chess Magazine. [Vol. i.] New York, 1847, 8vo. B.M.
Brentano's Chess Monthly, Vol. i. and vol. ii. Nos. 1-4. New York, 1881-2. B.M.
British Chess Magazine, London, 1881. &c. 8vo. B.M.
The British Chess Review. London, 1853-4, 8vo. B.M.
The Brooklyn Chess Chronicles <text missing> 8vo. H.L.
Bulletin of the American Chess Association. [ ] 1858, 8vo. Allen
Chess Messenger (in Rusian). St. Petersburg, 1885, &c., 8vo. H.L.
The Chess Monthly. Vols. i.-v. New York, 1857-61, 8vo. B.M. and Allen.
The Chess Monthly. London, 1879, &c., 8vo. B.M.
Chess Newspaper (in Russian). St. Petersburg, 1859-1863, 8vo. H.L.
Chess Newspaper (in Russian). St. Petersburg, 1876-1881, 8vo. H.L.
The Chess Palladium and Mathematical Sphinx. ?? 1,2 New York, 1846, 8vo. Allen.
The Chess Player. Vols i.-iv. London [1951-3]. B.M.
The Chess Player. London, 1857, 8vo. Linde. (Is this a continuation of the previous entry?)
The Chess Player's Annual. London, 1856, 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory. London, 1882, &c., 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Chronicle. Vol. i. No. 1 to series iii. vol. iv. No. 43. London, 1841-62. 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Magazine. 5 vols. London, 1863-7, 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Player's Quarterly Chronicle (after 1871 "The Chess Player's Chronicle'). York, Lincoln, and London, 1868, &c. 8vo. B.M.
The Chess Record. Philadelphia, 1873, fol. Linde.
The Chess World. Vols. i.-iv. London, 1866-9, 8vo. B.M.
The City of London Chess Magazine. London, 1875-6, 8vo. B.M.

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